Long skirts are fashionable in summer 2020

This current review has collected the most fashionable long skirts for the summer of 2020. Choose which novelty can emphasize your femininity and charm!



The most juicy and cheerful shades appear in the fashionable summer palette this time. Surely among such a multifaceted range you can find an attractive option for yourself.

If you assign a mission of versatility and practicality to a long skirt, choose a model in a basic trendy color. So, in the 2020 season, the current palette is headed by blue, black, beige and white shades. Such models are the easiest to adapt to any image.

The muted natural palette, which is represented by green, sky blue, mustard and beige tones, looks very summery. Such colors have a huge stylistic potential, because they are very interesting to combine in various combinations.

In the fashion palette of summer 2020, bright colors have also been highlighted. For example, you can take note of the relevance of red, orange, yellow and azure shades. These colors are a great way to cheer up and show off your summer look!

For special expressiveness and attractiveness of summer outfit, designers recommend using actual prints. You can choose your personal favorite among floral, tropical, animalistic and geometric motifs. Also, the 2020 season brought ethnic patterns back into fashion.

A typical summer motif – charming polka dots – also retains its leadership position. If you want the pattern to be as easy as possible to combine with the rest of your wardrobe, choose a small print. Black and white is also appropriate, which is easily combined with various colors – basic and bright.

[stextbox id=’info’]Combining a skirt with a print is not such a difficult task as it might seem at first glance. To make a harmonious bow, you should choose a monochromatic laconic top to match one of the participants in the motive.[/stextbox]

With smell

The absolute must-have of the 2020 season is the wraparound cut, which also proved to be great in the design of maxi-length skirts. As a rule, such models are presented with an oversized fit – a trick that perfectly highlights the waist, lengthens the silhouette and visually adds harmony.

Wrap skirts are good both in a laconic design and with the use of trendy decor or a colorful print. Choose a novelty to your taste and be the most attractive this summer!

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With asymmetry

The 2020 fashion season does not lose sight of the creative asymmetry, although now it takes on less eccentric forms. A new manifestation of this trend looks more restrained and modest. For example, slight asymmetry can be seen in the design of the hem.


In the summer season, long denim skirts promise to be at the peak of fashion. This hot trend is slated to catch on with fashionistas of all ages. Among the current models of denim skirts in the 2020 season, one can single out long variations with a slit, a raw edge, a smell, a vertical row of buttons and asymmetry. The trendy cut is usually presented in a straight or trapezoidal silhouette.

Some of the trendiest denim colors for 2020 include denim, light blue, and classic indigo. Most of the models featured a solid color without scuffs and faded elements. Torn parts have also lost their relevance.

Many designers in the 2020 season have proven that denim texture can be advantageously combined with other materials, such as rough leather or exquisite lace. Embroidered elements can be a stylish decoration of a denim skirt. But beads and rivets on such a model are no longer a place.

A maxi-length denim skirt looks rather non-trivial, so it usually requires a more concise and discreet top to accompany it. The advice of stylists suggests that any plain T-shirts and light-colored T-shirts will look harmonious with denim of any shade. You can also bet on femininity and choose a lace blouse or a model with bare shoulders as a top. With a basic denim skirt, a trendy item in multi-colored stripes will also make great friends. In a word, this novelty only welcomes experiments!


The epitome of sophistication and elegance are satin and silk skirts, which can now be confidently included in everyday ensembles.

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The real highlight of the summer collections are transparent fabrics and inserts in clothing design. Of course, this trend has not bypassed fashionable maxi skirts. The most daring fashionistas may prefer variations that are fully presented from a transparent texture – such novelties are very interesting to beat in multi-layered ensembles. More modest girls can include a skirt with transparent details, such as a hem, in their bow.

This photo selection clearly illustrates how you can use fashionable long skirts with the embodiment of the transparency trend in your unforgettable looks for the summer of 2020. Perhaps they will inspire you to create your own stylish combinations.


The forever classic – the pencil model – also showed itself beautifully in the design of long skirts. Out of competition were not only laconic models, but also new items, decorated with various current trends. So, in the new season, fashionistas should pay attention to pencil skirts with slits, raw edges or fringes. A stylish highlight of the model can also be patchwork technique, sequin decor or textured fabric. With the help of such techniques, the designers managed to give the basic silhouette originality and expressiveness.


Pleated products have retained their position of relevance for a record long time. As you may have guessed, summer 2020 is no exception to this great trend. Only the fashionable colors of such products succumbed to changes – summer skirts were presented mainly in light and metallic colors.

Pleated fashionable long skirts are perfect for obese women, because vertical lines slim the silhouette remarkably. Moreover, pleating in a frequent rhythm will have the best effect.


If you want your summer outfits to delight with romance and elegance, you can safely include a maxi skirt with trendy decor in the form of ruffles, flounces and frills in your list of favorite things. All these details will give the image of charm and charm.

Actual skirts with romantic decor in the 2020 season are presented in a wide variety of variations. For example, fashionistas can adopt wrap or slit variations, where cut features are decorated with beautiful frills. Another relevant technique is the placement of trendy decor in the hem area.

In the new season, many brands have confidently destroyed the stereotype that…

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