Mamajuana: useful properties and a recipe for cooking at home

Mamajuana is the woody national drink of the Dominican Republic. This legendary, valuable drink was discovered by the ancient Taina Indians. They knew all about medicinal plants and knew how to use poisonous plants as medicine. Each hostess has her own zest in cooking mamajuana. The number of ingredients can be up to twenty. Unfortunately, it is forbidden to export the finished drink from the Dominican Republic, but customs officials do not mind the dry mixture of mamajuana. In order to pleasantly surprise friends and relatives with an unusual drink, it is necessary to prepare it correctly.


The composition of mamahuana includes only well-dried plant components. These are bark, leaves, branches, roots of medicinal and spicy plants.

  • Makura or garlic herb has a pungent odor similar to that of garlic.
  • Behuko – grows in the Antilles, in fact, these are massive vines with healing properties. Moreover, the indigenous population use these vines as an antidote.
  • Soap – this plant has a slightly refreshing taste, brushes teeth with small branches
  • Caesalpium hedgehog – the bark of this tree has a red tint and has a wide antiseptic property.
  • Gavyak tree – the resulting essential oil has an anti-inflammatory effect and is widely used in cosmetology and medicine
  • Aagawa – mainly use the old leaves of this plant. Agave juice has a sweet taste and smell of honey.
  • Coconut palm roots are used as a natural dye, they give a rich red color.
  • Bay tree or cloves are the raw materials used leaves. Eugenol, contained in the leaves of the tree, helps to overcome depressive states.
  • Cissus vertical – helps to heal wounds, is used for skin diseases. The raw material is brewed as a remedy for colds.
  • Canella – usually used in cooking
  • Ledovitka – use the root of this plant
  • Uncaria – a tree-like vine for sharp curved spikes was called “cat’s claw”.
  • Chiococca Alba – the root is used, has a wide range of medicinal properties.

You can also add spices to your taste to the main components. It can be lime, ginger root, star anise, mint, allspice, rosemary, cloves.

Mamajuana Recipe

First stage of preparation

All components are placed in a glass bottle and filled with rum or wine. Some use regular vodka. All roots must be completely immersed in wine or rum. At this stage, the transformation of wood raw materials into an exquisite healing drink takes place. The ancient Indians believed that at this time there was a “pacification and expulsion of evil spirits.” After 14 days, all liquid must be discarded. Unfortunately for many it is not edible. It is believed that all the bitterness comes out with the liquid. Roots and woody parts take on pink and chestnut colors.

Second stage of preparation

The second stage involves infusion and soaking. To do this, you need honey, good cognac or rum. Honey should be approximately 30%, and the rest is rum. As a rule, honey is quite thick and it will be quite difficult to add it to the bottle. Therefore, it is worth pouring a small amount of rum and dissolving honey in it, then pour it into a bottle. At this stage, you can add spices to your taste, such as a vanilla pod or cinnamon stick. Next, the bottle is closed and intensively stirred for 20-30 minutes. Professionals say that they insist on mamahuana at this stage for no more than two days. The right drink does not contain the sharp bitterness of the rough woody taste and the sensation of medicinal raw materials.

The third stage of preparation

The resulting drink is poured into a dry, clean glass bottle. A wooden container is also ideal. The final third stage involves keeping mamyhuana. But do not just leave the tincture “alone”. From time to time, the tincture is poured from one container to another. In this case, oxygen enrichment occurs. Components at this time most actively interact with each other. Mamajuana acquires an exquisite taste and aroma.

Beneficial features

Residents of the Dominican Republic claim that mamajuana can do a lot. First of all, it is an aphrodisiac. One of the legends tells about a shaman who prepared and drank a drink throughout his life, thereby retaining the ability to have children until old age.

Mamajuana has a strengthening effect on blood vessels, a positive effect on the nervous system. Influenza, tonsillitis, acute colds will recede if you drink a small glass of a healing drink before going to bed. Exotic tincture is able to cope with nervous and physical fatigue. Literally one teaspoon of the drink relieves fatigue after a long day at work. Sweet, slightly astringent tincture can boost immunity and strengthen the body. Scientists have proven that mamajuana increases libido in women, and also normalizes the functioning of the reproductive system. And, of course, it increases the potency in men.

Many components of the tincture have antiseptic properties. In case of inflammation of the gums, rinsing with a drink helps.

Mamajuana is a panacea for many diseases and has the power to rejuvenate the body.

How to use

They drink mamajuana in small portions, no more than fifty grams per day. It is customary to savor this drink, because for sure you will want to taste all the strength and energy of natural ingredients. Pineapple or grapefruit juice can be added to taste. Sometimes ice cubes are added.

Among the population of the Dominican village, there is a whole ritual for drinking mamyjuana. Filled bowls are lifted up, then lowered down. Then all participants stretch their hands with a drink to the center and make rotational movements with their bodies, after which they drink mamajuana with a smile.

Some collectors of herbs and roots report small surprises in the bottle in the form of dried parts of the body of an iguana, crocodile, turtles. Dried clams or snails may also be caught.

Small changes in the recipe result in different flavors. So, for example, in the second stage, you can pour cognac and wine or rum and wine by adding honey. In modern bars, mamajuana is often added to well-known cocktails. At the same time, previously familiar drinks have a new shade of taste. You don’t need a refrigerator to store the tincture, normal room temperature will do.

The peculiarity of mamajuana is due to the repeated use of raw materials. Therefore, once the drink is poured for infusion, all our herbs and roots can be filled with a new composition. The quality of the drink will not suffer for several years. But it should be noted that the more often the composition is poured, it takes longer …

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