Long shorts: fashion trends 2019

This article presents women’s elongated shorts, which are incredibly relevant in the 2019 season. Such novelties will not leave indifferent any fashionista!


Elongated denim shorts in the 2019 season are presented in 2 options – a free cut or a tight-fitting cut a la cycling. Both models can actually be combined with T-shirts, jackets and jackets.

As for the color, light blue shades come to the fore this time. Models for autumn are characterized by darker and deeper colors. Scuffs flashed at the shows only occasionally, giving way to plain models.

Many girls, when they get acquainted with this novelty, decide to urgently go shopping, but in fact, you can just arm yourself with scissors and give old jeans a new fashionable life. To hit the bull’s-eye, cut the legs to the eye at about knee level or slightly higher. You can not follow the utmost accuracy – on the contrary, some negligence is welcomed by fashion trends. Slightly uneven cut with a raw edge – the most hit!

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Bicycle shorts

This sensational trend is a great opportunity to demonstrate to others an unconditional knowledge of fashion trends, and at the same time emphasize slender toned legs. There is no other way – bicycles are allowed only for girls with a beautiful figure and fairly tall.

To choose the right fashionable women’s elongated shorts of this cut for the summer of 2019, we have compiled a guide to the current options for you. Don’t thank!

  • Dark-colored cycling shorts, although they slim the hips, still visually “cut” the legs and shorten the silhouette. That is why girls of short stature are recommended to combine them with stiletto sandals. And long-legged women of fashion, in turn, can safely replenish their wardrobe with such bike shorts and combine them with any shoes.

  • Neon bike shorts are a godsend for girls who love to be the center of attention. Now the trend is yellow, blue, purple and pink tones, which are sure to become the most important element in the image.

  • If neon is too radical a trend for you, give preference to fashionable beige, white or milk bike shorts. But it should be borne in mind that a light tone in combination with a thin fabric accentuates figure flaws.

  • Dark blue or burgundy cycling shorts look expensive and elegant; women of fashion like to choose them for an evening look. Among the actual combinations, one can single out an elongated blouse, high-heeled shoes and massive jewelry.

  • Cycling shorts can be not only plain. Striped or plaid models are also in trend now, which perfectly correct the figure.

Among the fashionable combinations of cycling shorts, we highlight images with a shirt, jacket, sports top or T-shirt, with a hoodie, denim or a voluminous tunic. In order not to be unfounded, we enclose a selection of the most stylish combinations.

With a shirt

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Bermuda shorts are a real gift for fashionistas who have not dared to wear bike shorts. Among these models, you can choose options that are ideal for overweight women, because Bermuda shorts do not require a perfectly toned figure.

The main feature of Bermuda shorts is their versatility. A democratic and understandable model has proven itself perfectly both in everyday and office looks. Girls love to take it with them on trips, and they also don’t mind putting together a stylish bow for a party with Bermuda shorts. The strict and laconic design allows you to adapt to any top, so there is no doubt about the practicality of this trend.

Relaxed casual looks are obtained with denim, a loose blouse, crop top, knitwear and various shirts. Flat shoes are allowed – sneakers, sandals or sneakers.

Look at the photo how successfully Bermuda shorts can replace the usual pencil skirt or trousers.

Among the fashionable color palette of Bermuda, designers primarily distinguish beige, brown, gray, mustard and white. As you can see, these are classic colors that do not cause problems with the combination.

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Classic high-waisted long shorts are another key trend this season. A conservative cut combined with muted colors makes this model suitable even for women over 50. But young girls will certainly figure out how to fit this model into their summer bow.

Trends that are hard to miss

Modern trends offer fashionistas to adopt the style and design features that make any shorts super relevant.

  • A high fit is perhaps the main criterion for getting into fashion trends. This style perfectly emphasizes the figure and, as a bonus, lengthens the legs and visually adds harmony. As you can see, being in fashion is pleasant and useful for the figure!

  • The unspoken rule for all current models of shorts is minimalism. A laconic cut, a strict decor or its absence is welcome.
  • Metallic and shiny fabric made a fashionable splash a few seasons ago and now it just continued its triumphant march. The choice in favor of this trend is made by girls who like to be in the spotlight.

  • Among the fashionable colors, white, beige, coffee and powdery pink are recognized as favorites, and muted natural tones are also in trend.

  • If you want to bet on print, choose shorts with flowers, stripes, geometry, polka dots or animal prints.

  • Large button fastening is another unconditional trend that is reflected in the design of shorts of various lengths. This technique additionally gives harmony and growth.
  • Patch pockets are a fashionable decoration not only for trousers, but also for shorts. Just keep in mind that this decor tends to add volume to the area on which it is located.

  • Collars are now actively competing in popularity with a casually raw edge. Decide for yourself in whose favor to vote fashionistas.
  • A belt or textile belt with a large buckle becomes a stylish decoration for trousers and shorts. Such a practical decor not only looks stylish, but also gracefully emphasizes the waist.

Layout rules

Designers did not limit themselves to one length of elongated shorts, and offered fashionable versions to the knee and below. Such a variety allows you to choose a model for different situations, including for work.

In a casual look, a harmonious tandem can be paired with a plain T-shirt, T-shirt, top, jumper or slightly fitted shirt. The top is recommended to be tucked in or coquettishly tied at the waist – in combination with a high-rise bottom, this technique looks best.

It is customary to wear elongated shorts to the office with a business shirt or a stylish jacket. A ready-made suit of shorts and a jacket is also perfect for work.

Jacket +…

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