Levomekol for acne: application of ointment

Applying Levomekol for acne is easy and effective. Unlike many different remedies, which most often act on the problem superficially, removing external puffiness and redness, Levomekol acts from the inside, stopping the inflammatory process.

This versatile drug fights infection at the root, which reduces the likelihood of re-inflammation to a minimum. But in order to forget about acne forever, it is necessary to deal with the problem in an integrated way, where you need to pay attention not only to stopping inflammation, but also to nutrition and lifestyle.

She can smear both huge abscesses and a small rash. The ointment also effectively defeats hard-to-reach subcutaneous acne.

The availability and effectiveness of the drug provides him with great popularity.

How to use

The drug must be used correctly so that there are no negative consequences, it is better to consult a specialist before use.

But the ointment does not have any particular difficulties in application and many contraindications, so you can carefully and independently begin treatment. To check the allergic reaction of the body, you must first apply a little ointment to the neck area. If after twenty-four hours there is no reaction, you can safely begin to fight acne and pimples.

The tool is applied pointwise to the pimple itself, if entire areas are affected by acne, you can lubricate them completely. But it is advisable not to apply the drug to healthy parts of the skin. Also, the ointment perfectly helps to cure other inflammatory processes on the skin. The drug is suitable exclusively for external use.

For subcutaneous acne

When dealing with subcutaneous acne, the elimination of the problem is a little more complicated. It is necessary to allow the drug to penetrate deep into the lowest layers of the skin.

This is done in this way – taking a small amount of ointment, rub it directly into the pimple, slowly with light movements. Then we apply a layer of ointment to the affected area, which we cover with compress paper and fix with adhesive tape so that the ointment is gradually absorbed.

The best option is to make such a compress during sleep, it will not interfere much, and the skin will begin to regenerate faster.

You can also apply a little warm Levomekol on a cotton swab and fix it on the affected area with adhesive tape.

When fighting boils and comedones, a small amount of ointment is injected into the neoplasm. For this procedure, it is convenient to use a syringe without a needle, of course. Also, to relieve inflammation, you can smear the area around the wound.


Negative points

Without a doubt, Levomekol is an excellent tool in the fight against existing acne. But for the prevention of acne, this drug is not at all suitable.

When ointment is regularly applied to the skin where acne often appears, it quickly gets used to the active components of the product. This leads to the fact that in consequence, inevitably, the ointment ceases to help.

To prevent acne, there are a huge number of different means. And not only pharmacy, but also traditional medicine has effective methods to combat this disease.

In addition, too frequent use of Levamekol can lead to skin allergies: redness, itching, burning.

For this reason, Levomekol is recommended to be used, alternating with another acne remedy. Or, before using the ointment, use a preparation such as Baziron.

How it works

The composition of the ointment includes methyluracil, this component ensures the exchange of nucleic acids. This process underlies the regeneration of tissues and various wounds.

Chloramphenicol, in other words Levomethicin, is an antibiotic. This component is not entirely harmless. For this reason, it is best avoided in high doses. Otherwise, it can contribute to mental disorders. Because of this effect, the ointment is contraindicated in pregnant and lactating women.

Auxiliary component – Ethylene glycol, has one of the main properties of the ointment. It provides an antibacterial effect in necrotic formations and suppuration.

No wonder surgeons are very fond of prescribing this drug and often advise it. Since the medicine is water-based, it provides an effective effect in the treatment of infected wounds. Since water prevents the infection from passing into soft tissues.


The ointment has no special contraindications. But in some cases it is better not to use it.

  • Pregnancy period;
  • The period of breastfeeding;
  • Hypersensitivity to the active substances contained in the preparation;
  • Hyperallergenic skin.


What can be said about Levomekol in general

There are practically no negative aspects in the fight against acne using Levomekol, but the positive properties cannot be counted. Here’s what you can say about this ointment:

  • Quickly heals damaged areas (wounds, cuts). Evens out complexion, removing redness. Reduces puffiness. Effectively fights suppuration.
  • With painful acne, quickly relieves pain;
  • The drug is very effective and highly effective for the treatment of acne;
  • One of the main advantages is the low cost. Everyone will be able to afford this facility;
  • Levomekol in the fight against acne and acne will compete with the most advertised and expensive means.
  • Favorably differs from similar drugs in that it affects the inflammatory process from the inside, and not only eliminates external signs;
  • The ointment is not suitable for use for a long time, since microorganisms quickly adapt under its influence and acquire a kind of immunity;
  • The medicine is applied in thin layers directly to the affected areas;
  • Levomekol has a deep effect and, despite this, does not leave depressions and pits on the skin, such deformations are frequent consequences after the treatment of acne and pimples;
  • The drug works so effectively and quickly. That the very next day after application, the affected areas are significantly reduced;
  • The ointment is also used to treat very serious skin diseases, such as: ulcers, boils, burns of varying degrees and nature;
  • Another positive point: the drug does not have a sharp or nasty odor, which means it will not hurt to go out to people or fall asleep peacefully. Unlike, say, Vishnevsky’s ointment.

Remember that everything is good in moderation! The main thing when treating with Levomekol is not to overdo it. Then the result will not cease to please you for a long time.

And most importantly, do not forget that for a permanent effect, for clean and fresh facial skin, it is not enough to use only ointment….

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