Lymphatic drainage wrap at home

The fight against extra pounds in the modern world is gaining momentum. Being overweight is not fashionable. And being slim and healthy is not only useful, but also prestigious. Most often, they lose weight with the help of various diets, physical activities. But with weight loss, the figure of any losing weight needs to be corrected. At the same time, it is necessary to get rid of toxins in the body, eliminate cellulite.

How to do it? There is a great option – lymphatic drainage wrap. This method has stood the test of time. Ancient Greek and Roman beauties used body wraps more than two and a half millennia ago as a way to lose weight and shape their bodies.

The expression “lymphatic drainage wrap” among specialists is considered incorrect. Lymphatic drainage is a massage, and wrapping has a lymphatic drainage effect.

Wraps are very popular. Such procedures are offered in every spa-salon. This service involves wrapping the body in various substances. It can be chocolate, essential oils, algae. The effectiveness of wraps is very high. The skin becomes more elastic, weight begins to decrease, cellulite and swelling disappear. The procedure helps to relax the body.

How many procedures need to be performed? Cosmetologists believe that at least ten, in two to three days.

What is the cost of the procedure in the salon? One procedure will cost two to three thousand rubles.

The procedure is not cheap, and not every girl or woman can afford it. An alternative is to do the wrap at home. Moreover, the undoubted advantage of performing all actions at home is convenience and comfort.

There are two types of this procedure – hot wrap and cold wrap.

The meaning of the hot wrap is that the skin pores open, and through them all impurities are removed from the body.

With the cold method, all harmful substances are excreted through the kidneys and liver. If a person is tormented by swelling and fatigue in the legs, then the cold way is for him. Only such a wrap is indicated for varicose veins. It helps to reduce cellulite manifestations and body fat.

Home wrap is very effective, and the effect of it can often be better than in the salon.


Rules for the procedure at home

In order for the wrapping procedure at home to give a good result, you must follow some rules.

  • Select and prepare in advance the agent for application to the skin during the wrapping process.
  • You should first prepare the skin: steam it well, clean it with an exfoliating scrub and a massage brush.

As a scrub, you can use ground coffee, mix soda and oatmeal, salt, soda and cream.

  • After the cleaning procedure, wipe the skin well with a soft towel. It is better to take a terry soft towel.
  • The wrapping mixture is applied in a circular motion. This should be done by gently rubbing it into the skin.
  • It is not necessary to wrap the whole body at once. First, you can use problem areas of the body, for example, spread on the stomach and buttocks.

Some people are prone to allergic reactions, so if you have such a tendency, you should test yourself. To do this, apply the mixture on the wrist and leave it there for a while. If there is an allergy to a substance, then it will manifest itself quickly.

  • The parts of the body on which the product is applied are wrapped with cling film. The film should be wound in a spiral, pressing it tightly enough to the body. It is important not to overdo it, otherwise discomfort will be felt. The film must be wound from the bottom up. In order to enhance the thermal effect, you can wrap yourself in something warm from above, put on a terry dressing gown or warm clothes.
  • When the wrap is done, it’s time to rest (from 40 minutes to an hour and a half). It is necessary to lie down quietly or sit in a chair. You can listen to music or watch a movie.
  • After the control time is up, you need to remove the film from the body (if it is removed poorly, you can simply cut it). The mixture is washed off with warm water. For a more complete effect, it is recommended to take a bath with salt, and then use a moisturizing body cream.
  • Do not eat or drink for an hour before and after the procedure.
  • Carefully study the contraindications.

Wraps should not be done by pregnant women, prone to gynecological diseases, having tumors, diseases of the kidneys, and the cardiovascular system. To avoid problems, consult a doctor before the procedure.


Hot Wraps

Oil wrap is useful for any skin. It expands the pores, removes excess water from the body.

What is in the oil blend? The main one is the base oil (it is optimal to choose olive or almond oil). 20 grams are taken per serving, then three drops of lemon and lavender and juniper oil are added to it. Heat the mixture to 40 degrees. A microwave oven or a steam bath is well suited for heating.

A honey wrap differs from an oil wrap in that the basis is honey, which is taken in two tablespoons, heated and 3 drops of essential oils are added.

Chocolate wrap is very popular. Take 200 grams of cocoa powder, which is dissolved in half a liter of hot water. The mixture should be chilled. wrapping procedure with a mixture of cocoa and milk is very effective. The mixture should not burn the skin, so before applying, you need to check its temperature.

Cold wrap products

Among women, a cold home wrap is more in demand, which is used as a means for losing weight. In each case, it is necessary to select the most effective composition.

To obtain a lymphatic drainage effect, cold wraps often take mixtures that contain mint extract or menthol. These substances are able to cool the skin, which at the same time narrows, and swelling decreases.

The most ancient and popular to this day are seaweeds. It was noticed several thousand years ago.

For wrapping, you need to take 3-4 tablespoons of dry algae (fucus or kelp is best) and pour hot, but not boiling water. The mixture must be put to swell (in time – half an hour).


The number of procedures is similar to the hot wrap option. But without additional covering with a warm cloth. Such wraps should be carried out within a month, in two days. They cleanse the body very well and prepare it for winter.

Sea mud and cold wrap clay are widely known. Mud and clay help to remove toxins from the body and promote the penetration of beneficial trace elements. Substances can be bought at pharmacies.

Wrapping with a mixture of aloe vera (50 ml) with rosemary oil (3 drops) and black pepper (5 drops) has proven itself perfectly.

Essential oils are used in the cold method…

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