Lose weight in 10 days

Any woman always wants to be slim and beautiful, to see fashionable, well-fitting clothes on herself. Especially the desire of ladies to adjust their figure is observed in the spring, so that in the summer they do not hesitate to show themselves in light open dresses. And there are times when our women urgently need to tighten their figure for some event, whether it’s a friend’s wedding, anniversary, or just a party with friends.

Now the world knows hundreds of different diets and sets of exercises to correct figure flaws. People try different diets, get different results, lose weight, get fat, then again they are in search of the best ways to keep their bodies in shape.

It becomes very unpleasant when a person, leaving any diet, begins to return to his previous weight, or even worse – to rapidly gain extra pounds. The same can happen when we stop attending gyms and training.

What happens? Once you go on a diet, do you stay on it for the rest of your life? You go to the gym 3 times a week – and do not miss a single class throughout your life?

There is one easy way by which you can keep yourself in shape, while giving up a minimum of food. It is even difficult to call it a diet, but it brings quick results. It lies in the fact that the last meal should take place 3 hours before bedtime, taking into account the fact that you go to bed no later than 11. Those who like to fall asleep very late will have dinner at 7-8 pm.

If the stomach does not allow you to fall asleep, then immediately before going to bed you should drink a glass of kefir or half a glass of milk. During the day, you can eat the same food that you are used to, naturally in reasonable quantities. You should only reduce the consumption of wheat bread (up to 1-2 slices per day), sweets (1-2 sweets per day) and rich pastries.

Having stayed on such a “diet” for 10 days, you can already feel, albeit small, but the result. If you suddenly want to eat at night, then you can sometimes afford it. The kilograms gained at the same time will quickly disappear over the next 2-3 “regime” days. This diet is suitable not only for people with extra pounds. It allows all people to get a light and healthy sleep and feel refreshed throughout the day.

There is also an effective exercise for those who want to train their abdominal muscles, but have no time or are too lazy to go to the gym. It can be performed anywhere and at any time, sitting or standing.

It is necessary to draw in the abdominal muscles and hold them in this position for 1-2 minutes. You can repeat this exercise dozens of times a day. At the same time, breathing is not strained and at the same time the posture is corrected: it is worth pulling the stomach “into yourself”, as you involuntarily want to straighten the spine. By doing this exercise, after a week of such training, you can notice a positive result – the bulging belly will gradually begin to decrease.

Another easy exercise for those who want to reduce their weight is jumping in place. It is advisable to use a jump rope for this. You can start with 50 jumps, gradually increasing up to 100 times. The exercise is easy to perform at home at any time of the day. The result of such jumping rope will make itself felt very quickly, in about 2-3 weeks.

Thus, you can also lose weight comfortably, without unnecessary stress and in a very short time!

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