Magnetic nail polish

Women – famous fashionistas and beauties – invent many different devices to always keep their figure, hair, clothes, nails, etc. in excellent condition. It is understandable, women need beauty not only to satisfy their own egoism, but also to lure them into their thin, but very strong, networks of men. It is for them that women try to look better and better every day, each time coming up with something new for their unique image.

Under the alteration, as mentioned above, there are many parts of the body, one of which are nails. Agree, the beauty of women’s hands also plays one of the most important values ​​when a man pays attention to a woman. It will be much more pleasant to admire well-groomed hands with a magnificent manicure than hands that are in an ugly, satisfactory condition. It is a manicure, in combination with some other qualities, that makes a man remember a woman, and how positive these memories will be, this must be taken care of in advance.

Magnetic varnish – a novelty in the beauty market

For the beauty of their nails for many years in a row, women have come up with various interesting solutions – building, aquarium design, spraying, varnishes that can stay on nails for a long time.

One of the most interesting and unique finds was the magnetic nail polish that recently appeared on the beauty market. Sounds a little strange, don’t you agree? But the uniqueness of this invention makes you admire it every time you use it. The secret of this varnish lies in the fact that it is based on metal particles, which, after applying it to the nails, are attracted by a special magnet, forming intricate patterns. Such a magnet is built into the lacquer cap, and you can choose the shape of the pattern yourself.

Many modern design companies that develop varnishes of various types have taken note of this interesting varnish. Various famous brands tried to add something unique to it, played with colors, came up with even more intricate patterns. Magnetic varnish quickly began to gain momentum in the fashion industry, and after a minimum period of time, it could be seen in the manicure of the most famous stars of the world of show business, models and just public people. The popularity of magnetic polish gained momentum, and in the end, for any woman who follows new fashion trends, this useful invention took its rightful place in her cosmetic bag.

Advantages of magnetic varnish

Any novelties that women have to apply to create their own unique image, of course, must have a certain set of positive qualities in order to have something to fight for, so to speak. After all, you don’t want to buy products that will not correspond to what you expect from them.

Magnetic varnish, just, is a product that carries a lot of positive in its use. Let’s try to find out what exactly this unique product is so good for.

  1. First of all, you can use this varnish at home. Accordingly, for an excellent manicure, you no longer need to go to an expensive beauty salon, and this saves a lot of money.
  2. The cost of such a varnish is available to any woman who wants to make her nails beautiful. Which is also not encouraging.
  3. Magnetic varnish is very easy to use, you do not need to make any unnecessary movements, except to observe, perhaps, accuracy.
  4. Magnetic varnish is also convenient for widespread use, that is, it can be used not only in manicure. It’s also great for pedicures. In summer, such a varnish will be very beneficial to emphasize beautiful and well-groomed legs in open sandals or sandals.

How to apply magnetic varnish

So, after we managed to figure out the positive qualities of magnetic varnish, it’s time to talk about its application. As mentioned above, they do not need special skills to cover their nails. However, it is still necessary to know the basic stages of painting so that your manicure looks clear, precise and, of course, beautiful. Let’s remember a few simple rules for using magnetic varnish.

  1. It should be noted right away that it is not required to apply a base for varnish, due to the fact that the structure of the magnetic varnish is very good, so it immediately lays flat on the nail. The only thing that needs to be done before painting is to give the nails the desired shape and process them.
  2. Then, we directly apply the magnetic varnish itself.
  3. While it has not dried yet, we bring a magnet to the nails at a distance of about 3 mm. It is worth holding it around the entire perimeter of the nail so that the pattern turns out to be more clear and of high quality. As for the pattern, you can play with it. It is not necessary to lean the magnet exactly as stated in the instructions. It can be turned on the other side, at an angle, etc. The more boldly you experiment with the pattern, the more interesting your manicure will turn out.
  4. After all the necessary manipulations have been done, a fixer can be applied to the nails. Then the varnish will dry faster and will last a long time.
  5. After completing the work, check if the magnet is dirty. It can be cleaned with a cotton swab dipped in acetone.

In a matter of minutes, you will get a beautiful manicure that will decorate your hands. Undoubtedly, any man will definitely pay attention to them. And if you managed to draw attention to your hands, then you will definitely be able to do it to your person. Love yourself, be confident in your beauty and attractiveness, and everything will work out!

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