Lemon juice for skin care

European cosmetologists called lemon a fruit that combines beneficial properties that have a beneficial effect on human health. Lemon is also quite widely used for cosmetic purposes. This citrus contains more vitamin C than any other fruit. Moreover, it contains those substances and vitamins that are so necessary for the health and beauty of our hair, nails and skin.

Specialists in cosmetology and pharmacology recommend using lemon and lemon juice, especially for dry and oily skin.

For oily skin:

  • In the event that your skin on the face is oily, sometimes use lemon juice diluted with a small amount of clean boiled water instead of tonic. Thanks to the fruit acids contained in lemon, excess oil, shine and dead skin cells will be removed. And the skin will get a healthy look. This procedure will also be effective against pimples.

Those who have problematic skin or who want to get rid of freckles can wipe their face every morning and evening with a tonic prepared according to the following recipe: mix lemon juice with vodka and sugar. Freckles can also become less visible after using a tonic, the main ingredients of which are lemon juice, water and table vinegar in the same proportions. In the event that the skin is dry, it is advisable to add a little glycerin.

For normal skin types:

  • Mix squeezed lemon juice with cool boiled water. Leave the resulting liquid for a day in a dark place. Use a cotton pad to wipe the face with lotion 3-5 times a week.

For dry and sensitive skin types:

  • Mix glycerin with ½ lemon juice and ¼ cup cool boiled or mineral water. Apply this lotion to your face several times a week.
  • To 1 egg yolk, add half a glass of low-fat sour cream or low-fat cream. You can replace sour cream or cream with tsp. olive oil. Mix the milk well and then add ¼ cup of cold vodka and a little lemon juice. This lotion is best stored in the refrigerator.
  • To remove makeup, you can prepare the following milk: mix the egg yolk with tsp. thin honey with the addition of ½ cup low-fat cream. Slowly, but without stopping, mix and add gradually 1 tsp. vodka with lemon juice. This lotion both softens and nourishes the skin of the face. Do not use this lotion if the capillaries are close to the skin.
  • For tired and oily skin, it is useful to wipe the face with a tonic made from the same proportions of lemon juice and non-carbonated mineral water. After using this lotion, there is no need to wash your face with water. Egg white lotion and ½ cup of vodka with lemon juice have the same tonic effect.

For all skin types:

  • A whitening mask made from lemon juice and yeast will be effective. Mix 20 g of yeast with 1 tsp. lemon juice. Leave the resulting mass for a couple of minutes in a saucer of hot water, then apply the resulting mask to the skin of the face.

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