Long-term styling for medium, short and long hair

Not all of the fair sex are the owners of luxurious hair, from which you can create any hairstyle. Basically, to give a beautiful shape to hair, curlers, hair dryers, and special tongs have long been used. Perm is very popular to this day.

The first option – curlers, tongs and hair dryers provide a beautiful shape of hair for a short time. Perm prolongs the effect by six months, but requires subsequent special hair restoration. Unsuccessful “chemistry” can generally deprive the fair sex of hair for a long time.

Modern hairdressing technologies, which have appeared recently, represent a real revolution in hair styling. Natural lush hairstyles for long and short hair are the dream of any woman.

Carving – a new hairstyle

Carving, a new way of curling hair that can create a perfect natural hair style, is a new innovative way of perming. Its duration is slightly shorter than the usual perm, but the natural lively look of the hair is preserved during the entire period of its action.

Chemical formulations designed for long-lasting styling are gentler on hair and scalp. Hair pre-dyed with any dye also retains a healthy look. Hair treatment with carving composition, combined with the use of curlers. Depending on the desire of the customer, these can be regular and spiral curlers, large and small.

Carving, unlike traditional chemistry, can be used more often and resorted to styling in certain areas of the hair. Hair remains obedient, alive, but daily styling correction with a hairdryer or curlers is necessary.

The long-term laying method is a Schwarzkopf patent. Over time, different companies have made some changes in the composition and methods of hair styling, so carving is currently the value of a special chemical long-term hair styling. Compositions for giving the hair a beautiful long-term shape are based on fruit acids, which not only create the desired structure, but also nourish the hair with the components necessary for their life.


Carving in the hands of a professional

The beauty salon will provide the owner of the hair with styling within one and a half to two hours. To ensure the proper effect, before styling, the master will assess the condition of the client’s hair, if necessary, remove the split ends of the hair.

The length and type of hair divides styling into three types:

  • styling for short hair, in this case, hairdressers note that the hairstyle will have the maximum effect due to the creation of volume at the hair roots. The use of small curlers will create elasticity and volume of the hairstyle;
  • styling on medium length hair using large and spiral curlers will provide a lush hairstyle for one to two months;
  • the styling feature is that you can use any type of curlers, as well as a mixture of them, but the styling time is much less than that of the first two types of hair length.

The installation steps are simple for a professional:

  • selection of the thickness and shape of curlers and hair styling;
  • hair treatment with a composition for long-term styling;
  • the required exposure time for a given type of hair (long, short, medium) and their type (thick, thin, brittle);
  • washing the composition from the hair;
  • hair treatment after exposure to the composition.

Carving can be done at home. For home conditions, long-term styling is most convenient on medium-length hair.

Technology of long-term laying at home

Despite the reservation that carving is carried out with gentle compounds, it should still be borne in mind that these are chemical compounds and should be treated with caution. It does not interfere with studying the necessary instructions, testing for an allergic reaction.


Professionals use for a long-term hair styling option:

  • funds from Londastyle or Schwarzkopf;
  • curlers or bobbins of a special shape and size;
  • a means for fixing the volume of the same company as the reagent for carving.

The sequence of long-term hair styling:

  • the choice of a warm room without drafts;
  • wind the washed and towel-dried hair on curlers, avoiding protruding ends. Drop by drop, the applied composition is impregnated with the applicator in successive movements from the back of the head to the frontal part of the head, treating each wound strand with the composition at least three times;
  • the head should be wrapped in a towel, additional heating with a hairdryer is possible;
  • after the composition has expired, it is necessary to check the quality of the curl, for which it is necessary to unwind one strand, if it has taken the shape of the letter S, you can begin to unwind all the strands;
  • the composition from the hair should be thoroughly washed off with a stream of clean water for 5-10 minutes, the remaining water is removed with a towel;
  • in accordance with the recommendations given in the instructions, the hair is treated with a fixative for 0 one to two minutes (sometimes it is recommended to wash it off immediately) followed by rinsing it with clean water;
  • clean hair is treated with special nourishing balms;
  • Hair drying should be carried out in a natural way, without the use of warm hair dryers. When styling at home, it is not recommended to use a hair dryer for 5-7 days.
  • When perming on dyed hair, they should be pre-treated with a protective compound. Specialists use the composition of the Pre-Styling series.

Restorative hair care after styling

Carving creates the appearance of hair, giving them the desired shape is achieved by using all kinds of means. Hair gels can change the structure of the wave, hair color or increase the volume of the hair.


Gradually, the styling will lose its properties and in order to use this technology again with a high degree of safety, in addition to the means for creating a hairstyle, it is necessary to carry out special medical procedures for the hair. In fact, this is a course of hair treatment after chemical exposure to them.

Special vitamin masks will help restore and strengthen the hair structure:

  • a mixture of olive, burdock oils, egg yolks, vitamins A and E (the volume of oils is 30 ml each, yolks in the amount of 2);
  • gelatin about 30 g, filled with two tablespoons of water, after swelling for an hour, dissolve completely when heated and mix with 50 grams of nourishing hair balm.

Any of the options for prepared masks is applied to moistened hair along the entire length, which is wrapped in polyethylene and a towel to create a good thermal effect. After 2 hours, the mask should be washed off with shampoo, the hair is rinsed with decoction or …

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