Manicure black with red

One of the brightest and most spectacular manicure designs is a combination of black and red. The tandem of these colors is guaranteed to draw attention to your hands, as well as emphasize irresistibility and self-confidence.


For nails of different lengths

A manicure in black and red can be called a truly universal design – it looks great on both short nails and long ones. But there are also some peculiarities.

For example, shades of wine color look great on short ones – this lengthens the shape and makes the nail plate more oblong. Also, to visually lengthen the plate, horizontal stripes of black or red can be applied. By the way, even a short nail plate will not interfere with various options for black and red manicure. On not too long nails, even a jacket looks beautiful.

Combination of black, red and gold

On long ones, it will be possible to place much more interesting patterns and murals, focusing on several nails. But do not forget, with too long nails, you need to be careful in using bright and flashy colors. Also, the pointed shape is finally out of fashion. The shape of the nails should be selected according to the characteristics of the nail plate, hands, length and thickness of the fingers.

3D drawing and kamifubuki

[stextbox id=’info’]Important! Hands and cuticles should be well-groomed. Black, red, and other contrasting tones can unfavorably highlight imperfections, such as an untreated area around the nails or peeling. [/stextbox]

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Game of textures

Casual and evening style

A black and red manicure design is a great solution for all occasions. Do not consider it too defiant and suitable only for special occasions. This combination can be created in a variety of ways! For everyday wear, a manicure can be made strict and elegant. Black color perfectly sets off the expression of red and gives the manicure a certain restraint. The addition of white also softens such a manicure very much.

Stylish geometry

At the same time, it can be made bright and festive. The versatility and wide palette of red will allow you to choose exactly the shade that will perfectly complement the image of each girl. In addition, black and red shades look great with sequins, rhinestones and other decorative elements – a good idea for going out or any celebration.

[stextbox id=’info’]Note! It is important not to lose a sense of proportion and not overload the nails with a lot of techniques and decorations – this may look too pretentious and vulgar.[/stextbox]

Most Popular Designs

Fashionable nail art trends in 2019 include bright and pigmented shades. And such a vamp coloring will make the nails of every girl or woman stylish. It is not for nothing that the legendary black louboutins were supplemented with a flashy red sole – and they even came up with a similar design for the nails. Here we will present a photo of the best manicure ideas in a palette of black and red.

Sequins and french

  • red jacket perfectly complemented by details in black, such as flower twigs. Recently, nail art has been moving away from the classics and French manicure has been created in brighter and more interesting colors than white. And the jacket itself is not inferior to its position in the world of beauty and fashion. You can also create an even more extravagant option – put black on the entire base and make the tips of the nails red. Or vice versa, change colors or even alternate these options on different nails.

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neat jacket

French, gradient and velor patterns

  • Lunar manicure. Looks best on elongated oval nails. The scarlet base will be shaded by a black hole – it can be very thin, triangular or classic. Or you can just not paint over a smile on 1-2 nails, it looks very stylish.

Creative moon manicure

[stextbox id=’info’]Idea! The shape of the hole can be made very unusual. For example, draw a heart on oval nails in full length, leaving its top under the cuticle. Empty space above the top of the heart and create a kind of smile. Get very original nails-hearts.[/stextbox]

  • Matt finish. It always looks very noble and refreshes the image. This ensemble of bright red and black muffles a little. These colors can be alternated, supplemented with drawings or pebbles. Black rhinestones fit very elegantly here.

  • gradient technique – The combination of these colors is perfect for her. The design is performed by a smooth transition from black to red or vice versa. A fashionable gradient will favorably emphasize the elegance of the fingers. This design looks amazing in both matte and glossy versions.

[stextbox id=’info’]Idea! To make the transition softer and more natural, you can use a dark gray varnish in between.[/stextbox]

patterned gradient

  • Crackle. This is the name of special varnishes that create the effect of cracks. For example, for the base, the nail is covered with red varnish, and the cracked layer is applied black on top.

Crackle and drawings

  • Double sided overlap. The people nicknamed him “Louboutin”, associating with the name of a popular brand. But for what – the nail itself is covered with black varnish, and on the inside, the part protruding beyond the edge of the finger is worked out with red varnish. This option is more suitable for long nails.

Manicure a la Louboutins

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Ideas for decorating and painting

In the photo of the black and red manicure design, you can often see patterns, painting, or other decoration options. There are endless ways to decorate your nails! Consider the most popular and creative ideas.

Interesting nail decor with small beads and rhinestones

  • Elegant roses. On a nail with a black gel polish, an open rosebud looms in red. The lush petals of this flower will contrast advantageously with the black background. This will emphasize your extravagance and ardor of nature. Can be done on several nails of both hands.

Roses with glossy texture

Spectacular matte roses

  • Geometry in black and red alliance. A scarlet manicure with glossy geometric stripes looks very dignified and stylish. You can arrange them randomly, line them up in one direction, or make a beautiful drawing using straight lines – as your heart desires. A gossamer gel, fashionable this season, will also become an excellent assistant in creating geometric patterns; it will make the lines perfectly even and clear.

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  • Chess pattern in black andred tones. The print will attract attention with its contrast and originality. Squares can be drawn with sticky tape for nails, and you can also vary the size of the cells as you wish.

Original cage with red…

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