Leovit We lose weight in a week: a fat-burning complex for weight loss

Many people want to have a slim figure. And in pursuit of thinness, women are ready to take different measures. They go on strict diets, arrange themselves hungry and fasting days, deprive themselves of all tasty and high-calorie foods, drink diuretic or laxative teas. And then, returning back to a normal diet, most of them may face re-gaining weight. And then either you have to give up and put up with your extra pounds, or start the whole difficult path of losing weight from the beginning. But now, thanks to the unique Leovit Lose Weight in a Week complex, developed by the best nutritionists, it will not be difficult to lose weight, while the result will be prolonged.

What is such a complex?

The Leovit Lose Weight in a Week complex was developed by a Russian company several years ago. It is based on various dietary dishes. These are soups, cereals, hot drinks, numerous side dishes and even sweets, which are sugar-free bars. A big plus of such a complex is that a woman will have to cook. And, therefore, it will not be necessary to puzzle over what to make low-calorie for lunch or dinner. It will also save time that you can spend on your own business.

Another advantage of this method of losing weight is that there will be no feeling of hunger during the weight loss period. All dishes, although dietary, are designed so that all balanced and nutritious substances help maintain a feeling of satiety throughout the day. And, importantly, thanks to the sweets present, a losing weight person will not feel tired and apathetic, and his mood will be at the right level. And cravings for unhealthy cakes and cakes will gradually decrease.

Weight loss in three stages

The Leovit weight loss program “We lose weight in a week” includes three stages. If you need to lose a small amount of weight, for example, three kilograms, then one week of using such a complex is enough. If the task is to lose a lot of extra pounds, then it is better to choose all three stages in order to really get an amazing result without much difficulty, which will please you for a long time.

The first stage consists of cleansing the body and stimulating the metabolism. But a slow metabolism is the cause of a sharp weight gain. And to activate it with the help of the same type of diet will not work. During the second stage, active weight loss occurs naturally, without harming the body and without putting it in a stressful situation. And the third stage is to consolidate the result, which will help to keep the achieved weight for a few more years. It is worth noting that each stage is a separate chest with a food set, so using such a complex is not difficult.

What is the essence of such stages?

The first complex created to cleanse the body includes exactly those products that help achieve the following results:

  • remove toxins and toxic substances;
  • normalize impaired functions of the liver and intestines;
  • relieve the skin surface from rashes and irritation;
  • reduce the level of bad cholesterol;
  • start the initial processes of losing weight.

The second complex consists of carefully selected and balanced dishes. Thanks to all the products included in this set, the following changes begin to occur:

  • fat-burning processes of internal accumulations, which a person has acquired for many years, are activated;
  • correct eating habits are developed;
  • appetite begins to be controlled and cravings for sweet foods disappear;
  • digestion is regulated and detoxification occurs;
  • improves and metabolism starts with renewed vigor.

The third complex is a set for fractional nutrition, which includes up to six meals. The daily calorie content of such days is usually 1500-2000 kcal. This also includes additional elements that help maintain weight loss. These are kissels, teas and coffee with the effect of weight loss.

The principle of operation of the complex Leovit “We lose weight in a week”

When a person begins to eat in accordance with this set, he can immediately feel the significant changes that occur with his body.

Already on the third day, the activity of the gastrointestinal tract improves, metabolism starts, the skin condition changes, weight is corrected. The first three days, the daily calorie content is approximately 930 kcal, while the woman does not feel hunger at all and her general well-being does not worsen.

On the fourth day, the liver is cleansed. Toxins and slags leave the body, which inhibit the natural process of losing weight. Pimples and rashes disappear from the surface of the body and face. And on this day it is allowed to consume no more than 250 kcal. But at the same time, there is no weakness or loss of strength.

On the fifth day, the daily calorie intake increases, and it reaches 890 kcal. But on the sixth and seventh day, it is proposed to use only a protein diet. During such a meal, it is recommended to drink about three liters of water. It must be clean and gas-free.

What does the set consist of?

The Leovit Lose Weight in a Week complex consists of a wide variety of foods and drinks that have the most beneficial effect on the body. This necessarily includes fat-burning soups, which are recommended to be consumed in small portions. At the same time, saturation occurs very quickly, and soups are perfectly absorbed by the body. Also in the set there are cereals. They are best eaten for breakfast or as a side dish. Most often it is oatmeal and buckwheat. The manufacturer supplements them with safe vegetable or fruit additives, which makes such a dish even more tasty and rich.

Not without sweet bars. They can be used as a snack or in place of dessert. Such bars consist of cereals and dried fruits. Their main feature is that they really satisfy hunger and help get rid of cravings for harmful sweets. And in the Leovit “We lose weight in a week” set, you can find such a drink as jelly. It contains an incredible amount of vitamins and minerals that support the functioning of the body in a normal state. Kissel gives quick satiety and improves digestion.

One of the main components of such kits are tea and coffee for weight loss. These drinks are able to burn fats, cleanse the internal system of toxins, cheer you up and provide energy for the whole day.

The process of losing weight ceases to be tedious, difficult and very scarce. Now, thanks to the unique Leovit complex “Lose Weight for…

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