Leopard print – trend 2019

In this article, we tame the animal instinct and learn how to properly wear a leopard print in clothes in 2019. It will be interesting and informative!


Main Rules

  • Perhaps the most important principle of composing images with a leopard in clothes is to give the main role to the predatory print. Nothing should compete with him for attention, because this beast is a bright accent in itself.

TV presenter Evelina Khromtchenko recommends wearing leopard print in 2019

  • A fashionable technique is the addition of such things with clothes in a deliberately masculine style, as in the photo. Such a game of contrasts will definitely not let you go unnoticed!
  • Go beyond and look at the leopard not only in beige – the color options look no less stylish and very interesting!

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  • The most win-win option would be to buy clothes in trendy colors with a loose fit and restrained length.

  • When choosing accessories, you can stick to the print palette, and if you want to create a spectacular and original look, bet on red accents in moderation.

  • Predatory colors require moderate and neat makeup, as well as a stylish hairstyle or styling.
  • You definitely won’t go wrong if you combine this stylish print with beige – this is the most classic move among fashionistas.

  • The fashionable predator also feels comfortable in the company of denim. There are so many variations of this combination! It can be a leopard print skirt with a denim shirt, printed shoes with jeans, a predatory clutch in addition to a denim look. Any of these options will look stylish and modern.

[stextbox id=’warning’]Note! The rule of this combination does not work with things in a spotted color with denim inserts – it looks vulgar![/stextbox]

  • Look at the photo how leopard print successfully combines with another key trend of the 2019 season – a t-shirt with an inscription or a pattern. In this image, you will definitely be the most fashionable! For a given T-shirt, you can choose a coat, trousers or a skirt with an aggressive print. However, you can choose a basic plain white or black T-shirt and hit the bull’s-eye.

  • A favorite technique of fashionistas is a combination of a leopard with black leather things. This is such an alluring and stylish combination, but at the same time quite complex. The main task: do not overdo it with sexuality. For example, leather pants should be paired with an oversized sweater rather than a tight top. But the tandem of a dress and leather jackets is already less insidious and always looks stylish.

  • If the soul requires unusual and original combinations, take on board the trendy combination of this print with clear geometry. So you create a stylish contrast with graphic shapes – peas, checks or stripes.

  • When presented in moderation, leopard will not mind the company of gold accents. Hone this combination in images of beige and brown tones.

We tame the dress

A leopard print dress is an incredibly stylish thing, but at the same time insidious to those who ignore stylistic rules. In fact, you should not be afraid to replenish your wardrobe with such a spectacular outfit, and we will be responsible for the style and fashion in the image!

  • We suggest taking an example from Gwen Stefani and deciding on such a bold dress. Only here it is worth combining it with the most concise boats and accessories – less is better here than more. But in makeup, you can not be shy and focus on red lipstick, which effectively combines with a leopard.

  • An excellent choice of outfit for every day is not too short a dress with a flying cut. Add a biker jacket and a small black crossbody bag and voila! – all the aggressiveness of the leopard is leveled. A good idea for this look would also be natural makeup and a simple hairstyle.

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Let’s say without undue modesty: flying long dresses in leopard colors look amazing and gorgeous. This outfit is in danger of becoming your favorite in the hot season, because it is incredibly stylish and comfortable. And it’s also very interesting to make a bow in the spirit of a safari with him!


If you are campaigning for elegance and sophistication in looks, you should not buy a short leopard print skirt. But a more restrained midi length is what you need!

Such a stylish thing will look great with a laconic top, sweater or turtleneck and basic accessories. The winning choice of colors for the top is one of the tones of the bottom.


There are several win-win looks that show the leopard blouse at its best. Write it down or memorize it!

  • Such a top will certainly make friends with a denim bottom – shorts or jeans without decor. Shoes are allowed to be selected depending on the occasion – they can be complemented with heels or flat soles.

  • Classic trousers or a pencil skirt in a solid color will also be a wonderful choice for the bottom.


Leopard shoes with heels, although they look luxurious, are far from appropriate everywhere. A much more practical option is flat-mounted models.

Do not doubt their versatility – they will gladly fit into any laconic bow. The most stylish move is to create an image in a black, white or brown palette with such shoes.

Leopard coat

This is an absolute must have of all past (and certainly future) seasons! Such an investment will pay off with many stylish bows. If you’ve been wanting to add chic and style to your wardrobe, now you know how!

A leopard coat looks amazing in monochrome bows in black, white and sand. The main condition for it is a trendy length – at least 5 cm from the knee.

Stylish accents

Fashionable leopard is also perfect for the role of an accent in the image. Having in your arsenal a couple of accessories in predatory colors, you give yourself the opportunity to transform any everyday look.

For this purpose, you can choose sunglasses, a watch, a scarf, a belt or a headband. But do not overdo it: the image should have only one self-sufficient accent.

Learning from others’ mistakes

  • A very common mistake among fashionistas is the desire not to be limited to one leopard thing. Many girls diligently look for appropriate shoes, a handbag or a scarf for a dress. From the point of view of logic, everything seems to be justified – but the fashion of 2019 still categorically does not recommend choosing a pair for such a self-sufficient color.

  • A very risky occupation will be a combination of several aggressive colors at once. The snake will squint outrageously at the crocodile and leopard.
  • In the 2019 season, many fashion houses, without saying a word, sang an ode to predatory colors. But the leopard proudly entered the list of trends in a completely new guise of modern styles and things. This means that at the legislative level of fashion it is forbidden to wear clothes with greetings from the 90s – those …

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