Lip care

We all have dry, oily and oily lips at times. Dry sponges need to be lubricated with fats and creams, because they tend to crack and peel off. And even the most expensive and beautiful lipstick does not look on such lips. We all have dry, oily and oily lips at times.

Gymnastics for your lips

  • Pull your lips forward and open your mouth like a fish breathing. Close your mouth and release your lips. You need to repeat 15-25 times. It is necessary to move the lower jaw along with the lips, in turn to the left and right. You need to repeat 15-25 times.
  • Remove your tongue from your mouth as much as possible and hold it there for 3-4 seconds. And put your tongue back and relax for 1-2 seconds. Need to repeat 5 times
  • Blow out the air as hard as you can for about 6 seconds. Stretch your lips over your teeth. Relax and make a smile.
  • Whistle. This exercise can be done in nature, at home.

Lip massage

In order to have an excellent blood supply to your lips, they need to be massaged in a circular motion every morning and evening, with a terry towel or a toothbrush. It is necessary that this procedure become a habit, as well as daily brushing of teeth. To keep your lips fresh, a light massage with fingertips for about one minute will help. After the lips require lubrication with hygienic lipstick or fat cream and leave for about 10 minutes.

Lip masks

Gives freshness and smoothes the skin of your lips mask of cottage cheese. It is necessary to distribute on the skin of the lips for 10 minutes.

So that the sponges do not dry out and shine, apply a mixture of honey, sour cream, carrot or cucumber juice, cottage cheese. Then you need to grease the sponges with vegetable oil. This mask softens your lips very well and heals cracks.

Always apply a special lip balm to your lips in the morning and evening. Lips must be lubricated with all possible oil formulations: for example, vitamin A, E, or in extreme cases, jojoba oil, vegetable – olive and other stone oil. The usual butter that we absorb in food will soften the lips very well.

Protecting your lips

The delicate skin of your lips suffers from the sun: it cracks, flakes, wrinkles and ages. When going out, if you do not use lipsticks and glosses, be sure to lubricate your lips, filtering UV radiation. At the same time, you need to remember to moisturize your lips every day, especially in the cold season.

Lip contour

So that the lipstick does not spread. Apply foundation around the lips and blend along the contour. After you can apply lipstick and pencil.


To make the lipstick last longer and the color look much more vibrant, apply a protective cream. The fondant immediately lays down more evenly. The first layer of lipstick should be blotted with a napkin and a little powdered. Then apply the second layer.

plump lips

Great volume to your lips will give correctly applied lipstick. Make a certain color in the middle of the lips to start with, and then blend the lipstick to the edge of the lips so that the contour of your lips turns out to be paler. You can mix two lipsticks, apply dark in the center of the lips, and light lipstick on the edges of the lips, shading the transition of the colors of these lipsticks. If your mouth is small, then the fondant should be applied to all lips, and then put a dot of transparent gloss in the center.

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