Long haircuts for women

Long women’s haircuts are now very popular and loved by girls and women of all ages. What they are and for what type of face they are suitable – in our review.

What are long haircuts for?

It is difficult to meet girls with exactly the same haircut. Owners of even the most “standard” hairstyles can have small or very noticeable differences. This is due to the fact that the master focuses on the hair and type of face, the length of the neck, when he comes up with an image. The wishes of the client are also taken into account. Therefore, the haircut is individual.

Many of these noticeable changes have given rise to new subspecies of haircuts for medium hair. For example, elongated options – they are characterized by a shoulder length or slightly lower, and this length can only touch part of the hair.

Why do such an extension:

  • it’s a pity to part with the length – cutting off the girl’s long hair, they leave part of the long strands;
  • method of well-groomed appearance of hair when growing hair;
  • the neck is visually lengthened;

  • to brighten up a heavy, too narrow chin;
  • for girls with a rectangular, square and triangular face, long strands visually stretch it, make the angularity softer;
  • elongated haircuts help chubby ladies stretch their faces a little, making a perfect oval.

Yes, and taking care of medium-length hair is much easier than long hair. Therefore, you can see a lot of show business stars with such hairstyles.

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[stextbox id=’info’]Clue. Large and overweight women should choose an elongated haircut, it visually slims, and also softens facial features, disguises full cheeks.[/stextbox]

The best fashionable elongated haircuts

There are many options for hairstyles with long strands, and an experienced master can generally cut their hair in a special way, creating a masterpiece on the verge of two or even three types of haircuts.

The most popular types:

  • Kare;
  • Bean;
  • Bob-car;
  • Cesson;
  • Aurora;
  • haircuts with a short crown and an elongated nape;
  • Cascade;
  • asymmetrical and graduated haircuts.

Now more about each.


A versatile and familiar haircut can be of various types. An elongated Kare resembles a classic one – but the strands go down to the shoulders, and even lower, creating a romantic and elegant look.

Elongated classic Kare

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Positive elongated Kare:

  • suitable for girls with any type of face;

  • thanks to an even cut, you can do a lot of hairstyles: weave braids, make bundles, curl into curls, collect in different bunches and ponytails;
  • You can do a haircut with or without bangs.

Kare can be modified and made more youthful, informal and original:

  • bright coloring in different colors;

  • a shaved nape or temple is now very popular. Girls even make amazing patterns;

  • graduation – you can make not an even cut, but at an angle. It turns out that the closer the strands are to the face, the longer they are;

  • asymmetry – strands on different sides of the face can be of unequal length.

[stextbox id=’info’]Life hack. If you lay Kare with shaved areas in a different way, you can cover intriguing places with long strands and create the usual image of an “exemplary” girl. [/stextbox]

Shaved nape with pattern


The special roundness of Bob will give any face femininity and tenderness, correct wide or too protruding cheekbones. A variation of the Bob – Bob with lengthening can reach the shoulders. He is loved by girls with round faces, creating soft and feminine looks. Although there are also options when Bob is combined with a shaved temple or bold highlighting in unnatural colors.


This combination of two haircuts in one is a favorite option for many young girls. It also somewhat resembles a graduated Kare, because the front strands are longer than the rest. But the back of the head remains shaped as in the case of the classic Bob.


The features of this beautiful haircut are in the trimmed and stacked strands in a circle. Something in common with Page, but in Page the strands are cut with a hat, without extensions. Sesson can be done with elongated strands, making the transitions between the lengths of the strands invisible. This haircut must be styled, but it looks solid and dignified, so older ladies love it, after 40 years, creating the image of a sophisticated French fashionista.

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This interesting haircut is not so common, but it is often recommended by stylists for ladies with thin and straight hair, with an oval and triangular face. It is especially suitable for hair with split ends, because it will all be cut off, creating an image of well-groomed and beautiful hair.

The top strands are cut short, and the bottom ones remain long. But it is better for curly fashionistas to choose a different hairstyle, and if you want to change the style, this can be done only by growing short strands.

Haircuts for long hair with a short crown

In 2019, they have become very popular. Photos of women’s elegant bows on the Internet confirm this.

In addition to Aurora, there are other options when the upper strands are shorter than the lower ones. Moreover, the difference can be very noticeable – very short hair at the top and long strands scattered over the shoulders. The lower layers of the girl can be pulled up in a ponytail or braided, and the volume of the crown continues to create splendor and beautifully frames the face.

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The cascade is made for any length of hair, the distance between the layers varies, double and triple levels of the Cascades are made, connected with a ladder near the face or at the ends of long strands. Masters can choose the right haircut option for any type of face to mask any appearance flaws. This haircut is the most popular in 2019.

On medium hair, the Cascade “lays down” best – the length of the hair is enough for “layering”, and all transitions can be covered with a glance.

Cascade options:

  • the double Cascade has something in common with haircuts with a short crown – after all, the first level of layers can be very high – at the level of the ears, and the second – near the tips. Triple Cascade is performed most often on long hair;
  • the elongated Cascade is called so because the layers are located closer to the tips, and from the roots to, for example, the tips of the ears, the hair goes “untouched” by the hairdresser’s scissors;
  • The ragged Cascade is made by deliberately abrupt transition between layers, producing a slightly chaotic-sloppy impression. Girls style such a haircut in the Grunge style, emphatically asymmetrical and tousled.

The cascade can be done without bangs or with it, choosing the shape of the bangs for the type of face and forehead height.

Asymmetry and graduation

Such haircut options cannot be singled out as a separate type, because one of the standard haircuts is taken as the basis – Kare, Bob, Cascade and others, to which a “zest” is added in the form of uneven strands or a cut at an angle. Young girls who are looking for themselves and wanting something original on their heads can take a closer look at these variations. You can add bold highlights and the image is ready!

Which one then…

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