Lunar manicure calendar for january 2023

January is a month to live without fuss. As soon as the New Year’s chores are over, take time for yourself, your thoughts and desires, rethink your goals and dreams. If necessary, take a break to understand what you really want. And don’t be afraid to change. Remember, the symbol of 2023 – the Black Water Rabbit – favors the bold and self-confident. However, each step must be thoughtful. Even a trip to the salon, so that it is definitely successful, it is better to plan in advance. We list the favorable days for a manicure for January 2023, so that you know exactly when you should and should not visit the master.

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The most favorable days for creating nail art: January 2023

If you look at the lunar calendar of the first month of 2023, you can see that the days that are successful for manicure are distributed evenly. It is very convenient for absolutely everyone. Those who did not have time to put their nails in order before the New Year can do it almost immediately after it. In the middle and end of the month, there will also be enough suitable dates. Let’s list them all.

  • 02.01. and 03.01. Great time to make beautiful nail art. Moreover, even the most complex design will turn out the way you want it to be. If desired, the nails can be safely cut off, they will grow back quickly, be strong and healthy. And the Moon located in the growing phase and sign of Taurus will contribute to this.

  • 09.01. The night luminary has entered a waning phase. But this does not mean that you should refuse to visit the master. Decide on extensions. The nails will hold well and remain intact until the next correction. You can choose a design that is not bright in winter to cheer yourself up.

  • 13.01. Friday, and even on the eve of the Old New Year, is the best time to go to the salon. Do not deny yourself the pleasure to once again make a beautiful festive nail design, and let it charge you with positive. Medical and cosmetic procedures for the care of nails and hands will benefit.

  • 20.01. The moon is still in its waning phase, but already in the fourth quarter. Zodiac sign – Capricorn. And he will favor fashionistas who dare to try something new. Refresh the shape of your nails, change the color of the coating from bright to nude or vice versa. All experiments will be good.

  • 23.01. The lunar manicure calendar for January 2023 is rich in favorable dates. And this one is one of the best. The moon has again entered the growth phase, which means it’s time to correct the cuticles, moisturize the skin of the hands and treat the nail plates so that they grow faster and become strong, healthy, even.

  • 29.01. and 30.01. Two whole days at the very end of the month. They can also be dedicated to caring for hands and creating beautiful designs. Everything will be good. The night star is still in a growing phase and has returned to the sign of Taurus, which, as we already know, is loyal to any experiments with nail decoration.

The Full Moon is expected on January 7th, and the New Moon on the 21st. Both dates are not suitable for a visit to the salon. Keep yourself occupied with daily activities these days.

Unfavorable days for manicure: January 2023

In general, January will prove to be a month that is successful for transformation. This can be seen even by the number of unfavorable days – there will be very few of them. But still, they are. And it’s not just the Full Moon and New Moon.

  • 08.01. The day following Christmas and the Full Moon is one of the worst days to visit a master. And not only. Any manipulations with nails should be abandoned, including at home. The risk of making a mistake is too great, which then will take a long time to correct. The waning moon is in Cancer.

  • 17.01. The night luminary has moved into the sign of Scorpio, and he also does not favor ladies who decide to get a manicure and pedicure. Attempts to build up will lead to a deterioration in the health of the nails. If you make a design on the native coating, then it simply will not hold. The very best thing to do is take off the length and let the plate “rest”.

  • 31.01. The last day of January 2023 is also considered not the most favorable for a manicure. Astrologers advise to spend it with your family, and not in the salon of a nail art master. If necessary, simple care manipulations can be done independently. For example, to strengthen the nail plates, take a bath with sea salt and essential oils.

What other days in January are manicures allowed?

According to the lunar calendar, several more conditionally suitable dates can be distinguished. They are also suitable for working with nails, but with some reservations. For example, it is January 1st. In general, the day is good for both medical and cosmetic procedures, but it will be difficult to find a master who decides to take care of you, especially in the morning.

But January 6th You might as well try your luck. This day is also suitable for women’s manicure. You can update the design, length, but do not change the shape, so as not to be disappointed.

January 14 – Old New Year is also a good time for nail care. Baths, hand masks, healing creams – everything will be for the good. Apply a neat nude coating on your nails – this is a win-win option. But from the trimmed manicure, give up.

From 26 to 28 January. Three whole days in the last month of winter 2023 to get my nails done. The moon is growing, which means that the nails can be cut and filed, after that they will grow well. Building up will also be a joy. But do it only with a proven master. Choose a traditional design.

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The remaining days, according to the lunar calendar, are considered neutral. To visit the master on those dates that were not named, or not, decide for yourself.

We have listed auspicious days for a manicure in January 2023 for women. We hope that the information presented in the review will be useful to you.

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