Lipo 6 (Lipo 6): how to take a fat burner for women

Lipo 6 (Lipo 6) ─ fat burner for women is the most advanced and currently available weight loss product. Knowing the basics of its correct application, you can achieve significant results in the field of control and weight loss. Every modern woman has a great desire to acquire a graceful, slender and perfect figure.

Lipo 6 won the leading position due to the presence of a multi-phase base in its composition. The supplement contains a lot of fast-acting active ingredients that are directed directly to problem areas. Excess weight always remains an urgent problem in any age category and status. Diet, various physical activities do not always help, and many do not have a complete desire to do this. Therefore, an effective unique fat-burning product Lipo 6 (Lipo 6) was developed.

Application rules

Lipo 6 contains certain rules for its use. The composition contains a significant amount of biostimulants, therefore it is recommended not to exceed the established rate of consumption of the additive. There is a certain scheme:

  1. For the first three days, take 2 capsules per day. The first should be taken half an hour before morning breakfast, the second serving in the late afternoon, approximately 8 hours after taking the first serving. This time is enough for the active work of the first capsule, once it enters the body, it immediately begins to open and function intensively as a super-strong fat burner.
  2. On the fourth and fifth day, you need to limit yourself to 3 capsules. Two capsules strictly in the morning, the third after lunch. If you feel discomfort from increasing the dosage, then you need to stop taking two capsules per day for a few more days, and then also try adding another capsule. It is not necessary to strive quickly, to get the maximum dose of the drug, there is no need for this. The result of losing weight can be obtained with minimal portions. It is very important to observe a clear set time between taking the morning and evening reception of Lipo 6, this is not less than 7 and not more than 8 hours.
  3. For 6 and subsequent days, you need to take 4 capsules, that is, divide the intake into two times, 2 capsules in the morning and 2 capsules in the evening, but not less than 6 hours before bedtime due to the high content of caffeine and stimulants.

It is necessary to take a dietary supplement strictly, observing all the nuances, this is primarily on an empty stomach, with a gradual increase in the dose, as indicated in the scheme and not at bedtime. The course is designed for 8 weeks, then stop taking it for two weeks. To achieve the maximum result, Lipo 6 is recommended to be taken in parallel with vitamin and mineral complex preparations. In the first days of taking it, you can confidently note the first results, you feel lightness, smartness, energy and a good mood.

Lipo 6 should not be taken in parallel with antidepressants, non-steroidal, anti-inflammatory drugs, psychostimulants; at the stage of a planned operation, you should stop taking a fat burner at least two weeks in advance.

The composition of the fat burner

The manufacturers of Nutrex have selected complementary components in the composition of Lipo 6. The main task was to purposefully facilitate the intake of Lipo 6, taking into account the peculiarities of human physiology. The basis of the drug are proven powerful components that allow you to stimulate the body’s metabolic reactions. Thanks to active stimulants, appetite is significantly suppressed and, on the contrary, energy biopotential is increased, which easily breaks down adipose tissue. Fat is converted into energy, as a result, muscle tissue does not lose its taut properties and is successfully preserved.

Active ingredients:

  • Caffeine is the main constituent of plant origin. Stimulates the central nervous system, motor and mental activity, removes excess fluid, increases the excretion of salt in the urine, increases the secretion of stomach activity.
  • Folic acid ─ vitamin B9, the most important compound of the folate and folacin groups. The hormone of joy and optimism, which is responsible for the emotional state, for the processes of inhibition and excitation, supports the circulatory and immune systems. Compensates for the lack of vitamins responsible for the elasticity and fullness of the skin.
  • Synephrine is a natural alkaloid that accelerates chemical and metabolic processes. It has a synergistic effect, that is, when used together with caffeine, fat burning is doubly enhanced. Synephrine enhances the thermal effect of food, resulting in high energy expenditure and significant fat loss.
  • Yohimbine hydrochloride is a plant alkaloid and aphrodisiac derived from the South American plant Yohimbe. The active substance accelerates the process of fat burning by blocking adrenoreceptors. The blood flow in the adipose tissue increases, the fat is quickly destroyed, releasing energy.
  • Biotin is a coenzyme that regulates fat, protein and carbohydrate balance. Maintains glucose levels, activates the breakdown of fatty acids and controls further fat burning, as a result of which calories are burned more intensively.
  • Acacia Rigidula ─ accelerates the conversion process of fat into energy, activates the destruction of fat, is not addictive, improves mood.

Lipo 6 has additional ingredients that are also active in accelerating the process of fat breakdown. Among them are:

  • extract of green tea;
  • pineapple extract;
  • gelatin;
  • glycerol;
  • natural cellulose;
  • linoleic acid;
  • purified water.

Evaluation of the successful impact of Lipo 6

The success of the cutting-edge fat burner Lipo 6 lies in the latest multi-phase technology with several stages of fast, consistent and prolonged action.

The first phase is a liquid capsule that provides instant delivery of substances that increase energy production, reduce appetite, and burn fat. The result is felt immediately after a short time.

The second phase is an internal capsule for controlled release of active substances that continue to work for a long time. The duration of action of the Lipo 6 formula is increased by taking a second capsule. When the activity of the first capsule ends, the second begins to work. For many hours, fats are burned, there is no feeling of hunger, there is a complete production of energy, which allows you to feel a surge of vivacity and good mood.

Lipo 6 (Lipo 6) is a well-deserved champion among fat burners from Nutrex, which helps to get the perfect figure in a short time and bring the human body back to normal. Natural ingredients provide a long-lasting, consistent effect…

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