Manicure at home

Every woman wants to look good, it is especially nice when her nails are in order, but sometimes it happens that she either has no time to go to a beauty salon or no money. Therefore, the best way to do a manicure yourself. It’s very easy and simple. This way you can save both time and money.

What is needed for this?

First, you need desire.

Secondly, all suitable tools and necessary appliances for convenience.

Let’s start with the tools you need: scissors with thin ends, this will make it easier to work with cuticles. You also need a spatula to lift the cuticles, preferably a wooden one, because. metal can damage the top layer of the nail. You also need a regular, slightly rough nail file, preferably long, it is convenient to shape the nails, you will also need nippers for the skin, but there are larger nippers, they are designed for nails, they will also be needed if you need to cut your nails.

These are all the necessary tools.

As for other accessories, you need a bowl, soap, a small pillow and a watt. You will also need a tissue, alcohol, acetone, and, of course, nail polishes.

First you need to check what condition the tools are in. Even if only you use these tools, it is still better to process them. 96% alcohol works well for this. Soak a cotton swab in alcohol and wipe all the tools.

Fill the bowl with hot water, so it was nice. It is better to add soap with glycerin to the water, it softens the skin of the nails very well. Hold your hands for a few minutes, it is impossible to say exactly how long, because. it all depends on the skin of the hands, whether it is rough or very delicate. After that, take out one hand, dry it with a napkin, take a spatula and use it to carefully push back the cuticles so as not to damage the top layer of the nail.

It is better to start work with the little finger. After you do this on all fingers, you can proceed to the next step. The cuticles are ready to be trimmed. Take scissors and carefully start cutting the cuticles in a circle so as not to hurt, you need to see the border between dead skin and living. Then you won’t hurt yourself.

After you have trimmed the cuticles, you can proceed to the nails themselves. If you need to cut your nails, use nail clippers. Leave as long as you like. Take a nail file and shape your nails in a way that fits or you like. The main thing is to guide the file in one direction. For example, if you make the shape of the nails round, then you need to file from one edge of the nail to the other and back. After sawing all the nails, they need to be moistened in soapy water.

Now the nails are ready for processing the skin around the nails. Grab your leather pliers and get started. Do not open the nippers too wide, otherwise you can deeply damage the skin. Start processing the skin from the bottom up, to the point where you started trimming the cuticles. Try not to cut the skin very deep, so as not to get hurt. Cut off only rough skin that interferes.

After you have processed the skin around the nail on all fingers, you can say you are close to the finish line. If there is a grinding file available, then you can polish the surface of the nail. This will help to easily apply the varnish on the surface of the nail. Before applying varnish, it would be better to treat all nails with alcohol to protect yourself from infections. After that, you can easily apply varnish.

There is one secret, matte varnishes give out all the irregularities on the surface of the nail, but mother-of-pearl varnishes do not. Everything, just do the same on the other hand. After all, it is better to spread the hand cream.

This is how easy and simple you can do a manicure at home. Now your hands are ready for kisses!

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