Lumps of Bish: what is it, how to remove it without surgery

Bish’s lumps (lumps) are clots of adipose tissue that are located just below the cheekbones in the soft tissue of the cheek between the inner mucous membrane and the outer skin. It is these fatty lumps that give the roundness to the face (and even some swelling in childhood) and deliver so many unpleasant moments in youth.

These fat sacs are named after the French anatomist Marie Francois Bichat, who was the first to describe the properties of fat lumps located between the chewing and buccal muscles. In the human body, Bish’s lumps perform the following functions:

  • help to carry out the act of sucking breast milk;
  • reduce muscle friction during chewing movements in the first years of children’s lives;
  • serve as shock absorbers and protect the facial muscles and nerves of the face from possible mechanical damage.

Thus, Bish’s lumps perform their main functions even in infancy. Giving children’s cheeks a tone, facilitate the process of sucking mother’s breast milk. And in the first years of a child’s life, while eating, they provide muscle sliding, facilitating the chewing process. Therefore, Bish’s lumps are especially pronounced in children – that’s where the “chubby cheeks” come from.

Throughout life, lumps do not grow together with other tissues, and the need for their functional purpose gradually disappears. As the child grows, the area of ​​the front surface increases and Bish’s lumps visually decrease – “chubby cheeks” disappear, but do not disappear completely. Their density is so great that even the overall weight loss of the body is practically not reflected on the cheeks.

In adults, their volume decreases somewhat and facial features become more expressive. But since Bish’s lumps are an individual feature of each organism, sometimes even slender, fit girls are owners of bulging cheeks. With age, the tone of the facial muscles weakens and Bish’s lumps sag, forming the so-called fleas – “bulldog cheeks”. This contributes to the formation of nasolabial folds, as well as folds on the lower jaw.

Reasons for deliverance

Bish’s lumps are not some kind of pathological abnormalities, and the desire of many people to get rid of them, improve the outlines of the oval of the face, make the cheekbones more expressive, and give refinement to the shape of the face, is caused by purely aesthetic goals. Following the fashion for sunken cheeks and sharply defined cheekbones and jaws, young people (especially girls aged 25-35) resort to various methods of getting rid of chubby cheeks.

Of course, the easiest way is the surgical removal of fat bodies, and the result is visible almost immediately. For young people, it is enough to cut out Bish’s bodies themselves to improve the aesthetic appearance of the face. For older people, this operation is performed in conjunction with a general facelift, chin liposuction and other correction methods.

But sometimes the removal of Bish’s lumps in young people does not give an obvious effect due to the physical features of the shape of the face. Before deciding on an operation, it is better to do a computer simulation of the face in order to see what changes will occur after the operation and whether it is worth resorting to the often ineffective and almost ineffective method.

How to remove Bish’s lumps without surgery

Since there is always a certain percentage of risk in any surgical intervention, you can try to get rid of Bish’s lumps on your own. What if the result justifies the expectation? It turns out that it is quite possible to reduce cheeks at home without resorting to plastic surgery. This is not as intractable a problem as it might seem. There are several ways to deal with Bish’s lumps or disguise them.

Healthy, balanced diet.

If sagging cheeks are a consequence of fullness, then, naturally, you need to lose weight. In addition, the face loses weight much faster than other problem areas (hips, abdomen, upper arms) and it is enough to lose 2-3 kg to notice the result. It is important not just to lose weight, the main thing is to maintain a stable normal weight throughout life. Nutrition should be balanced and enjoyable! It is impossible to lose weight quickly so that the skin on the cheeks has time to tighten and not sag in folds. And most importantly – drink plenty of clean water, up to 2.5-3 liters per day, use the minimum amount of salt and sugar, and fruits and vegetables – as much as possible.

Gymnastics for the face or face-building.

Now you can find many effective sets of exercises for the face. By devoting only 10-15 minutes a day to such gymnastics, you can really achieve tangible results in lifting the cheeks and reducing Bish’s lumps. Here is an approximate set of exercises:

  1. While inhaling, puff out your cheeks strongly, fold your lips into a tube and slowly exhale the air through your mouth. Repeat 6-8 times.
  2. Hold a pencil with your lips and draw letters of the alphabet in the air.
  3. Rinse your mouth with air, as you do with water after brushing your teeth. Repeat for three minutes.
  4. Putting your elbows on the table, press your chin to the back of your hands, with an effort to open your mouth. Repeat 10-15 times.
  5. Opening your mouth wide, pronounce vowels loudly, clearly and energetically – I, A, O, U. Repeat 30 times.

Face massage.

Massage is a very effective tool for toning the muscles of the face, as it improves blood circulation, thereby saturating the tissues with oxygen. With the help of massage, you can tighten the cheeks, make the oval of the face more clear, expressive, smooth out the nasolabial folds and mimic wrinkles near the eyes – crow’s feet. The most convenient time for a massage is in the evening, before going to bed. If you devote 10 minutes a day to this pleasant procedure, the result will not keep you waiting. First you need to cleanse the skin, apply a nourishing cream and only then proceed to the massage. Its essence lies in the rush of blood to the skin. Movements should be stroking, not stretching the skin of the face, but making it elastic. All movements should be directed from the middle of the face to the temples and ears – stroking, light pinching, patting with a gradual increase in pace. And at the end – light stroking and acupressure with your fingertips. Japanese Asahi massage is very popular and effective.

RF lifting.

RF lifting is a great alternative to plastic surgery to remove Bish’s lumps. This is laser liposuction, as a result of which the fat layer is removed and the skin is tightened. Lifting with a laser is a salon procedure that takes place in several sessions, but the result justifies the costs of both time and money. The lifting effect is due to the thermal effect of the laser, which promotes the onset of regenerative processes, which stimulates the production of collagen in the skin.

Hairstyle and makeup.

With makeup, you can…

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