Libriderm hyaluronic face cream: instructions for use

Libriderm face cream with hyaluronic acid has been tested by more than a dozen women. In 98% of cases, they were satisfied, noticing a positive result within a few weeks after starting to use it.

Description and composition

Cream Libriderm, made on the basis of hyaluronic acid, is a modern cosmetic product designed for face and neck skin care. Experts note a significant increase in demand for such funds over the past few years. Moreover, if earlier, mainly women of mature age used skin care cosmetics, today more and more young girls begin to monitor the condition of their skin.

The developers of the cream pursued the goal of creating such a tool that would be suitable for daily use and at the same time there would be no need to use additional creams. They succeeded, and Libriderm with hyaluronic acid is a complete product that provides complete skin care. Daily use provides long lasting hydration. This effect is achieved by improving microcirculation at the cellular level.

Also, full skin hydration is achieved by a whole complex of ingredients that fixes the necessary amount of moisture in the skin, providing a comfortable feeling. Many note that after several uses of the product, the feeling of tightness of the skin disappears and discomfort is eliminated.

Libriderm face cream contains not so many components. However, each of them is designed to moisturize the skin. At the same time, the composition does not contain parabens or other elements dangerous to the body. The effectiveness of the product is ensured by the powerful action of three active components:

  • Camelina oil is a nutritional element consisting of fatty acids. This component softens the epidermis, quickly absorbed. Promotes the process of skin rejuvenation, increasing elasticity.
  • Pomegranate extract is an auxiliary, but important element. It has the ability to smooth wrinkles, which also helps to rejuvenate and improve the condition of the skin, its color.
  • Hyaluronic acid is the main active ingredient.

The role of hyaluronic acid in the composition of the cream

Hyaluronic acid is an indispensable tool in modern cosmetic procedures. It is called the “elixir of youth” and it serves as the basis for many anti-aging preparations and cosmetic procedures.

At its core, hyaluronic acid is a polymer that is produced in the human body. At a young age, no one pays attention to the signs of the normal production of this element. However, with age, its production gradually decreases. The first sign of this process is skin problems. First, those areas of the skin that are distinguished by their elasticity and tenderness “suffer”. This may be the area around the eyes, décolleté, lips, etc. The skin in these areas becomes dry, flaky, wrinkles and discomfort appear.

It turns out that the process of reducing the production of hyaluronic acid is irreversible and everyone faces it. There are several ways to deal with this undesirable phenomenon. Some begin to actively make moisturizing masks. Some use cosmetic options, others prepare them on their own. It is possible to achieve the effect in this way, but using this method is not safe and not convenient. Therefore, experts recommend fighting the decrease in hyaluronic acid using the effective cream Libriderm, which has it in its composition.

Hyaluronic acid has the valuable property of turning water into a gel of connective tissue. Thus, it becomes a natural “lubrication” between the joints, which keeps the skin in a healthy elastic state.

Main advantages

Of course, the main advantage of Libriderm face cream is the presence of hyaluronic acid in its composition. The result of the action of this substance will be the smoothing of wrinkles, the prevention of the appearance of new ones, the tightening of the facial contour and an excellent appearance. Beauticians identify additional benefits of using the cream:

  • delicate texture, which makes the product easy to apply, the cream does not curl, does not create a mask effect;
  • fast absorption;
  • the absence of specific odors, which makes the cream hypoallergenic;
  • lack of stickiness and other unpleasant sensations that may occur when applying the product;
  • the cream will be useful for any type of skin, including it is suitable for sensitive;
  • a convenient form of release of the cream – it is sold in small bottles equipped with a dispenser.

You can also highlight the versatility of Libriderm face cream. Firstly, it combines several products and is suitable for the care of both the skin of the face and neck. Secondly, no additional skin care products are required.

The characteristic of the hyaluronic acid used is also an advantage. Manufacturers use low molecular weight acid. Its distinctive ability from high molecular weight is that it can penetrate into the deeper layers of the skin. And not every face cream has such a useful property.

Mode of application

First of all, you should pay attention to the choice of the place of purchase of Libriderm cream. Libriderm has established itself as a Russian leader in the development of innovative products in cosmetology. Her achievements in the field of pharmacology are also known. Therefore, manufacturers are always responsible for the quality of their products. However, in order to protect yourself, it is better to buy Libriderm cosmetic products in pharmacies or in the company’s company stores. Residents of many cities in Russia are given the opportunity to order Libriderm products through their official website.

The instructions for using the face cream with hyaluronic acid are very simple. The tool must be used daily as a day cream. It is best to do this before applying makeup. Thus, this cream can become a base for make-up. It should only be applied to a cleansed face. As a cleanser, milk or simple soap is suitable, with a softening effect.

It is recommended to apply the cream slowly, performing slow circular motions. First, it is better to massage the face, and then proceed to the neck and décolleté. Then you need to wait 5 minutes until the cream is completely absorbed. Beauticians say that if possible, then at this time it is better to lie down with your eyes closed, completely relaxed. Then you can start applying makeup.

Libriderm face cream has a shelf life of 1 year. Categorically…

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