Light summer dresses: trends 2019

Summer light dresses are suitable for any occasion, photo examples are in our review. Let’s take a look at the main trends and selection rules together.


Selection rules

In 2019, asymmetric, unusual and attention-grabbing models are increasingly seen at the shows. Dresses this summer should be the main detail of the whole image, so you can safely choose extravagant and unusual options. Asymmetric length, square necklines, open shoulders, wrap are in fashion. But remember about relevance: summer dresses may not be suitable for offices, they are difficult to combine with classic and business things.

The following materials are trendy: lace, organza, silk and satin. These are the most light, flying fabrics for a dress that will be interesting to move, to form folds with your every movement.

Delicate lace will add lightness to your look

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In 2019, you should choose light chiffon dresses that will not be hot and comfortable. Also relevant are light dresses made of threads with a slight sheen, materials in which there are weaves with lurex. This will make the image more interesting, brighter, because in the bright sun or at an evening meeting you will definitely be noticed and noticed.

Of the flowers, light shades are popular: pale pink, yellow, beige, lilac and blue. They are most suitable for summer, look organic and gentle.

But there is also an indestructible classic – bright red, pure white are suitable for any occasion. Feel free to choose dresses with prints, ethnic patterns, geometric patterns, animalistic options are in fashion.

current models

In the next seasons, the following summer dresses and sundresses will be popular, photos are in our review.

  • Wrap dresses

Wrap dresses have not disappeared from fashion shows, because they are universal, great for any occasion. Such models look very gentle and feminine, since there is a flying skirt, sometimes they make a cutout for the leg. A more closed, conservative bottom can be diluted with a deep neckline. It is worth remembering that the smell can be both at the top of the dress and at the bottom. For example, by making a smell on the chest, you can emphasize the neckline, open the shoulders, choose a fitted skirt. And the smell at the bottom will help hide overly voluminous hips, balance a triangle-type figure.

To further dilute such a model, you can choose unusual accessories: belts of medium width, multi-level necklaces for a deep neckline. It is best to combine this style with pumps, high hair and a small clutch bag. Then you get the most tender bow. At the same time, the dress can be both long and short, any options will do.

Wrap dress will emphasize your beautiful forms

  • Square cut models

Dresses and blouses with a square neckline are becoming more and more popular. This model is very simple, but it looks interesting, it contrasts against the background of ordinary, smooth cutouts. So that a square neckline does not look boring or old-fashioned, you need to remember a few features. For example, the neckline should be wide, fully open the clavicles and go straight down from them. Sleeves in this style can be 3/4 length, or the dress can be kept on wide straps.

You can combine several fashion trends by choosing a dress with a square neckline and gathered sleeves, which should be made from lightweight fabrics. Then the openness of the neckline is compensated by closed hands, the image looks balanced. The style of the dress is usually fitted, calm, the main emphasis is on the upper part.

  • A-line dress

A-line dress made of corrugated fabric is a new trend of the coming summer. It looks unusual, free, so it will suit all girls. The features of this style is a tight-fitting top, tight-fitting throat, and then the dress flares.

The optimal length is up to the knee or slightly higher, midi or maxi length will not work. They will look oversaturated, too complicated. Corrugated fabric gives volume, makes the bow airy and light.

[stextbox id=’warning’]Note! Such fashionable light summer dresses are perfect for overweight women, as they hide voluminous hips and problem areas. To balance the bow, choose models with thin straps, sleeveless, this will be most appropriate for the summer.[/stextbox]

  • Asymmetric models

For special occasions, you can choose models with an asymmetric length. A feature of this style is the hem shortened in front and elongated by a few centimeters in the back. It turns out a small train that looks feminine and gentle, the photos are presented below. This is the trend of the summer of 2019, since earlier such dresses were chosen only for special occasions, and not for everyday life.

Many fashionistas love dresses with an asymmetrical length, as it fits any style. Wrap models, A-line, tulip dresses can have a hem lengthened at the back, so hundreds of looks can be created. The length of the dress should be midi or maxi, as it is then that all beauty will be revealed.

  • Volumetric dresses

The next trend is voluminous, massive elements. As a decor for the classic model, you can choose fringe, peplum, unusual folds in the sleeves. Such dresses will look especially good on full girls, as massive styles will help balance the figure. Volumetric elements can be present on the sleeves, hem, neckline – there are many options, you just have to choose the most suitable one.

It is worth choosing monophonic options, they are the most popular lately. But this does not mean that such styles will be boring, take a look at the trendy shades: peach, rich wine, marsala, pale blue. They are suitable for any wardrobe, as they are universal, they can be safely diluted with interesting accessories.

  • Dress shirt

This is a trend familiar to every girl, which many choose for practicality and convenience. Outwardly, such a dress resembles a shirt, has a button closure, a collar, and sometimes pockets. It fits perfectly into the simple street, country style, and even suits those who have not yet fully decided on the style.

The model is indispensable for everyday life, as it is combined with any shoes and bags. Sandals, sneakers or sneakers are suitable, clutches, barrel bags or simple straight ones look good from bags.

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[stextbox id=’warning’]Note! Most often, girls choose denim dresses of this cut, since the material looks very organic and stylish, but you can purchase models from ordinary fabric.[/stextbox]

  • Off Shoulder Dresses

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