Makeup for visual enlargement of the lips

Plump lips are the rage of the second half of the 20th and 21st centuries, but this was not always the case. Until the middle of the last century, small and thin lips were in fashion. Take, for example, the period from the 1920s to the 1950s. Then small, neat lips were at the peak of popularity, and the girls, by hook or by crook, tried to reduce their lips and bring them closer to the standard. To do this, the lips were covered with a dense layer of foundation and stained along the inner contour with rather dark colors: scarlet, wine and burgundy. However, after the war, everything changed: bright, sensual and plump lips came into fashion. They remain in fashion to this day.

Unfortunately, not every woman can boast of naturally full lips. For most women living in Europe, Asia and North America, they are small or thin, and naturally, many are unhappy with them. Of course, with the help of surgery and a procedure such as cheiloplasty, you can significantly change the shape and size of the lips, but not all women go for it.

So what do those who are not rewarded with plump lips and do not want to go under the knife do? Reconcile or try to fix them a little? I think the answer is obvious.

Basic principles of makeup for small lips

There are several rules that will help make small lips visually more plump and voluminous. First, you need to decide which lipstick textures suit you and do not visually narrow your lips. Secondly, you need to choose colors that also visually will not reduce the volume of the lips. And thirdly, you need to master the correct technique for applying lip makeup.

If you follow all these three principles, then your lips will undoubtedly look fuller and more voluminous. So, let’s go in order and first we will deal with lipsticks and their textures.

Choosing a Texture

The texture of a lipstick affects more than just how comfortable it is to wear. The finish of the lipstick also depends on it, and on it, in turn, how your lips will look. A finish is the type of coverage a lipstick gives to the lips after application. It is usually divided into five types: satin, glossy, translucent, satin and matte.

By the way, probably, many people know that now matte lipsticks, especially red ones, are an absolute hit, and not a single girl with such lipstick will ever be left without attention. But there is one “but” – lipsticks with such a finish are contraindicated for owners of small lips, since matte “absorbs” light and hides the already small volume of the lips. Because of this, the lips appear even smaller.

Then what is the most suitable finish for girls and women whose lips are not very plump? Of course, in the first place is a glossy finish. It looks like a gloss is applied over the lipstick, and this only adds the necessary volume to the lips. In this case, the color of lipstick can be both saturated and translucent.

The satin finish is also quite suitable for women with petite lips. Lipsticks with this finish contain light-reflecting particles, which gives the lips shine and volume.
The transparent finish is similar to glossy: it is very shiny and moist. The only difference is that lipstick with such a finish gives a weightless, translucent coating.

The following two types of finish are undesirable in make-up for small lips: it is matte and, accordingly, satin. Both of these types “eat” the light and make the lips flat.

Choose a color

Everyone knows the rule of black and white. It is known that white visually expands, black narrows. This rule works always and everywhere: in the interior, in clothes, and also in makeup. Dark colors make the lips look smaller, while light colors make them look bigger. Of course, this does not mean that wearing light pink lipstick will get Angelina Jolie lips, but at least you will not reduce them.

Unfortunately, if you want to visually enlarge your lips, you will have to give up the following colors: red, scarlet, cherry, burgundy, brown, chocolate, raspberry, berry, fuchsia. These colors are very active, complex, accent. They attract attention and simply do not look on thin and small lips.

For girls with small lips, peach, coral shades, beige and pale pink are ideal. Translucent pink and lilac lipsticks and glosses are suitable for blondes, and light brown for brunettes.

Also note that flat color should always be avoided in makeup, so try to use two lipsticks with a difference of 1-2 tones if possible. Apply a darker base color to the entire surface of the lips, and add a lighter shade of lipstick to their center. If you don’t have light lipstick, use lip gloss. Believe me, all this will play into your hands.

make-up helpers

Lip correction is the process of creating a new lip contour that would not be conspicuous, look as natural as possible, but at the same time correct the shape of the lips, hide imperfections and add volume. In order to correct the shape of the lips and visually increase the ears, you will have to make friends with a pencil, highlighter, foundation and powder, brushes, glosses and lipsticks. With the help of a foundation and a pencil, you can create a new lip shape. Thanks to the highlighter, you will arrange the necessary highlights that will visually add volume. Lipstick or gloss will complete the process of creating “new” lips, complement the image and make your lips look as natural as possible.

There are several basic ways to correct the shape of the lips. In any of them you will need brushes, pencil, foundation and highlighter. Please note that the pencil must be well sharpened and must be held strictly perpendicular to the skin. This will give you the best color payoff and the sharpest line.

Draw “new” lips

So, the first way. It is used to visually expand the lips. To get started, use a foundation. Apply a drop of tone on the lips, blend it well and lightly powder it with a brush. Keep in mind that lips after applying foundation should look as natural as possible. With a pencil in a shade slightly darker than your skin, outline the lips, slightly protruding beyond their natural contour (literally 1-2 mm). Start drawing the contour from the upper lip, but do not paint over the checkmark. Blend the inner border of the contour. Then apply a beige or clear gloss. This technique will help you slightly expand your lips and visually make them more voluminous.

The second method will increase the lips in volume. Start by applying a drop of tone and powder. With a flesh-colored pencil, circle the lips around the edges of the mouth, leaving the center of the lip contour intact. Take a light brown pencil and outline the lower lip with short strokes, then …

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