Macadamia oil for hair: homemade mask recipes

Good quality oils are the #1 tool for a healthy scalp and effective hair care. The right choice and their competent application and mixing will make the hair healthy and aesthetically attractive, without resorting to trichologist and hairdresser for procedures, it will help maintain the condition of the hair at the proper level.

Each hair has a tile-like structure. Healthy hair has a structure of evenly smoothed scales to each other. With adverse effects, the upper scaly layer is damaged, and then the hair begins to hurt and break down. In order to prevent further transformation and death of hair, it is appropriate to use natural oils or mixtures with their participation.

One of the oils of high quality and unique in their properties can rightly be called tropical macadamia nut oil, on the basis of which all new high-quality hair care products, hair dyes and styling, and essential oil are developed. It contains all the vitamins, trace elements and fats necessary for the health of human skin and hair in its composition:

  1. Omega 7 fatty acids are a group of healthy trans fats that block inflammation and regenerate the skin.
  2. Palmitic acid, known for its antioxidant properties and essential for human skin.
  3. Vitamins B and PP (nicotinic acid) provide nutrition to hair follicles, and when absorbed into the scalp, dilate blood vessels.
  4. Oleic acid, necessary for the formation of new cells.
  5. Catechins are powerful antioxidants. They limit the activity of free radicals, thereby maintaining healthy hair.
  6. Linoleic acid is essential for humans and is essential for hair growth and healthy development.
  7. Zinc and phosphorus are stimulants of metabolic processes and hair growth.

Thanks to these components in the composition of macadamia oil, it is included in the complex of therapeutic and healing procedures. The prestigious brand Macadamia is well known for its Australian nut-based cosmetics, which are especially relevant for dry and damaged hair. Brand name shampoos, conditioners and serums are free of parabens and petrochemicals, while cleansing the hair of impurities and restoring its hydro-balance. Still, cosmetics, albeit expensive, are not able to cure problematic hair, it acts gently to maintain their health, external shine and elasticity.

Oil therapy for hair

Despite the presence of a huge amount of fat in walnut oil, it is of the penetrating type, the hair literally “eats” it and does not leave greasy spots on the pillow when applied at night. To enhance the healing effect on the skin and hair in general, it is necessary to properly apply the oil.

There are two opinions about the effect of the oil composition on the hair:

  • The first method is the most common, when the oil or mixture is applied to damp hair, followed by covering the head with something warm.
  • And, the second way is to distribute the composition on dry hair without warming it.

The question arises, will water be an obstacle to the penetration of healing oil into the hair structure?

Macadamia oil in both cases has good penetrating power, moisturizing the hair and saturating it with the necessary elements. Macadamia is great for straight and curly hair. Regular oil therapy makes straight thin or split ends strong, elastic and shiny, but does not add volume, and curls – elastic and more manageable.

The use of oil masks allows you to quickly eliminate seborrhea and cure the scalp. Macadamia oil is universal and can be used not only for hair, but also as part of skin masks. Moreover, it is an indispensable elixir that promotes the healing of wounds and burns, and also serves as protection against adverse weather conditions and when drying with a hairdryer.

Everything you need to know about macadamia oil and its practical uses

  • Natural cosmetic oil should be cold pressed and have an amber hue;
  • Does not cause allergies and side effects, only individual intolerance to the components should be taken into account;
  • When the oil is heated, its properties are activated, therefore, before applying, the oil should be heated, but not more than 30 ° C;
  • You can apply oil both before washing your hair and on clean hair as a moisturizer and protector;
  • Use only ceramic and glassware when mixing oils;
  • When treating hair, masks and mixtures based on macadamia should be used at least three times a week for a month, then let the hair rest for a while and, if necessary, continue treatment;
  • The best blend of oils consists of penetrating, hemp (linseed), macadamia and moisturizing jojoba oils. Can be left overnight. Hemp oil has a greenish tint and is not recommended for use on blonde hair.
  • Adding oil to shampoo or conditioner in the ratio: 1 teaspoon of oil to 1 tablespoon of cleanser to maintain healthy hair;
  • Aroma combing with the distribution of oil with a natural comb is a beneficial massage for the head and hair. It is recommended to carry out within 2 weeks daily.

Not everyone can afford luxury cosmetics because of its high cost and inaccessibility. Having natural macadamia nut oil on hand, it is possible to use it at home in small portions as part of masks.

Top 5 effective masks based on macadamia oil

  • Mask of macadamia oil and lemon.

You will need: 2 tablespoons of oil and a quarter of lemon juice, heated in a water bath or microwave.

Rub the mixture from roots to ends of hair. The action of the mask lasts from 1 to 3 hours. To cover or not to cover your head is the choice of everyone.

  • Blended oil mask.

You will need: macadamia base oil and essential oil.

Each essential oil is suitable for a particular type of hair. For oily hair, it is better to use lemon, pine, mint, clove, bergamot oil, as well as lemon balm and sage oil. For dry hair, chamomile, orange, tangerine, sandalwood, ylang-ylang, rosewood oils are suitable. One tablespoon of macadamia oil is diluted with five drops of a suitable essential oil.

  • Nourishing mask of honey, macadamia oil and cinnamon.

You will need: 1 teaspoon of macadamia oil, 3 tablespoons of honey, 6 drops of a suitable essential oil and cinnamon powder.

Mix warmed macadamia oil and essential oil separately from honey and cinnamon. Combine all ingredients and warm…

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