Manicure at sea 2023

We tell you what manicure to do for a trip to the sea in the 2023 season. The best trends and design ideas in the photo – especially for you!

Manicure at sea 2023: the best trends in the photo

Fashion trends 2023 present a selection of current manicure ideas for a trip to the sea!

Ombre technique in a marine theme

Smooth gradients in nail design are easy to adapt to a marine theme, you just have to choose the right palette. So, the combination of blue and blue shades embodies the sea surface, and the bewitching red-yellow scale draws a beautiful sunset.

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An interesting technique in the implementation of the 2023 gradient design will be a smooth stretch of color from nail to nail. A multi-colored monochromatic coating can be repeated at home with a large collection of nail polishes.


Summer manicure 2023 can be embodied in an elegant French technique, of course, with thematic accents. To set the classic design on the right wave, you can place themed drawings or stickers on accent nails.

A fashionable novelty for summer manicure 2023 will also be a jacket with bright or multi-colored smiles. For example, the marigold border can be decorated in a trendy hot pink, orange or turquoise color.

Sea style

This is a simple but effective manicure design that will highlight your love for the sea. Striped design, sliders in the form of shells or marine life, sea waves, themed drawings – all this becomes a decoration of a manicure for vacation by the sea 2023.

Flower time in manicure

Flowers on the nails are the best way to add brightness to the image and emphasize femininity. Romantic floristry also harmoniously fits into any summer outfits – this is another argument for a floral manicure at sea in 2023.

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The trending technique in performing a manicure with flowers in 2023 remains watercolor. Smooth transitions between shades create an elegant and feminine design.

An alternative for watercolor design can be minimalistic nail art with dark twigs and leaves. This manicure looks stylish with sparkling accents.

Summer manicure 2023 looks relevant with wild flowers. Such floristry on the nails gives any image of femininity and charm.

Sequins in marine manicure

Sparkling accents are great for summer nail design, because they shimmer so spectacularly under the southern sun. The fashion trends of the 2023 season do not welcome the full inlay with rhinestones – laconic and elegant accents of sequins are in priority.

To make glitter in a manicure look restrained, masters like to embody a sparkling ombre effect. It’s simple – the glitter is distributed over the plate with a dry brush in a smooth gradient.

Nautical texture

Textured manicure is a real hit of the 2023 season! For a trip to the sea, the design option with bewitching waves is ideal. A win-win move – blue and light blue lines interspersed with sparkles on a translucent background.

Bright colors

To add brightness to your summer looks at the sea in 2023, a stylish manicure in actual juicy shades will help. The fashion palette of the season is rich in cheerful shades: crimson, red, orange, yellow, turquoise and green varnishes are in trend.

Juicy accents are in perfect harmony with the nude or translucent base in the French, geometric and abstract manicure. This technique will make the design of nails at sea in 2023 more harmonious and versatile.

If it is difficult to decide on a single favorite, you can take several bright shades as a basis at once – a minimalist design and a beige background will make the manicure discreet and harmonious.

A bright nail design for the summer of 2023 is decorated with delicious berries and fruits – the resulting nail art looks juicy and attractive!

Manicure for a trip to the sea in 2023 should be bright, beautiful and relevant. Take advantage of the main nail art trends to embody just such a nail design for a vacation!

Author: Victoria Drozdova

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