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Makeup tutorials for beginners

Not every girl is able to pay for the services of a personal makeup artist and contact him on a daily basis. Most ladies try to solve this issue on their own and apply makeup on their own. Makeup for beginners is not difficult and is available to every girl who wants to look attractive.

Makeup tutorials for beginners

What it is?

Makeup is the art of changing and correcting shapes along with complexion. Actions are performed at the expense of decorative cosmetic products.

Makeup for beginners makes it possible to eliminate minor defects, allows you to look younger, highlight the advantages of each woman and demonstrate individual qualities.

Women’s psychology is to support and emphasize their natural beauty. This is due to the fact that every well-groomed lady gets self-confidence.

By execution, makeup is divided into two types:

  • Difficult. The main goal is to correct the forms;
  • Simple. This type of makeup is carried out on the face, which has the correct forms along with ideal proportions. With its help, expressiveness and individual features are emphasized.

When working with makeup, you should follow the sequence and some rules with which you can create any makeup even at home.

Advantages and Features

Applying makeup has its own advantages and features that every girl should be familiar with. The advantages include the following points:

  • With makeup you can hide any imperfection in your appearance, as well as highlight the advantages. Having mastered the basics of this art, you will always feel your irresistibility and attractiveness;
  • Using the advice of makeup artistsyou can look different every day. The use of decorative cosmetics makes it possible to experiment with images, choosing the most attractive;
  • Using makeupyou stop biting your nails, rubbing your eyes and biting your lips;
  • Make-up gives self-confidence, stands out from the crowd. Every girl knows that it is enough to powder her nose in the morning to feel stunning throughout the day;
  • Modern preparations for applying makeup have useful properties. With their help, you can take care of the skin, protecting it from the negative effects of the external environment.

Many male representatives report that due to makeup, a woman acquires zest. Applying makeup is an optional procedure, but without it, the image becomes “freshish”.

Each girl must decide for herself whether she needs to use cosmetics. You can choose complete naturalness or master makeup lessons.

Makeup tutorials for beginners

Application techniques

Every girl can make the perfect makeup at home. To create it, you should use the instructions that are described in this article. Make-up is carried out step by step and without haste.

Step by step instructions for applying makeup:

  • On the first step you will need to choose the right tone. A well-chosen tonalka should merge with the natural skin color. It should be distributed evenly, avoiding streaks and stains. Apply to the face with a sponge;
  • Remember that that applying the tone in parts leads to rolling. Your skin will look unnatural in any light, different in color from the skin on your neck. These properties indicate that the foundation was applied incorrectly and a different shade should be chosen;
  • If you can’t make the right choice of foundation, for beginners, there is a great alternative in the form of a matte primer. He is able to hide enlarged pores and gives the dermis grooming, leveling its surface;
  • The next step is to correct the eyebrows. This procedure can be easily done by yourself, having studied the rules for giving the eyebrows the necessary shape. You should not make the line saturated, this will only lead to damage to the entire makeup. Bring your eyebrows to the ideal with a small amount of shadows and competent shading;

Makeup tutorials for beginners

  • Shadows are drawn on a brush and are located on the brow area. It should be combed up, observing the growth of hairs. Use a special brush for these purposes;
  • Beautiful makeup is completely dependent on the shadows. This component of cosmetics is very noticeable, and, based on the chosen color, you can make your image defiant or natural. Before using the shadows, you need to apply the base. Then a light shade is applied to the entire eyelid and shaded with a brush;
  • Now you should bring your eyes with dark shadows. You can apply a black or lighter palette to a beveled brush, using it for a moving eyelid. Alternatively, you can use a pencil to draw an arrow and muffle the shade with shading;
  • The next step is to color the eyelashes. The procedure should be performed from the center of the eyelids, distributing mascara from roots to tips;
  • The last step is to apply gloss or lipstick. There are no difficulties in this, so every beginner will cope with the task. If desired, you can use a lip contour, which is similar to the natural shade.

With the help of these steps, you can gradually create high-quality makeup. This technique can be used for selfies, for work, walking with friends and any other event.

How to choose cosmetics?

If you decide to tackle the issue of make-up on your own, you will need to choose the right cosmetics. This step refers to a responsible event, on which the quality of the entire make-up as a whole depends.


Foundation should be chosen based on the type of your skin. It should be borne in mind that you will need a tonal foundation only if you have problem skin and need to hide its defects.

For the dermis, which does not need a specific disguise, a regular concealer or corrector is suitable. If your face does not have severe redness or heterogeneous areas, you can use only powder. It will dry out the redness and restore the skin to its normal state.

For normal or combination skin type, you should choose a foundation with moisturizing properties. For oily dermis, a foundation from the BB series is suitable. This is a mattifying series that has a slight moisturizing effect.

Makeup tutorials for beginners

For eyebrows

Cosmetic line for eyebrows should be chosen with all responsibilityyu, because this element of makeup requires special attention and skills in application. To learn how to paint eyebrows, you will need a lot of time along with studying master classes from masters.

Beginners should opt for a palette of two shadows: brown and brownish gray. Additionally, a white tint may be required. It is impossible to imagine filling the eyebrows without a quality brush. You can purchase a set of several brushes or purchase individually.


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