Lightening and bleaching hair at home

Blonde beauties will always attract the attention of men and be the ideal for many women, despite the many jokes and anecdotes about blondes. Fortunately, in the modern world, thanks to advanced cosmetology, achieving your ideal color is not difficult, even at home.

If you want to achieve a lighter shade than your natural one, then this can be achieved with the help of lightening or bleaching dyes. These are drugs that remove part or all of the natural or artificial pigment of the hair.

Hair lightening

Hair color cannot change immediately, for this you will have to go through several steps. If the hair was previously dyed, dyes will not be able to remove this artificial pigment. It is necessary to start the lightening process from the area where the hair requires more exposure to the drug. Next, the hair of the frontal and temporal parts is processed, since there is thin hair that does not require a strong effect of the dye.

Separating thin strands, the clarifier is applied evenly, quickly, so that each hair is saturated with paint. The time of the whole process should be no more than 15 minutes, so note the time after the last processed strand. According to the instructions, the dye is kept on the hair for about 40 minutes, less or more, depending on the desired shade. After the preparation, rinse thoroughly, but do not forget to check the uniformity of the paint over the entire length of the hair.

For maximum paint removal, an emulsification process is carried out: a little warm water is applied to the hair, foamed and distributed along the entire length with massaging movements. This procedure will make your hair more shiny. Further it is necessary to wash the hair first with water, then with shampoo. For protection, treat your hair with a neutralizing balm.

Hair bleaching

The number of bleaching procedures depends on the color and thickness of natural hair and the desired shade. It takes at least 4 treatments to completely bleach your hair. But do not spend them one after another, otherwise the hair will become brittle and dry. The interval between procedures should be 4-6 days.

There are several ways to bleach hair. The easiest and most reliable is to buy special paint in the store. When choosing, it should be noted that oil-based or cream-based paints cause less damage to the hair. Also make sure that you are not allergic to the components of the selected product. Just as with lightening, apply the paint to small strands as quickly as possible so that the paint lies evenly.

Another way to bleach hair is powder paints. These dyes are more often used for dark hair, but they also spoil them more. When using them, be sure to follow the instructions written by the manufacturer. Particular attention should be paid to the exposure time of the dye on the hair.

Hydrogen peroxide and glycerin are also used for bleaching. But this method is quite dangerous, as it can turn your curls into lifeless, dry ones. And fixing it won’t be easy. Ordinary restorative masks may not help, and you will have to spend money on expensive products to restore your hair to its previous appearance.

Root discoloration

Of course, you will have to repeat this procedure for regrown hair horses. In this case, it is worth using the same paint as in the previous processing. The product is applied only to the regrown part of the hair. The process is repeated exactly as the main bleaching.

Is it possible to lighten hair without harm at home?

If you still do not want to risk the health of your hair, then there is another effective and safe way to become a blonde at home – folk recipes. The desired result will be achieved, and the hair will remain alive and shiny. In addition, if you have naturally blond hair, it will be easier and faster to do this.

Here are some popular recipes:

  • Rinse with chamomile. For half a liter of water you need 2 tbsp. spoons of chamomile Add chamomile to boiling water and keep on low heat for 5 minutes, then let it brew for about an hour. Rinse after shampooing, straining before. Perform several such procedures, and the hair will become lighter and acquire a noticeable shine.
  • Lemon rinse. It is also used after shampooing, adding lemon juice to the water. This method is also suitable for oily hair, as lemon dries hair.
  • Mask kefir and lemon. Mask recipe: juice of half a lemon, one egg, two tbsp. kefir, a teaspoon of shampoo. You can add vodka (2 tablespoons). Mix everything and apply to the hair, then cover the head with a plastic bag and wrap it with a towel. Keep for 2-3 hours, the longer, the more effective. Rinse thoroughly afterwards.
  • The next way is onion peel. The recipe is simple: boil 50 g of onion peel in 200 ml of water for 15-20 minutes. Wipe the hair with this husk, so many times until the hair acquires the desired shade. But you should know that onion peel is not such a strong remedy, so people with dark hair will find it difficult to lighten their hair with peel. Another negative is the smell of onions. Although it can be quickly weathered, the procedure should be carried out in advance, for example, a few hours before going outside.
  • Honey is also a powerful effective way to lighten hair. At the same time, it will provide them with nutrition, make them silky, and get rid of scales on the hair. Apply honey to damp hair after washing. No need to be afraid, honey is washed off quite well with warm water. Distribute evenly along the length, from roots to ends, then wrap with plastic wrap and a towel. This mask requires more time than all the others, you will have to keep at least eight hours.
  • It’s no secret that dark hair is more difficult to lighten, but there are effective ways for them. One of them is an apple cider vinegar mask. For her, you need: heat 0.5 liters of apple cider vinegar in a water bath. Then do the same with a decoction of chamomile in the same amount and mix. At the end, add lemon juice, 3-4 pieces, half a glass of vodka, honey. Mix everything again. Can be applied to hair. To withstand such a mask for a long time is not worth it, from 30 to 40 minutes. Then rinse thoroughly with warm water. The result will be noticeable after several such procedures.

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