Long bob with bangs

One of the most common trendy haircuts this season has become an elongated bob with bangs. As you can see, the classic variation of the “bob” has undergone fashion changes, transforming into a completely new trend – the long bob. From a daring boyish haircut, it has turned into a feminine and sophisticated hairstyle, which can do a lot of romantic looks.


Performance features

An elongated bean is often called a bob-car. But do not confuse such a haircut with a classic bob! Do not forget that in the classic version of the square, the hair remains the same length on all sides, and in the bob haircut, the back of the head is cut off and shortened. In addition, it is in the bob hairstyle that the cascade haircut and layering often appear.

Long bob is performed in different interpretations. In the elongated version, there are only 3 bob haircuts – multi-layered or “cascade”, straight with clearly defined contours, and also asymmetrical. In special honor is the last option, with elongated front strands. The transition can be both smooth and steep. We add that the difference in length between the back of the head and the front curls can reach 15 centimeters – and this is in trend! Also, the strands can be longer on one side and shorter on the other.

Such a haircut is performed mainly on medium hair – strands can reach the shoulders. And the length will not have to be sacrificed, and the hair will become noticeably textured, voluminous. In addition, in this case, you can resort to a variety of styling methods and change your images with enviable constancy!

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Asymmetrical styling with long bangs

This hairstyle does not require a monthly update, it is worn well for several months. But the bangs – yes, needs constant adjustment. Therefore, do not forget to visit the salon to trim at least it.

The haircut is universal and suits women of all ages.

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Why with bangs?

An elongated bob is perfectly able to model the shape of the face, and the version with bangs does this task even better. For example, such a haircut is perfect for a round face – a very finicky shape for hairstyles.

Interestingly, complex coloring options look on an elongated bean

She also focuses on the expressiveness of the eyes, makes the face younger and gives the image a flirty charm. In the before and after photos, you can see how the bangs can radically transform the face. You just have to choose the right option for your image!

Chubby girls should not wrap the ends of the strands inward

The most popular types of bangs for such a haircut:

  • Straight bangs to the eyebrows able to perfectly hide large facial features and a high forehead. She will also emphasize the cheekbones, which is not very suitable for chubby girls with full cheeks – in this case, the cheeks stand out.

  • Short straight bangs not suitable for every girl – only with the right features.

  • oblique bangs will add extra volume to the hair. It also perfectly rejuvenates and creates the effect of fashionable negligence.

  • Bangs with torn edges or trimmed with feathers gives an image of freshness and ease. Especially suitable for thin hair, as well as girls with a round face shape.

From season to season, the popularity of bangs by no means decreases. You can experiment and create images with different options for bangs – it grows back quickly enough. One thing – be prepared to lay it down.

Straight and torn bangs

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Who is long bob with bangs suitable for?

This hairstyle is considered universal, hence its popularity and trendiness. But before heading to the salon, there are a few things to consider.

Face shape. We have already noted that for a round face, such a haircut will be an ideal option. It is the elongated bean that can visually narrow the face and hide large cheeks, which is also perfect for overweight women (plus, it does not open the neck). In this case, the side strands should not be shorter than the chin. Complement your hairstyle with a side parting and you will look irresistible!

Also, this haircut is perfect for an oval face, but you should not make the front strands too long. An oval and rectangular face shape is more suitable for a graduated bob. For the “triangle” you should not choose an asymmetrical haircut with strands elongated in front – this will further narrow the chin. Pay attention to the straight elongated bob with clear contours.

Hair color can be anything from dark to light. In 2019, complex coloring techniques are especially popular for an elongated bean – ombre, pixel coloring, shatush, California highlighting. In our photos you can see even bold color options – pink, red, blue, with strands of other bright colors. The average hair length allows you to create real masterpieces and show your imagination!

Hair type. An elongated bean will be a real salvation for thin hair – such a coveted and long-awaited volume will appear on them. Pay attention to the cascading and graduated types of haircuts. In this design, the strands are cut in layers, extending them to the bottom with a smooth transition.

Don’t be afraid to put long bangs high

Thick strands need a little thinning. This will give the image an additional negligence. But for thin hair, this option is categorically contraindicated.

This hairstyle is mostly suitable for straight or slightly wavy hair. Owners of curls will have to tinker a lot with styling and straightening bangs. If you have curly hair, you should consider an elongated bob in combination with oblique bangs, smoothly turning into the main length. This hairstyle will give the image of playfulness and femininity.

One of the most trendy hair styles in 2019

[stextbox id=’info’]Note! The trendy asymmetrical bob with bangs mentioned earlier is only suitable for straight hair.[/stextbox]

trend styling

Styling an elongated bob with bangs does not require much effort and skills – in the photo in our selection you will find many different options for creating stylish looks.

In the classic version, the hair is thoroughly dried using styling products. The bangs are laid separately, for example, with the help of a round comb – it also needs to be fixed with the help of styling. You can and even need to experiment with the parting, because it is able to give the hairstyle additional volume.

Haircut adds volume even to sparse hair

For messy styling, dry your hair as much as possible in different directions – so that they are literally tousled. Apply a styling product to not yet completely dried hair and give it the desired volume. Alternatively, use a diffuser.

Girls with round faces shouldn’t…

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