Makeup base – how to make your skin perfect

What do men pay attention to first of all? If you believe the statistics – then on the eyes, lips, hair. But only on condition that a pimple does not turn red on the forehead, the blue under the eyes does not remind of a zombie, and the greasy sheen does not cause a desire to move away. And this despite the fact that the woman spent the whole morning in front of the mirror, and the number of bottles of foundation has already exceeded a dozen.

This happens because we do not know the basics. More precisely, the basis for makeup. Unfortunately, many women confuse the base for makeup with foundation, they consider this tool to be superfluous. But well-applied makeup can make the skin, if not perfect, then close to ideal.

The make-up base performs the function of both a day cream and a foundation, but in no case does it replace them. It serves as a kind of barrier between the skin of the face and cosmetics. Makeup base contains moisturizing, soothing and redness-reducing ingredients. They can hide the vascular network, peeling, dry the inflamed pimple and prevent oily sheen. Sometimes the makeup base gives a whitening effect. Foundations with reflective particles help to model the face, make the skin “glow from within”.

The basis for makeup is also called the base, this tool can be compared with the “foundation” of the make-up.

Types of makeup bases

  • Foundation for facial skin
  • Eye shadow base
  • Mascara base
  • Lip base

For face

The basis for the skin of the face should be chosen based on your skin type and the goals that you want to achieve.

Corrective bases are distinguished by color. The most popular white base. This universal tool evens out complexion, hides minor imperfections. The composition of such a base often includes reflective particles.

In second place in popularity is the basis of green. It should be applied pointwise, only on areas with redness. Such a makeup base is indispensable for masking pimples and vascular networks.

Violet make-up base helps to hide yellowness, gives the skin a healthy look.

Makeup bases of peach and pink shades add freshness to the face, “younger” it, give the effect of “porcelain face”. Typically, the composition of such a base includes reflective particles. The yellow base helps to hide the blue, is used to mask bruises under the eyes.

Transparent foundations for the face smooth the skin well, prepare it for applying foundation. Most often they are found in the form of a gel.

Under eye shadow

Shadows, especially liquid ones, will not roll and gather in the folds of the eyelid if they are applied to the base. The shadows on the foundation lie more evenly, the makeup looks neat, does not lose brightness until the end of the day.

Under mascara

This base strengthens the cilia, protects them from the negative effects of mascara. Many mascara bases add volume and/or length to lashes. If you apply mascara to the base with the effect of increasing volume, then “doll” cilia are guaranteed. Mascara bases are available in two versions – white and transparent.

For lips

The lip base moisturizes their delicate skin, lipstick on it does not blur or roll. A lip base is also indispensable if you use long-lasting lipstick – it protects your lips from aggressive coloring pigments and drying out. Some bases add components that increase the volume of the lips.

How to apply

Makeup base is applied over the day cream. Let the cream absorb and wait 5-10 minutes. Apply a small amount of foundation to the face and blend with your fingertips, as if “driving” it. Pay special attention to the area under the eyes. If necessary, use a yellow base – this will hide the blue. Let the foundation soak in or, as the makeup artists say, “lie down”. Only then apply foundation.

There is another way of applying: the base and tonal foundation should be mixed. The possibility of such a method is always indicated in the instructions for the base.

Cleansing the skin from makeup is also worth taking seriously. If the make-up base contains silicones (namely, with their help the effect of a “photoshopped” face is achieved), then the skin should be cleaned with hydrophilic oil.

Good advice for those women who ignore foundation: try it once and you won’t be able to do without it. It takes less than a minute to apply the foundation, and the effect is visible all day long!

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