Linen dresses 2021: novelties and trends of the season

Fashionable linen dresses occupy an important position in the new collections of 2021. This material is ideal for summer – it is light, pleasant to the touch, breathable, and also eco-friendly. For the hot season, you can’t think of an outfit better than a soaring linen dress.

Fashionable linen dresses 2021

You should know that linen dresses, in addition to their beautiful appearance and lightness, are also durable. And since these dresses do not lose their relevance, you can wear them for more than one season.

We offer you to get acquainted with the stylish styles that the designers offered us this year.

  • With cutouts. Cutouts on a linen dress give it originality, so designers actively use this technique in their collections. Take a look at an example of a model with cutouts that expose almost the entire belly. In this dress you will attract a lot of looks.

  • With drape. We would like to show you the novelty of 2021 right away – a white linen maxi dress with numerous draperies. Any woman will look like a real goddess in this outfit.

  • With puffed sleeves. In 2021, in a large number of things, the emphasis was on sleeves. This trend has not bypassed linen dresses. Puff sleeves, wide sleeves and puff sleeves are what you should look for when shopping.

  • With embroidery. Dresses decorated with embroidery look very gentle and restrained. This outfit embodies purity, femininity and softness. Embroidery can be completely different – choose the model that you like.

  • Boho style. Fashion 2021 also recommends paying attention to linen dresses in a boho style. Outfits in this style are fascinating, and their owner seems like a mystery that you want to solve. Boho style dresses are characterized by lightness and a certain negligence. But it is these features that make this style recognizable.

  • With lace. Linen lace adorn a large number of dresses of any length. Lace can play the role of an additional element, or the dress can be completely composed of them. The last option is quite bold, but very effective.

Linen dresses are made in different lengths. Young girls can afford to buy an outfit of any length – from mini to maxi. If we talk about a model for a woman over 50, then the choice should fall on the length of midi and maxi.

In midi length, you can most often see a sheath dress or a flared model. Maxis are usually represented by shirt dresses and boho style models.

A big plus of fashionable linen dresses in 2021 is that they are suitable for women with any parameters – for thin people and for full ones. If the style is chosen correctly, then such an outfit will easily hide your shortcomings.

Trendy colors and prints of linen dresses

Most often, linen dresses have natural shades – beige, sand, green, black, gray. But designers are not afraid of experiments and are constantly looking for natural ways to dye fabrics. Therefore, in the summer of 2021, fashionistas will be able to buy outfits in brighter colors:

  • red;
  • yellow;
  • pink;
  • blue;
  • orange.

Bright dresses are suitable for both young girls and women over 40. There are no restrictions in this regard – each person can show his individuality as he wants!

Linen dresses can also have prints. As an example, let’s take a maxi length model with a vertical multi-colored stripe. The cell in different versions will also be popular.

What to wear with linen dresses

What to wear with linen summer dresses to look stunning? Linen outfits are very well complemented by various accessories. Ideal for long chains with pendants, necklaces, bracelets. Accentuate your waist with a stylish belt.

When choosing a bag, pay attention to models made of fabric or mesh. In order for the bag to fit well into the image, you need to select it directly to the general style of the dress.

It is important to choose harmonious shoes. Fashion trends say that flat sandals fit most well with a linen dress. If the dress has a more strict style, then you can wear shoes or sandals to it. The color of shoes is better to choose neutral – black, white, beige.

We want to show you a very delicate and feminine outfit. This is a white linen dress with black embroidery at the bodice. Complements the image with an accessory – a stylish necklace. At one glance at this photo, you can feel the lightness and carelessness that the model feels.

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In the next photo you can see a red linen dress that is suitable for overweight women. It has a good length to the knee, as well as a loose cut that hides imperfections. As shoes, flip flops with decor are presented here.

Next, we will show you another bow that is suitable as a festive one. A white dress with lantern sleeves and a lace insert looks very cute and elegant. Shoes are also well matched to him – beige shoes with open toe heels.

We hope that we and the photos located here managed to convince you of the need to buy a linen dress that is fashionable in 2021 for this summer. You will not find a lighter and more free outfit for a hot summer. Choose your favorite model and go shopping.

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