Manicure – autumn 2019: new ideas

Fashionable manicure for autumn 2019 with photos of fashion magazines immediately makes it clear: these new items will definitely not let us be sad and will repulse autumn melancholy. Among the main trends, each girl will choose what she likes. Among the popular trends are everything: from a discreet jacket to spectacular holography on nails. Read all about the stylish and such a beautiful manicure for this fall in our article!

Fashionable manicure for autumn

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Autumn riot of color

Among the main fashionable shades of autumn 2019, a variety of colors have been noticed. You will surely find your favorite shade among them!

What autumn manicure design do you choose?

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  • Red lacquer, like red lipstick, will never lose its fans among the beautiful half of humanity. This is a classic technique if you want to look confident and spectacular. In autumn, the brightness of the red color faded a little and noble and deep shades came to the fore. Is it possible not to fall in love with trendy burgundy or cherry blossom?

Fashionable red lacquer for autumn

  • Romantic pink also often flashes in the photo of the work of the maestro of the nail art industry. Coral, powder and pale pink shades act as a stand-alone coating or as a complement to other colors. For example, a stylish combination with muted gray has already conquered many fashionistas.

Romantic pink manicure

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  • In the new season, we advise you to pay attention to the cheerful shades of gold. They are the best suited for autumn design, because they are in perfect harmony with the riot of colors around.

Golden manicure

  • The design with metallic elements will turn any plain coating into a super-trend. Have you ever wanted to do a stylish manicure with regular foil at home? Fall 2019 is the best time for such experiments!

Metallic manicure

  • The trend for naturalness could not be reflected in fashionable manicure in the fall of 2019: in the photo of famous masters you will be inspired by stylish ideas in natural shades. Grey, brown and olive look natural and bewitching.

Beautiful and fashionable shades for autumn

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Today, not only these colors are in fashion, but also the variety of their shades. Stylists advise modern fashionistas to pay attention to caramel and ashy shades of gray.


  • It is impossible not to mention the purple shades. Manicure in such colors always attracts the eye and becomes the subject of compliments.

Purple manicure

  • Almost all fashion shows featured models with blue-and-blue manicure. Fashionistas immediately picked up this trend and now this design can boast of huge popularity. With your autumn bow, both rich dark blue and bright blue manicure will look equally stylish.

Blue manicure

  • Cheerful yellow and orange shades have not lost their popularity and are still at the peak of fashion in the fall season.

Orange beautiful manicure

  • The most daring fashionistas stop at the juicy fuchsia color and win!

Beautiful fuchsia manicure

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Hottest Trends

Manicure in the fall of 2019 is rich in various fashion trends. Which of the main trends will you choose?

  • Matte manicure is becoming a fashion leader and is gradually replacing the glossy finish. This is due to the fact that in the cold season everyone wants warmth and femininity, and the matte velvety surface looks just like that. However, a simple matte finish is a bit boring. Therefore, nail art masters go further and complement it with rhinestones, sparkles and metallic lines. Any of these combinations look great.

Matte autumn manicure

  • Do you remember that today fashion is ruled by naturalness? This is taken into account in the form of nails. Create rounded lines without sharp corners. Fluency is everything. You should not grow crazy length nails – and on short ones you can create an amazing design.

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  • What kind of drawings do not offer nail gurus to fashionistas. We have a feeling that they compete with each other in originality. The trend of imitating a printed image on a nail is popular. Fashionistas are invited to pay attention to prints “houndstooth”, “dog tooth”, checkered and checkered.

Checkered manicure – original design for autumn

  • Any designs with metal elements are in trend. But the most talked about novelty is, of course, a metal design with overflows, imitation of gasoline stains and a holographic effect.

Mirror manicure with a holographic effect

  • The classics of autumn manicure are drawings in the theme of this time of year. All kinds of leaves and bunches of mountain ash look stylish and creative. However, only a good master with artistic painting skills can create such beauty in manicure. But there is an easier option for home conditions – the use of themed stickers or stamping.

Very beautiful autumn manicure

  • Rhinestones and beads look so impressive that nail masters proclaimed: “We are returning!”. A variety of nail decorations are in fashion, which will allow you to shine and create a luxurious design. Beads, crystals, kamifubuki and rhinestones are all proven ways not to get lost in the crowd and create an attractive manicure.


Popular techniques

  • How do you like the idea of ​​transferring the texture of valuable rocks to your own nails? If you are all for it, feel free to try marble manicure. Among the main novelties: imitation of malachite, jasper and marble. By adding metallic elements or glimpses of gold to such a design, you will create a trendy manicure for this fall.

Marble manicure

  • If you love patterned designs, check out the trendy sweet bloom technique. With its help, graphic prints are created using various stencils. The main hit in this technique is the combination of delicate pastel shades in one manicure.

Beautiful sweet bloom manicure

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Sweet bloom is perfect for short or medium nails.


  • Nail art with a creative focus on the nail hole is a fresh and stylish solution. Don’t be afraid to try even the most daring moon manicure ideas – you will be in trend!

Fashionable moon manicure for autumn

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  • Gel polish manicure in 2019 can be done with an imitation of a transparent surface. Look at the photo: such novelties in design are perfect for a stylish autumn. Ask the master to add the texture of stones or delicate pastel prints to such a manicure. Then you will definitely be the most fashionable!

Fashionable manicure using negative space technique

  • Such a cozy knitted ornament in manicure is another fashion trend. This technique immediately caused a strong reaction and decided to linger on the main podiums. Particularly impressive…

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