Manicure antitrends 2020

In the world of manicure 2020, there are clear anti-trends that every fashionista should be aware of. This article provides a guide to the nail art design that does not deserve attention in the new season.


More recently, monograms and lace in nail art were considered the epitome of romance and femininity. But modern fashion is a lady with a changeable mood, and therefore her trends tend to change rapidly. Under the influence of modern trends, such jewelry has become a clear anti-trend. If you have stickers with monograms, they can be postponed indefinitely without regrets – apparently, they will not soon return to the list of current trends.

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Creative length and shape

Among the unconditional anti-trends of the 2020 season, one should also include an extraordinary length and shape in manicure design. Aggressive stilettos and extraordinary pointe shoes are considered obsolete today, but many girls will only be happy about this fact. The fact is that sharp and long plates are extremely inconvenient in practice. They often break and are generally uncomfortable in everyday life.

A striking example of anti-trends are long scarlet nails. Once such a mediocre design was considered the standard of beauty, but now it has lost its status. Even men will find this manicure unattractive, because they share modern fashion for naturalness and ease.

If you have never liked the original sharp nails, then you will certainly appreciate the desire of modern fashion for naturalness and naturalness. Restrained comfortable length can be perfectly combined with a laconic stylish design and perfectly complement the image of a modern lady.


Matte top

In the 2020 season, the advantage of glossy varnish can clearly be distinguished. The matte finish temporarily loses its position and fades into the background. Perhaps it will regain its leadership status with the onset of the winter season, but for now it is better to put the velvet cover aside.


Many readers probably do not expect to see the good old jacket in the anti-trend rating – this is a classic! But still it is a fact – French design in its traditional performance has already lost its relevance.

If you do not want to say goodbye to the versatility of such a manicure, you can prefer a modern version of the jacket, taking into account the latest fashion trends. For example, you can transform such a manicure with an ombre effect in the design of a smile, geometry, sparkles, rubbing and other relevant elements.

[stextbox id=’warning’]It should be borne in mind that French design with dark elements no longer looks relevant. In the coming year, it is better to express a preference for bright or light accents.[/stextbox]


Rubbing in the 2020 season is also sent to the bench. Stylists predict that her absence from the list of trends will last at least a few years. For now, you can opt for a pearlescent finish, miniature broths or metallic varnishes, or stickers.

Large glitter

The absolute anti-trend of 2020 manicure design is excessively large glitter. Such decor can hardly be called restrained and concise, so in the 2020 season it has reduced its influence. In addition, large and active sequins run the risk of looking cheap, so when looking for a sparkling decor, it is better to pay attention to glitter or small diameter rhinestones.

[stextbox id=’info’]Sequins can be used in manicure without compromising its beauty and relevance – for this, it is permissible to draw up a stretch with small decorative elements.[/stextbox]

Everything at once

Some sparkling elements are trending, but this does not mean that you can use several glittery accents at once in one design. Such a strategy does not work at all in the new season, but the desire for minimalism and restrained neat manicure is only encouraged.

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More recently, modeling was considered a real masterpiece in manicure design, but in recent seasons it has turned into a sign of bad taste. Modern girls are no longer attracted to such complex designs, and they absolutely do not mind giving up sculpting in favor of actual prints or inscriptions. This step will give the nail art a more modern and stylish look.

Neon + decor

Neon coating is gradually losing its popularity, but still trying to stay on the list of trends. But the combination of acid varnish with active decor (for example, with stickers, patterns or sparkles) does not look as stylish as before. If you want to be on the fashion wave, it is better to focus on one accent – either jewelry or bright varnish in stylish monochrome.

Marsala palette

If you do not want to seem like a girl who has a difficult relationship with current trends, you should temporarily abandon the shades of burgundy and marsala. No one argues that such a design looks noble and elegant, but the current trends in 2020 suggest turning to more juicy berry shades or even to the nude palette. The transition to the peach or orange side is also not forbidden!

multi-colored palette

The anti-trend of the 2020 season can be safely called a multi-colored manicure, which has already gone out of fashion. If it is difficult for you to choose one shade as a favorite, you can take into service several muted tones from one range at once. The use of related shades in one nail art will also look expressive and relevant. Perhaps you will also like the pastel palette, whose representatives always look harmoniously paired with each other.

A multi-colored manicure that does not correspond to current trends may also imply the principle of asymmetry. The whole point of the outdated design is to combine 2 nails with one design and 3 with another. This can be embodied in a combination of contrasting colors or decor options. In any case, in the 2020 season it is worth making a choice in favor of a more up-to-date option.


More recently, fashionistas strove to use rhinestones in any design and not restrain themselves in the amount of dazzling decor. But in the 2020 season, we can safely say that nail art, richly decorated with rhinestones and broths, no longer looks fashionable.

However, in general, such decor can organically fit into modern design. If a manicure looks concise, versatile and restrained, it can only be transformed by miniature stones. For example, a few small sparkling accents on a pair of nails can be a sophisticated and elegant nail art decoration.


Screen molding for the 2020 season is a thing of the past for several reasons. Firstly, this is a three-dimensional design – and any desire for a 3-D effect is gradually fading away. Secondly, stencil nail art, until recently, was in enviable demand among fashionistas and gradually became so popular that it got bored. Luckily,…

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