Long dresses to the floor 2018-2019

Luxurious floor-length long dresses are designed for special occasions, evenings, events where maximum elegance and sophistication are required. But now, in addition to going out, such dresses are worn in everyday life. Let’s talk about long dresses in more detail.

Stylish floor-length dress with thin straps with a high slit

Fashionable floor length dresses

It is believed that women must wear a dress, because it allows her to “accumulate” the energy necessary for life. Especially long, to the floor – the dress becomes literally a transmitter of energy from the earth into the female body.

Interesting guipure maxi dress

Even if you do not believe this, you can agree that a woman in a dress is:

  • beautiful – flowing over the figure or an exquisite fitted dress that flutters easily when she walks – doesn’t it already give rise to the desire to buy another one?


  • sexy – even if a man is “his own”, he still cannot take his eyes off his lady in a dress. The fabric fits slightly when moving, slightly opens the ankles – this is an incomparable attractiveness;
  • feminine – women and men wear jeans and trousers, but only women wear such dresses, this cannot be taken away from them.

Long velvet wrap dress

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Well, do you agree? Then now we will find out which long floor-length dresses will be the most popular and fashionable in the 2018-2019 season.

Stylish fitted black dress with an original cape

Successful styles and trends

Studying the proposed models from the catwalks, evening fashion catalogs, wedding and graduation options, you can see that the following are popular:

  • layering and splendor, uniquely flowing hem fabric;
  • strict cut geometry – when the fabric fits every curve, creating a delightfully clear extravagant silhouette, obeying all the requirements of a strict dress code for a corporate evening;

Spectacular strict dress with a fluffy skirt and a deep neckline

  • a touch of eroticism – neckline, open back, cut to the thigh – everything serves to emphasize attractiveness and femininity. The back can be covered with a transparent or openwork fabric, creating a real intrigue;
  • asymmetry – when one edge of the dress is shorter than the second, framing and showing everyone the shoes and beautiful legs – this adds exclusivity to the dress;

Asymmetric floor-length dress and formal maxi outfit

  • decorations in the form of small flowers, embroidery, lace, rhinestones – as a rule, go along the bodice or artistically descend all over the dress;
  • with sleeves, long floor-length dresses made of warm fabric are suitable for cool weather, while the sleeves can be puffy or decorated with decor, drawing attention to the shoulders and upper body – what is now in trend;

Elegant fitted dresses

  • materials used: evening long dresses, as a rule, need silk, chiffon, lace, crepe de chine and velvet. Everyday ones allow prints, drawings and different textured fabrics. A knitted long dress can be worn in autumn and winter to study, to the office – it will be warm, cozy and attractive.

Favorite styles of long dresses to the floor

  • Sheath dress – came into fashion in 2018 and was very fond of the ladies. Short, medium length and maxi – there are even casual style options and ladies wear sports shoes such as sneakers under the dress;
  • luxurious A-line dresses – fitted and high waist;

A-line dress

  • dress with a fluffy skirt: a light skirt made of flowing fabric is combined with a decorated closed bodice – see photos of incredible options, fall in love instantly;

Nude effect dress

  • godet (or mermaid) dresses – when a sharp flared hem comes from the knee – this style went from the 50s and is only an evening dress.

Stylish year dress

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[stextbox id=’info’]Advice. The mermaid dress is suitable for tall girls, brightening up a little fullness or figure flaws. But ladies with wide hips should abandon this style, as it focuses on the hips.[/stextbox]

Fashionable asymmetrical floor-length dress

For fat ladies

Forget about hoodies and oversizes. Long dresses to the floor should be selected according to the figure:

  • “Apple” – you should definitely focus on the waist, these are fitted styles or an elegant belt;
  • “pear” requires an A-line dress or with a fluffy skirt to brighten up the wide bottom;

Short sleeves on the dress help to hide the fullness of the arms

  • feel free to wear a neckline, but not deep;
  • open back;
  • discard large prints or drawings;
  • it is not necessary to wear only dark colors – emerald, pink, pastel colors will also be wonderful.

The original version of a translucent dress for full

Fashion colors and trends

  • Traditionally luxurious and delightful are black, white and red floor-length dresses;
  • purple is the color of 2018 according to Pantone;

Maxi dress with full skirt

  • green, blue, emerald, burgundy – such dresses are unusual, cause “fire on themselves.” So get ready to show everyone your impeccable charm;


  • gold, gold, silver, metallic – girls in such dresses declare their desire to be the “queen of the ball”, to be in the spotlight. And yet, this is the trend of 2018 and 2019;
  • light and soft colors such as: pink, cream, turquoise – emphasize the grace and nobility of the hostess.

Floor-length dress in soft pink with a deep neckline and American armhole

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[stextbox id=’info’]To celebrate the New Year, the dress should be in yellow, brown or green. If you wear a dress in other colors, include accessories of the desired color in the bow. According to signs, then the whole next year will be accompanied only by luck and success.[/stextbox]

Modern stylish Empire silhouette

Shoes, accessories and jewelry for a long floor-length dress

The dress itself is most often monophonic, rarely a combination of two colors, concise and elegant from top to hem. Therefore, we will add brightness and originality to the image with additions:

  • shoes must be with heels, and if the girl is of medium height, a very high heel is required;

Graceful dress with a train and small flowers

  • we put on elegant shoes or sandals, which can hardly even be seen, universal black or the color of the dress;
  • on an evening dress, you can put on a light or fur cape, shawl, cardigan, and in cases of everyday wear, even leather jackets such as leather jackets are put on the dress;
  • a dress of saturated color (red, blue, purple) does not need additional bright accessories, you can add only small decorations;

An interesting alternative to a floor-length dress is a jumpsuit with a floor-length skirt

  • jewelry for an elegant evening dress should be expensive, elegant and not vulgar;

Elegant mini-dress with a voluminous long tulle skirt

  • handmade, exclusive jewelry from unusual…

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