Little black dress: 11 best styles

Coco Chanel would be pleased with the photo novelties of the little black dress of 2019. Such different interpretations on the theme of a universal style will allow every fashionista to choose the perfect option for her figure. If your wardrobe lacks a fashionable and versatile dress, rather read our article. In it you will find inspiration for shopping and searching for the latest novelties.

Is it really necessary in the wardrobe of a modern lady

We are sure that a little black dress is a super-thing that should take pride of place in your closet. Its beauty lies primarily in its versatility. Perhaps you did not even suspect how drastically you can change the style based on a dress worn with different accessories.

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Such a thing would be appropriate in any setting for a girl of any status. It has no age restrictions and contraindications in the form of a figure type.

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The little black dress is the epitome of French grace, elegance and impeccable taste. That is why it is so loved by designers and fashionistas, and from year to year it is only gaining its popularity.


We have compiled a list of the hottest styles of the 2019-2019 little black dress so you can find the best one for you.


Idea #1

A straight black dress with a white collar is perfect for an office dress code or a schoolgirl look. The main highlight – the collar gives the image both severity and coquetry.

If you want a more relaxed look based on this dress, add denim and sneakers to it.

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Idea #2

A black dress in linen style is the best embodiment of femininity and elegance.

Fashionistas simply adore the combination of a loose dress with lace with deliberately rough and masculine things. These can be large-knit cardigans, leather jackets and jackets with a strong male shoulder. With this combination, the linen dress will look stylish and at the same time there will be no hint of vulgarity. Another versatile option in youth style is a tandem with a plain cotton T-shirt.

[stextbox id=’info’]But it is better to refuse a combination with high heels, so as not to look vulgar.[/stextbox]

Idea #3

A great idea for an evening outfit is a luxurious floor-length black dress. It can be made of silk, satin or velvet – such textured materials are now in fashion.

Also a popular trend for finishing an elegant dress is lace. Sheer motifs are used on the sleeves, back, hem and even the whole dress. If you want to emphasize your elegance, choose this option.

Long dress with guipure inserts

By adding red lipstick to this look, you will definitely become the main star of the evening.

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Idea #4

On the main catwalk of the Chanel fashion house, black dresses with transparent inserts made a splash and immediately turned into the main trends of the 2019-2019 season.

Sheer chiffon dress

Designers make skirts, sleeves and decorative inserts from transparent chiffon. The combination with a polka dot print or ribbon decoration looks especially cool.

Idea #5

The wrap style is ideal for any figure, which always looks flawless and slims the hostess. Knitted models will be successfully used in autumn-winter bows, while lighter fabrics are ideal for spring.

If you want to emphasize the chest, focus on the V-neckline of such a dress. And for girls with a graceful waist, a model with a belt will be an ideal solution.

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Idea #6

The shift model is easily recognizable by its high collar and no sleeves. The versatility of the cut guarantees that such a dress will become an adornment of any girl.

Modern designers have diversified the traditional version of this style and supplemented it with asymmetry, cuts, textured inserts or creative collars.

Idea #7

The tunic dress has a free cut, which skillfully hides all the imperfections of the figure. Such a thing will look harmoniously with tight tights, and will also make a stylish combination with trousers or leggings.

Tunics made of lace or chiffon are rightfully recognized as the most fashionable and delicate models. A warmer version of this stylish dress will be in a knitted texture.

Idea #8

For spectacular fashionistas who like to emphasize their figure, and at the same time their flirty nature, a black dress in the style of baby dollars is a great idea. High waist combined with a fluffy skirt makes this style playful and incredibly feminine.

Girls continue to love and praise baby dollar dresses. Strict black color balances the frivolous mood of the style and makes it suitable for a daily look.

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Note! This style is suitable only for young girls with slender legs and an attractive figure without extra centimeters.


Idea #9

The SHIFT DRESS model can hardly be attributed to the novelties of the season. Rather, it is a classic version of the legendary idea of ​​Chanel. Three-quarter sleeves and slightly above the knee length are the distinguishing features of the style.


This dress is sure to take its rightful place in the wardrobe of any fashionista. Paired with a jacket, it will be appropriate in the office, with jeans and sneakers it is ideal for a walk, but a combination with boats and jewelry is an idea for an evening look.

The only ones who do not suit such a model will be girls with a violation of the proportions of the top and bottom.

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Idea #10

A black polo dress is a valuable investment in an active girl’s wardrobe. It has no age restrictions and even has a slight rejuvenating effect. A girl in this image always looks fresh, light and sporty.

Stylish polo dress

The laconic style of the model allows you to wear it for a walk, meeting with friends, study or work.

Idea #11

A classic that will never lose its position is a black sheath dress. This is an eternal must-have for girls who want to elegantly emphasize their figure.

Modern models are often complemented by thin straps, an open back and diversified inserts.

The same dress according to the type of figure

What do you think is the most important thing in a dress? Fashion cut, color, finish or style? In fact, everything is important in a dress, but in the first place it will always be its combination with the individual characteristics of the figure. We will teach you how to choose the very dress, the love of which happens once and for all.

Large selection of styles

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