Manchurian nut tincture: benefits and uses

The Manchurian nut is a blood relative of the walnut, with a harder shell and a smaller nut size, it is more cold-resistant and adapted to our climate. It reaches the tenth floor in height, pleases with a sprawling lush crown, and various furniture and crafts can be made from solid wood. This nut came, as the name implies, from Manchuria (region of China), distributed in the Far East and the Korean Peninsula. You can grow it in the Moscow region, it will fully bear fruit for up to two hundred and fifty years.

Benefits of walnut leaves

There are rumors about its usefulness. It is a natural natural antibiotic, as well as a powerful antimicrobial agent from all known plants. Phytoncides released into the air by this tree do a tremendous job of cleaning the atmosphere, the crown captures gas and dust, acetylene and gasoline vapors, it can and should be planted in cities. It is not for nothing that many notice that under the canopy of this tree it is easier to breathe – the juglone, which stands out from the Manchurian walnut, has strong bactericidal properties and has a beneficial effect on the functioning of the respiratory system.

In addition to juglone and various essential oils, the leaves also contain coumarins (ellagic acid), flavonoids (avicularin, juglanin, 3 – quercetin arabinoside, hyperoside, 3 – kaempferol arabinoside), gallic and caffeic acid, inositol (it is also muscle sugar), related to B vitamins and is involved in the processes of fat transfer, as well as lowering cholesterol in the blood. By the way, it has been noticed that if you rub the palms of your hands with a fresh walnut leaf before hard work, this will protect to some extent from the formation of corns.

The benefits of nut kernels, bark and shells

The nuts themselves are extremely tasty and healthy. But they are also high in calories – dieters should not get carried away – fatty oil is over forty percent. But the cores and atherosclerotics need to eat more of them – the Manchurian nut is just a storehouse of all kinds of useful fatty acids: linolenic, oleic, palmitoleic, linoleic, oleic, palmitic, stearic, lauric, myristic, arachidic.

The nut also contains a lot of steroids (sitosterol), beta-sitosterol, quinones (alpha-hydrouglon glucoside), rich in citric and malic acids, contains gallic acid and pyrogallol derivatives. Vitamin C is most found in green, unripe nuts (and the same amount as in rose hips). It contains vitamins B1, B2, PP, beta-carotene.

The green pericarp contains hydrojuglones, which give this nut wound-healing and antimicrobial properties and contribute to the treatment of skin diseases (boils, scabies, acne, eczema, psoriasis). Baths from decoctions of young bark save from rheumatism, and the bast is used as an excellent analgesic and wound healing.

In Far Eastern medicine, a decoction of the bark and shell of a nut, as well as an extract from walnut leaves, is used against inflammatory processes in the oral cavity. And due to the fact that the shell contains up to 30% of tannins, its decoction is also used for disorders of the stomach and intestines. However, in unripe pericarp there are also a lot of tannins – up to 14%.

Manchurian walnut tincture for various diseases

Manchurian walnut tincture for alcohol is widely used as a general tonic, strengthening, immunity booster, bactericidal and antiviral, anti-sclerotic agent. It has analgesic, tonic, wound healing, astringent, antispasmodic and anthelmintic effects.

The tincture is extremely useful in diseases of the thyroid gland, since the nut shell contains a large amount of iodine, so it is quite natural that taking it internally removes iodine deficiency in the body.

With dysfunction of the thyroid gland, they begin to drink from 5 drops to half a glass of water on an empty stomach. The next day they drink 10 drops. Thus, five units are added daily, reaching one teaspoon per 250 ml of warm water. They drink twice a day, the course of treatment can take from six months to a year (according to the scheme: three weeks to drink, ten days to rest).

The tincture has a vasodilating effect, relieves spasms of blood vessels. Together with an analgesic and hemostatic effect, it is indispensable for girls suffering from painful and strong menstruation. A teaspoon of tincture in 250 ml of warm water and a hot heating pad on the legs may well replace taking mild painkillers. The tincture is also used for hemorrhoidal bleeding.

Manchurian nut shell tincture promotes the formation of blood cells, it is effective not only for anemia, but also for low blood pressure, coronary heart disease. It also restores normal sugar levels and metabolism, which is very useful for diabetics.

Chinese medicine has established the anti-cancer effect of the Manchurian walnut. An alcohol extract from a nutshell stops the division of cancer cells and causes their death. The tincture has a positive effect on the treatment of any form of cancer: both malignant and benign, various fibromas, lipomas, cysts and polyps.

The anticancer effect is due to a small but noticeable content of alkaloids in the nut, mainly juglandin. To get rid of tumors, start with half a teaspoon of tincture, gradually increasing to three tablespoons. Be sure to drink several times a day on an empty stomach in small sips. The course is from six months to recovery with a break of ten days after every three weeks of taking the medicine.

Its anthelmintic effect is known, according to some naturopaths, the tincture can remove up to a hundred species of parasites. In the mornings and evenings, you should drink 2 teaspoons of alcohol tincture, diluted with 250 ml of warm water (you can sweeten it with a teaspoon of honey). Drink in a course: three weeks of admission – a ten-day break, and so from six months to a year, given that the tincture destroys only developed helminths and parasites in intermediate stages, but not larvae. Against general intoxication due to the death of a huge number of helminths and microorganisms, you need to drink pumpkin juice. This will help to remove toxins from the body, and also greatly enhance the anti-cancer effect of the tincture.

How to make a tincture

Manchurian walnut tincture is prepared very simply: about 2 liters of alcohol (vodka is also possible, but the higher the degree, the better), about 100 pieces of nuts (preferably green ones). Nuts must be passed through a meat grinder and poured with alcohol. Put the workpiece in a cool dark place for a month, then wring out and store in the refrigerator, gradually …

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