Lipstick that refreshes and rejuvenates

Many women dream of asking professional makeup artists what lipstick refreshes and rejuvenates their appearance? We insist: you won’t need a pro consultation, because this article contains the most useful and proven recommendations!

Best Options


Make-up artists are well aware that nothing rejuvenates like the effect of naturalness, naturalness and freshness in a make-up. If you plan to achieve just such a property from anti-aging makeup, bet on a nude palette of lipsticks.

For example, among such a rich range, one can single out a nude with a light but noticeable coral undertone. This color often transforms the appearance of a woman almost beyond recognition, that is, it makes the complexion more fresh, even and noticeably enlivens the image. This representative reveals itself best with a light velvety finish.

Makeup artists draw the attention of women to one interesting feature: in most cases, nude lipstick looks younger if it contains a pinkish pigment. Also, to achieve the desired effect, it is worth combining neutral lip makeup with expressive eyes, which, by the way, can be emphasized with the fashionable smokey eye technique.

When choosing the perfect shade of lipstick, you should also build on the natural color of your hair. For example, women with light hair are best suited for natural dusty pink tones, always without cheap mother-of-pearl. If nature has rewarded you with dark hair, you can head for shades that are close to the beige-coffee range.

There is one trick that will allow you not to make a mistake with a win-win color of nude lipstick. The whole secret lies in the selection of a shade that is a couple of tones brighter than the natural color of the lips. Such a decision will give the final make-up more expressiveness and freshness. But a lighter nude palette should be treated with caution – in most cases, it only emphasizes age-related changes and makes the complexion faded and painful.


Peach lipstick can be safely called a lifesaver that suits women of all ages with a warm color type and perfectly rejuvenates the appearance. With such data, a suitable shade will emphasize the natural blush (especially in combination with blush on the cheekbones) and visually soften the skin tone.

Peach lipstick works great with eye makeup done in the same warm and natural shades.


Among the win-win shades of lipstick that rejuvenate the appearance, you can also bet on the natural pink color scheme. This color in a soft, muted version always clearly does its job, i.e. corrects earthy skin tone and hides pigmentation, i.e. the face looks fresher and smoother. Makeup artists suggest: in order to achieve maximum effect, it is worth choosing a translucent and light texture of cosmetics.

For women with Nordic beauty, plum-pink lipstick is downright recommended. Such a color scheme is a real find for ladies with a contrasting appearance, that is, with dark hair and pale skin. The right shade of lipstick will not allow the face to look painful and will give the image a beautiful expressiveness.

Women can also use a muted pink lipstick with a warm undertone and a slight sheen for a spectacular age-related makeup. Such a choice will be especially successful if, with age, the lady notices an earthy skin tone with pigmentation. The primary task of warm pink lipstick in this case is to visually refresh the face and skillfully shade redness.


As age-related changes appear, light shades of lipsticks can look disadvantageous, so makeup artists recommend adopting more energetic and rich pigments. They hide the power of youth, dynamism and brightness.

So, with light skin with a cold undertone, makeup artists advise to adopt rich berry shades – they perfectly emphasize noble skin and enliven the image.

The choice in favor of red lipsticks can also be made by women who have crossed the line of 50 years. The specified palette has the necessary energy and strength, which make the makeup so attractive and expressive. Of course, no one forces a lady to “wear” scarlet lipstick every day – but for special occasions, this is really a win-win option.


After 50 years, too light lipsticks can no longer be called a good choice. In the beauty arsenal of such a woman, only those shades that hide vital energy in themselves should remain, that is, they add expressiveness and brightness to the image.

For example, a light wine pigment that does not lean too dark can be a winning solution. The best texture option is classic cream or semi-matte.

Lip pencil

Makeup artists note that with age, not only the palette of cosmetics should change, but also the technique of applying makeup. For example, applying lipstick is hard to imagine without first correcting the contour with a pencil. The second cosmetics should be chosen one tone darker than the main color – this way the image will turn out to be more expressive and young, and also will not contradict naturalness.

It is worth emphasizing that framing the contour with a pencil is also appropriate when using light shades. With such an obligatory stroke, the make-up will acquire the necessary stylistic completeness, and the contour will become clearer and more attractive.

The pencil can also be used as a standalone product, if you combine it with a soft caring gloss or balm.

Another elixir of youth, coupled with a clear contour, is natural volume and attractive plumpness. However, nature has not awarded all ladies with such wealth. This is where gloss can come to the rescue, which corrects the volume of the lips. Makeup artists for daytime makeup recommend picking up light transparent textures and applying them over lipstick. A couple of drops will be enough for the desired effect.

Top lipsticks that age

Among the entire range of modern cosmetics, we can also highlight the rating of lipsticks that age the appearance. If you want to look young and attractive, you can safely eliminate such shades from your makeup bag!

  • After 40 years, orange shades of lipstick should be avoided. Such an insidious palette unfavorably focuses on redness of the skin and often looks inappropriate for age. Carrot color can be successfully replaced with a natural peach tone, subject to fair hair. For brown-haired women, in turn, it is better to choose a soft coral, and red-haired ladies can slightly increase the saturation of this color.

  • The wine palette is the most insidious, because it can both rejuvenate and age. For example, an unfavorable effect is guaranteed when a fair-skinned lady uses dark plum or cherry lipstick. Such a duet makes the appearance too strict, creates an unnecessary age …

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