Manicure 2019: novelties

2019 has come, which means that it’s time for us to talk about the novelties of this season’s manicure and take a better look at the photos with the most original ideas for nail design. Moreover, now you can really find a lot of interesting and unusual things here. Moreover, both owners of long and owners of short nails can find something of their own. So here we go!


Shape and length of nails

But before jumping into the latest nail art trends, let’s talk about preferred nail shape. After all, it is from her, in the first place, that you will build on when choosing an idea for decor.

  • First of all, it should be noted that the fashionable length will change somewhat compared to 2018. And if last season ladies preferred short nails with a maximum free edge of 5 mm, then this year the nail plate should be significantly lengthened.

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Important! Although, too long nails are still not in trend. Plus, it’s not very practical.


  • The most popular will be the oval shape of the nail of medium length. It will allow you to create a gentle manicure and will be ideal for everyday wear.

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  • Pika. A very impractical shape of the nail, which, however, will become very popular in the coming fashion season. Wearing such nails should be extremely careful, as they can easily break (even those made with gel polish). But, with the right approach, you can get a truly spectacular manicure.

  • Ballerina nail shape. Another fashion trend of 2019, which, however, can hardly be called a novelty, because in the distant nineties, almost all women of fashion in the post-Soviet space flaunted with nails of this form.
  • Square nails without sharp corners. Of course, compared to previous seasons, this form has noticeably lost ground. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t wear it. A square-shaped manicure of short or medium length will generally be relevant. Therefore, if you are his fan, contact him without hesitation.

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Important! The hit of this season is an elongated almond-shaped nail, which has a number of undeniable advantages. The first one is practicality. The second is relevance for all occasions. And the third is aesthetic beauty. Almond-shaped nails visually lengthen the fingers and make them look slimmer.


TOP best ideas for manicure in 2019

Now let’s move on to the most interesting – the novelties of 2019 for creating a stylish manicure. In addition, each of the ideas will be accompanied by a photo and a detailed description. Go!

  • negative space. Nail design with an unusual name “negative space” was recognized by the world in the first half of 2018. And yet, the peak of its popularity will be exactly in 2019. This novelty in this segment of nail art very quickly won the hearts of fashionistas. A manicure with unpainted areas is suitable for young ladies who prefer restraint in everything. Also, this fashion trend will perfectly complement your business look. Creating a negative space is quite simple with the help of special sticky strips that can be glued to the nail in absolutely any way. The “open” part of the nail looks good both with nude shades and with a brighter palette.
  • Lettering on nails. An absolute novelty of this season, which is rapidly winning the hearts of girls. This design looks uncomplicated. However, when doing a manicure with inscriptions on the nails, many fashionistas put great meaning into it. As a rule, masters are asked to put the following phrases on the nail plate: declarations of love, life-affirming slogans, mottos, promises, names, etc. Wearing such a manicure is very interesting and even useful. Indeed, in some cases, it may help you achieve your goals. The main thing is to look at your nails more often. The letters can be large and located on each of the fingers of the hand, as a result creating a word. And in some cases, the phrase can be written in smaller print on one or two nails.

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Important! As for the color palette, in 2019 the main focus should be on dark and calm shades, such as wine or dark brown.


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  • Yuca flakes. The holidays are behind us, and a bright, eye-catching manicure is still relevant. And here, nothing compares to Yuki Flakes. What are these flakes and why do we know so little about them? Firstly, “Yuki Flakes” has just appeared in the nail industry. Someone might think that they look like rubbed, however, this is not entirely true. Flake particles are much larger than those used in rubbing. Moreover, their sizes can be chosen. The largest ones, when placed on a finger, resemble randomly cut and spread out multi-colored pieces of foil. And the smallest ones look like a scattering of stars along the Milky Way. And it doesn’t matter what size Yuki Flakes you choose. The main thing is that you can be sure that you will get the best and incredibly beautiful manicure.

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Important! You can cover “Yuki Flakes” not only with a glossy, but also with a matte top. Many believe that this nail-art only benefits from this.


  • Chess design. Fashionable, bright and very interesting manicure that looks great on short nails. Naturally, chess design is new for 2019, the photo of which you can see below. It is very easy to make chess nail art at home. To do this, it is enough to have black and white varnish available, a bit of patience and a steady hand to draw even cells. And to extend the life of this unusual manicure, be sure to cover it with a top. Of course, chess design can hardly be called evening. But for going to work, traveling or the gym, this is a good option.
  • Dot pattern. Do you want to create a real work of art on your nails? Then be sure to pay attention to the point design. In fact, there are no restrictions here and you can depict anything on your nails with the help of dots (a metal rod with a ball at the end) and multi-colored varnishes. It can be both laconic uncomplicated patterns in one color, and whole pictures from dots of different colors and sizes.

Original for every day

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Important! True, there is still one rule here: so that the design does not look too overloaded, make an abundant scattering of dots on only one or two fingers. It is in this case that the dot manicure will look as it should.


  • Ring imitation. Cross stripes of gold color or rhinestones laid out in the form of a ring with diamonds are another stylish idea for a manicure in 2019. The technique for doing this nail-art is very simple. First you need to cover the nails with the desired color, and then stick a strip on the desired nail, which will emit the ring. If you…

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