Lilac manicure with design

Manicure decorated in lilac color has become literally a fashion hit among the beauty trends of 2018 in the nail industry. Therefore, photo examples of such nail design adorn the first pages of the portfolio of top nail art nail artists. After all, despite the seeming monotony and complexity in work, this palette is quite versatile, which allows you to create many designs on its basis, the most striking of which are given in our article.


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Actual shades of lilac manicure

The lilac color looks equally good both in light pastel colors and in dark saturated colors. However, we have chosen the most spectacular and, most importantly, wearable shades that will fit perfectly into absolutely any manicure design.

  • Pale lilac. A delicate shade with a slight pink undertone can serve both as a translucent monochromatic coating and as a decorative substrate for a jacket. In addition, you can combine it not only with classic white, beige and black, but also blue, yellow, pink and even mint.

  • Lavender. One of the most fashionable shades today, which looks perfect on nails not only in spring, but also in autumn-winter manicure. In the first case, it can be a classic jacket over a lilac base or drawings with various vegetation. But the winter manicure in a lavender shade is characterized by thematic painting in the form of snowflakes, as well as an abundant amount of decor from colored stones, sparkles, glitter, etc.

  • Amethyst. A trendy shade that is widely used not only in the fashion but also in the beauty industry. Beautiful, bright and so luxurious that even by itself it looks impressive. However, it is often combined with various manicure design techniques, which makes the design as a whole even more catchy.

  • Lilac blue. A cold shade of lilac with a touch of blue has become one of the most unusual options. In a monochrome design, it looks somewhat faded, but in combination with silver in the form of glitter, sequins, foil or rhinestones, it creates an elegant and unusual manicure.

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  • Dark plum. A rich and luxurious color that is perfect in literally everything and does not require any additions. Therefore, in this case, the design should not be overloaded with various decor, but opt ​​exclusively for a plain coating.

Original design ideas for lilac manicure

Manicure in lilac tones became so popular in 2018 that the masters offered not only classic nail design options, but also new items that have already become full-fledged trends. The most interesting of them, as well as photos with images of such designs are given below.

  • Lunar. One of the basic options, on the basis of which you can create not only everyday, but also a sophisticated evening manicure. In the first case, it is better to stop your preference on light shades of lilac with a small decor in the form of rhinestones, sparkles or rubbing. But for the second, a darker palette is the best suited. As a decor, Swarovski stones would be appropriate here, with which it is better to highlight one finger completely or only the lunula zone.

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Important! This year’s novelty is the “inverted” moon manicure, in which the lunula zone is drawn in the form of a French smile and left transparent or highlighted in a contrasting color. In addition, this design is quite versatile, as it looks beautiful not only on long nails, but also on short ones.


  • French. Another classic that has not lost its position over the years and still remains at the top of modern fashion trends. The lilac color here acts as a decorative base, and a smile is drawn in white, silver or black. You can add some zest to this design by alternating glossy and matte textures, as well as highlighting one nail with a coating in the form of liquid foil.

  • Mirror. Decorative powder, which gives the nails a pearly sheen, is beautifully combined with lilac manicure. Most often, nail art masters use a rub with a slight shimmer, which completely covers all nails over a colored base.

But more daring personalities are offered a metallic rub, which on the nails creates the effect of a gold or silver metallic coating. Mostly, only a few fingers are distinguished with such a decor, and the rest are decorated in a monochrome design.

  • With rhinestones. These colored pebbles allow you to turn even the most nondescript design into a truly royal manicure. They can highlight the lululu zone, lay out a French smile, various stripes and ornaments, or simply scatter randomly on the surface of the nail plate. In any case, such decor will always look stylish.

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  • Violet. Painting in the form of violet flowers on nails is the best fit as a decor for lilac manicure. One or two fingers are distinguished with such drawings, and the rest are made out in a lunar or French design. As for the buds themselves, you can decorate the stamens with rhinestones, and the petals with a matte finish or flock powder. Thus, the drawing will turn out to be more textured.

  • With peas. One of the easiest designs that can be done with regular dots. One has only to highlight one nail with white or another color contrasting to the main coating and place monochromatic or multi-colored dots on its surface. They can be of different sizes, as well as arranged both in a chaotic manner and in the form of drawings, for example, a heart or a flower.

Another idea is to partially lay round kamifubuki on top of the dots, thereby making the manicure more voluminous.

Stylish design with kamifubuki

  • geometric motifs. Manicure with patterns in the form of stripes, triangles, rhombuses, squares, as well as origami crafts has been a favorite of modern fashionistas for more than a season. Basically, only one finger is distinguished with such decor, on which a beige or white decorative coating was previously applied. A matte finish will help to complement the design.

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  • ombre. Gradient stretching has been in fashion for more than a year, so today you can find a wide variety of design options for this design. It can be both soft transitions within the same color, and more contrasting ones. The stretch from dark lilac to silver looks especially impressive. But for lovers of more restrained options, an ombre that combines white and lavender is suitable.

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  • with sequins. Colored sparkles will be a great addition to the festive design. Most often, they allocate several fingers in …

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