Бельевой топ

Linen top in summer wardrobe 2020: fashion trends and what to wear

A linen top is an exquisite piece of clothing. Its peculiarity is in the similarity with underwear. So that it does not look vulgar, they are sewn from opaque flowing fabrics. Basically it is silk, satin, velvet, chiffon. The top or bottom of the product is trimmed with lace. The color palette is diverse – from delicate pastel tones to black.

Linen top

When choosing a top, remember that this is not underwear, but a thing that resembles it. What to consider:

  1. The fabric should be silk or velvet, never cotton.
  2. Lace – only from below or from above. Top and bottom at the same time – bust.
  3. The top should be on thin straps, free cut.

Such a topic seems frank, however, it has taken its place in the basic wardrobe. The right combination allows you to fit it into your evening wardrobe, wear it everyday and to work.

Evening wardrobe

Linen top looks elegant in evening dress. You just need to choose the right image. For example, high-waisted wide-leg trousers made of light, flowing fabric, a cropped top to the waist. Platform shoes or sandals with wide heels. From above it is possible to put on a jacket with the central fastener. Take a clutch in your hands, decorated with rhinestones and lace.

evening top

Or put on a puffy chiffon skirt to the floor, a velvet top with lace at the top. On your feet – stilettos, and take a small handbag in your hands.

top with lace

business style

If there is no strict dress code at work, then such a topic can be combined with this style. For example, classic or tight trousers, a straight pencil skirt, an elongated linen top, without lace. It must be tucked into the belt, put on a jacket on top – double-breasted or with a central fastener. Complete your look with classic pumps and a bag.

long top

long linen top


There is a large selection of images for every day for this wardrobe item. Since this is a very delicate and delicate version of clothing, it should be supplemented with something more rough. For example, jeans, a denim skirt or shorts, then the topic can be of any length. Top – denim jacket, shoes – low heels or sneakers. Complete with a small backpack.

casual top

Also, the top goes well with leather products. You can wear tight trousers, on top – a knitted cardigan in a coarse knit. Wear classic stilettos on your feet. Complete the bow with a leather bag.

top with trousers

The topic will look appropriate in multi-layered clothing. If you wear it over a turtleneck, then you no longer need to wear a jacket or cardigan.

layered top

Fashion trends are constantly updated. This season, designers offer to move away a bit from monochrome in lingerie style. The 2020-2021 trend will have small prints on clothes, a lot of sequins and sequins, fine lace decor.

When choosing a linen top, remember that it is not suitable for everyone. Following fashion, it is important not to step over the brink of vulgarity. Since this piece of clothing is sewn from light fabrics, it will emphasize all the features of the figure. And thin straps will look out of place on a lush chest. So such a topic is more suitable for slender girls. Look for an acceptable option for yourself and be irresistible.

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