Makeup removal. How to properly remove makeup

Makeup removal is the process of removing makeup. You need to treat it responsibly, otherwise some problems with the skin of the face and neck may appear.

When applying makeup, we clog pores, slow down the process of skin regeneration, which can cause inflammation and pimples, and the skin itself will begin to age quickly.

The biggest mistake some beauties make is going to bed with makeup on. Wrinkles become more pronounced and circles under the eyes more visible. In order to maintain youthfulness and skin tone, it is necessary to properly remove makeup.

Beauticians do not recommend removing makeup with soap and water. There are several ways that will be pleasant, comfortable and beneficial for the skin of any woman’s face.

The most important thing is to do everything in sequence: we start with the lips, then the eyes, and only then can you clean the entire skin of the face and neck. Next, you need to remember that the movements when removing makeup should be soft, accurate and directed strictly along the so-called massage lines. Makeup remover must be selected strictly according to your age and skin type, and with the features of cosmetics (for example, waterproof mascara).

Make-up remover is applied with cotton pads or special napkins, not cotton wool. Properly selected make-up remover will remove the remnants of cosmetics, preserve or even restore the skin to a blooming appearance. After all, she did not “breathe” all day. It is important to remember that all the tools you use must be combined with each other.

Now about massage lines. These lines contribute to less stretching of the skin. If everything is done correctly, the youthfulness of the skin will remain for a long time, eliminate sagging, the appearance of wrinkles and flabbiness.

The skin around the eyes is very delicate, it is there that the first wrinkles appear. Therefore, make-up in this area should be removed with very gentle and gentle movements, not forgetting about the massage lines: move from the outer corner of the eyelid to the inner corner. In this case, you should not press on the skin, you just need to apply a sufficient amount of cleanser on a cotton pad.

When removing makeup from the lips, you need to move from the middle of the lower lip to the middle of the upper, as if describing a circle.

Mascara must be removed very carefully. If the makeup is removed incorrectly in this area, mascara particles can get into the eyes and cause irritation.

A cotton pad with a cleanser is placed under the lower eyelid. Then we close our eyes, lowering the eyelashes into this very remedy. The second disk, soaked in cleanser, should be carried out with a light movement from the roots of the eyelashes to their tips. If necessary, the procedure is repeated.

You also need to remove makeup in the cheekbone area with massage lines, moving from the wings of the nose to the temples.

As for the forehead, here you should remove makeup, starting from the center of the forehead and moving horizontally and up to the hair. The actions are clear and simple, they should become a common thing when removing makeup.

Creams and masks should be applied along such massage lines.

Neck, as a traitorous girlfriend, can reveal your age. Therefore, it is imperative to take care of it no less than the skin of the face.

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