Lunar manicure: original ideas

Lunar manicure, or in other words reverse jacket, is a classic in the world of nail art, which in 2018 has become one of the most sought-after fashion trends. Women willingly resort to this unusual nail design to transform their image and bring zest to it. Moreover, the moon manicure is considered universal and ideal for all occasions. It also looks great on long and short nails, and is also relevant at any time of the year. So, if you also like moon french, join us. Here and now we will tell you a lot of interesting things about him.


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Actual colors for moon manicure

Before moving on to nail design, let’s talk about the trendiest colors for this nail art, which will carry over into 2019.

  • metallic shades. This trend will not leave the fashionable Olympus soon, so you can safely use it to decorate the moon jacket.

  • natural nude shades. Well, everything is clear here, because French manicure began its existence precisely with these delicate flesh tones.

  • Matte finish. Just like metallic, monochrome matte finish is very popular today. And how luxurious the moon manicure looks with him, you can’t take your eyes off. Be sure to try it yourself!

  • Shades of “ripe berry”. Another fashion trend that goes well with a reverse jacket.

  • The whole palette of blue. Blue, cobalt, dark blue, sapphire, azure – all this is very relevant today. Any nail art in these shades will look amazing.

  • Classic black and white. These colors will never go out of fashion. So you can use them whenever you want. As for the moon manicure, in black and white colors it will look elegant, moderately bright and stylish.

  • Red and all its shades. In 2019, red nail polish will be the pinnacle of Nile fashion. Therefore, using colors such as classic red, burgundy, pink, ruby ​​or wine in a manicure is the best thing you can do for your nails.

[stextbox id=’info’]Important! The second name of the moon manicure is Hollywood French. It was invented almost forty years ago specifically for models and actresses, so that their nails always look well-groomed in the camera lens.[/stextbox]

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Ideas for a moon manicure

Now let’s talk about the fashion trends of the lunar manicure season 2018-2019. And believe me, there is something to pay attention to here.

  • triangular hole. If you are tired of the classic outlines of a reverse jacket, then be sure to take a closer look at the design with a triangular hole shape. Such nail-art will look unusual and fresh.

And the triangles on the nails can easily be turned into a symbol of the New Year – a Christmas tree, decorating them with the appropriate color. And nothing if these Christmas trees are upside down. All the same, everyone will appreciate your idea.

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  • transparent hole. Negative space in nail art is all the rage right now. It can be easily used in a moon manicure.

So, in order to create a stylish and interesting design, you just need to leave the hole at the base of the nail unpainted (or covered with a transparent top). The rest of the surface of the nail can be covered with absolutely any color, at your discretion.

[stextbox id=’info’]Important! In order for the negative space to be even and look beautiful, use special stencils..[/stextbox]

  • Lunar manicure in metallic style. As we wrote a little higher, metallic luster is now very popular. He will perfectly show himself in the moon manicure. And in order to make your nail-art fashionable, it is enough just to allocate space at the base of the nail with a golden or silver adhesive strip.

(This decor method is especially good for beginners). Mother-of-pearl varnishes in these metallic shades will also look great. But their application requires great skill.

  • Rhinestones in the moon nail design. If you want to create a trendy moon manicure for the New Year 2019 or just because, then pay attention to rhinestones. Bright crystals scattered at the base of the nail will add expressiveness to your image.

A manicure with rhinestones is a kind of universal nail-art that can be combined both in everyday wear and on the way out. Everything is simple here: if you want to look like working with nails decorated with rhinestones, then you should combine them with varnish in calm nude shades. If you are striving for a luxurious evening look, then feel free to resort to more saturated and catchy shades.

[stextbox id=’info’]Important! On short nails, a moon manicure should be done in pastel colors. If you want something brighter, but not enough length, then just give your nails an oval shape as much as possible[/stextbox].

  • Floral decor. Highlight the hole with flowers – what could be more feminine? This nail-art is especially good for spring and summer. The size and color of flowers can be absolutely any.

So, if you depict small buds, you can create something like a wreath on your nails that will repeat the shape of the hole. If the flowers are large, then in order not to overload the image, depict them on one or two fingers. And the rest of the nails can be covered with a radically different color.

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  • Lunar manicure combined with a regular jacket. Lunar manicure, like the classic one in 2018-2019, will remain a popular fashion trend. This is confirmed by numerous photos of the masters. The best material for its creation is gel polish, because it allows you to keep the coating and patterns on the nails for as long as possible.

Moreover, the reverse jacket can be combined with the usual one within the same nail art. More specifically, on the fingers of one hand, you can easily depict both types of French manicure. For example, on two classic, and on three reverse (lunar), only they should be made in the same color scheme.

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  • Lunar manicure with flock. This is the best option for winter, so pay attention to it now is the time. A velvety powder or flock can simply highlight the holes if you want a casual and discreet design.

Soft and fluffy flock

And you can use it to create amazing and delicate patterns that will noticeably transform your manicure..

[stextbox id=’info’]Important! The most favorite colors for creating a moon manicure among masters around the world are black and white. [/stextbox]

As you can see, creating a fashionable moon manicure in 2018-2019 is very simple – you just need to show a little imagination. This nail art is almost impossible…

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