Manicure 2019: design, trends

Looking at the photo of manicure at the shows of 2019, you can highlight not only the most beautiful design, but also decide on the fashion trends of the year. What will they be and what will women be like in the next few seasons.


The first thing that stands out is the presence of a variety of coating options for every taste: from delicate, pastel colors and neutral nudes, to bright and rich colors with an unusual and eye-catching design.

negative space

Fashion trend last year has been transformed. Now the priority will be a coating with unpainted or completely transparent holes, vertical and diagonal stripes, etc. Interestingly, the thickness of the stripes does not matter. It will become a matter of taste.

[stextbox id=’info’]Making such a manicure is much easier than drawings. It is enough to use special disposable stencils.[/stextbox]

transparent stripes


Glitter lovers may not hide glitter polishes. In the new 2019, they will continue to be in demand. So that such a bright manicure is not considered bad manners, make sure that there are a lot of sparkles and they cover the nail plate with a thick and even layer. No more decor is needed.

Fashion sequins

[stextbox id=’info’]The glitter effect can be achieved using a special foil. Holographic overflows look no less interesting and bright, and such a manicure is easy to do on your own without spending a lot of time on it.[/stextbox]

Holograms and glitter

Animal prints

The animalistic patterns that raged on the nails last year will also remain at the forefront of trends. If you are tired of them, choose not just a coating that imitates the color of a leopard, but display unusual dolmatian spots, zebra stripes or patterns characteristic of the skin of giraffes. All this will look no less interesting.

[stextbox id=’info’]If such an animal print seems too bright and vulgar to you, do it traditionally: apply a similar coating on only one nail out of five.[/stextbox]

Bright animal print

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French with patterns

French will never go out of style. This is a classic manicure, but every year there are different versions of it. In 2019, try a French manicure at least once, in which the tip of the nail is decorated not with a simple white stripe, but with patterns.

Unusual fashion jacket

Geometric ornaments and ethnic motifs look most spectacular in this version. At the same time, take the main color to match the skin tone, as a rule, these are various shades of beige.


Minimalist drawings are the best trend for those who do not like bright designs, but want some variety. In modern vision, these are dots, stripes, unpretentious ornaments, as well as geometric shapes. Manicurists can place them both on all nails, and on one or two out of five.

Nude and white varnish, as well as various pastel shades, are used as the main coating.

[stextbox id=’info’]This is the perfect design option for short nails, which will continue to be an unconditional priority.[/stextbox]

Checkered nails

Plaid cover will be popular in spring 2019. It is very difficult to display it using gel polishes. As a rule, such a manicure is done using special stencils.

interesting cell

A film with a pattern is applied to the prepared nail plate, smoothed and covered with a layer of transparent varnish. Excess material is removed with a special wooden stick.

bright cage

translucent nails

There is something to rejoice and lovers of artificial extended nails. In 2019, they will be popular. At the same time, there should not be any complicated nail art. The list of fashion trends includes translucent nail plates, painted in different colors, which look beautiful and unusual not only in the photo, but also in life.

As for the main tone, metallic colors, rich red coating, yellow gel polishes, as well as various shades of green will be popular. The hit of summer and the best among the bright palette will be a warm coral color.

Drawings on translucent nails

Black manicure

Nails painted black will also be in fashion. A dark saturated color varnish is ideal for creating a spectacular evening look.

Please note that the coating on all nails is not the same, one of the row should be different. In different seasons of 2019, the masters offer not only to decorate accent nails with rhinestones, but to draw family monograms and coats of arms on them. It can be the first letter of your first name, last name, etc.

Spectacular black manicure with monogram patterns


Lovers of iridescent stones can continue to decorate their nail plates with them. They can be big or small, it doesn’t matter. The main thing is that they are arranged in a chaotic manner.

A scattering of rhinestones on transparent nails

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The cover should be soft. Masters note that delicate pink, lavender, and pale gray tones will definitely be present in the manicure palette of 2019 – these fashion trends can already be seen in the photo from the best nail designers. Against such a seemingly simple background, the stones will play especially well.

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Two-tone manicure

For the summer and spring season, you can try an interesting version of a two-tone manicure. This is a novelty for those who love bright and colorful nail art. Masters in this technique apply a coating of one tone on one hand and a matching shade on the other.

Two-tone manicure

[stextbox id=’info’]At the same time, you can leave the manicure simple, or apply patterns to it.[/stextbox]

Manicure stripes

Another variant of this technique is the application of two colors in stripes on one nail plate. For the cold season, choose dark and matching tones, for example, black and green, blue and dark blue with glitter, etc. For a more gentle spring manicure, choose bright or pastel shades.

Gold and silver

Clear metallic finishes have been trending for years now. It will be relevant in 2019 as well.

Gold and silver lacquers can be applied with a simple coating, leave it as an accent or make drawings with it.

Drawings in silver and gold

In this case, images can be applied using different techniques:

  • golden foil;
  • actually varnishes;
  • glitter, etc.

The color of the base coat can be any. The main thing is that he does not interrupt the metal drawings.

works of art

For supporters of extravagant manicure, the trend will be interesting when the drawings on the nails are made in the likeness of gilded frames. Masters let the frame along the contour of the nail plate. To do this, they use golden beads, acrylic paste coated with…

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