Leopard dress – fashion trend 2019

Meet the hit of this season – leopard print! And in connection with this bright trend, a reasonable question arises: what to wear with a leopard print dress to pass for a style icon? We have thought of everything for you! You just have to choose the most stylish combinations, try them in practice and collect compliments.


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Why every girl needs a leopard print dress

  • If your goal is to attract attention and demonstrate self-confidence, there is simply no better way than a leopard print dress.
  • Animal motifs with leopard spots hide an impressive ability to shape the figure, divert attention from small imperfections and correct proportions.

Fashionable colors make the image more stylish and elegant

  • Typical leopard coloring is the prerogative of girls with a clear winter color type. Fortunately, designers have come up with so many varieties of this print that every fashionista will choose the perfect option.
  • Leopard dress is elementary in the selection of accessories. Surely, in your wardrobe you will find a black or brown bag and the same shoes.
  • Animal prints are the main trend of the 2018-2019 season. Moreover, they plan to stay on the fashion Olympus for a long time. With such perspectives, a leopard print dress will definitely become a smart investment in a stylish wardrobe.

How to avoid bad taste

Stylish improvisations on the theme of a leopard are not as simple as it might seem at first glance. This insidious print can turn any look into vulgar and tasteless, or vice versa, create a standard of style from a simple bow. How to be in the second category? Follow our recommendations!

  • Leopard a priori should look expensive, otherwise there is no need to use this print. Cheap synthetics or fake fur combined with this animalistic coloring are obvious manifestations of bad taste. Choose things exclusively from expensive materials paired with leopard spots.

  • The most win-win combinations of a leopard are always obtained with plain things. Any attempt to evade this rule runs the risk of a ridiculous image.

  • In support of the previous advice, there is also a rule not to combine several leopard pieces in one outfit.

Fashionable and self-sufficient leopard

  • Tights paired with a leopard print dress should be matte, solid and without any patterns. Choose beige or black depending on the season and occasion.

The image with plain tights

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  • A leopard print dress should always be the #1 item in your look. Shoes and accessories play a more modest supporting role. Jewelry is acceptable, but in minimal quantities and better in gold.

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Interesting! Makeup deserves special attention, because it also needs to be correctly combined with a leopard print dress. Such an active thing literally requires the creation of an accent on it, and therefore the make-up should be natural and calm. Forgo bright lipstick, and instead gently emphasize the eyes with neat arrows.


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Color combinations

We have already found out that the leopard print is most obedient in a set with plain things. Read on for the most popular and versatile color tandems.

  • The classic of a stylish and discreet look is a strong union of a leopard with black. The dark base makes the print less aggressive and appropriate for everyday looks.

  • Animal colors in combination with beige things look very cozy and gentle. In such images, the leopard often behaves unpredictably: it becomes more feminine and docile.

  • Various shades of blue, from turquoise to mint, create fresh and unconventional combinations when paired with a leopard print.

  • The combination with red is the most daring in our ranking. She demands from the fashionista a subtle sense of taste and total self-confidence.

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  • If you are not ready for such provocative solutions, mix leopard with soft pink shades.

  • In creating a harmonious image, a combination with peach tones will play a faithful service.

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Stylish looks for every day

Idea #1

Take a combination of leopard and black as the basis of an everyday bow, and you definitely can’t go wrong. Tight black tights and matching ankle boots will balance the animal print, and at the same time make the legs visually longer. A flirty black hat will be the second highlight of your look in addition to a stylish dress.

Idea #2

In the spring, you can wear such a dress with a simple cardigan in gray, brown, beige or black. Ankle boots with low heels, a simple bag, a scarf and a strap will be a good addition to the look, although it is not necessary to use all at once.

Idea #3

A practical combination will turn out when combined with a black leather jacket, black shoes and a brown handbag.

Idea #4

This combination can also help you out when looking for stylish combinations for every day. The mini length will be appropriate in combination with an elongated jacket or cardigan. An elegant accent is a small clutch and small glasses.

Idea #5

A leopard print dress can be worn with safari-style bows. For this role, a long flying model to the floor is perfect. A beige belt, a wide-brimmed hat and flat sandals will help convey the mood of hot Africa.

For a change, you can put a knitted top on the dress and turn your favorite dress into a beautiful skirt.

Idea #6

The leopard can also be incorporated into military style looks. Here things are a little more complicated than with a safari, but a little creativity and a fashionable bow will work out by itself.

For example, you can wear a leopard print dress with a khaki jacket, which is decorated with military-style paraphernalia. Tonal ankle boots and a brown bag complete this memorable look.

Idea #7

Leopard print feels great teamed with denim – and this look is the best proof of that. Based on such a practical combination, you will get a stylish casual look.

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Bows for a special occasion

Idea #1

A leopard print dress is always a great idea for a date. In such an outfit, you will be associated with a potential prince with a self-confident seductress.

Leopard dress for a special occasion

Remember this stylish image, and it will help you out not only in matters of the heart. The combination with a light leather jacket and dark shoes always looks stylish. The number of accessories in this bow will depend on the occasion.

Idea #2

A separate direction in the world of leopard dresses is flying models from…

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