Manicure black with silver

Our photo selection of nail designs led by black and silver is a great motivator for creating a brand new stylish manicure. This is a great combination in a team with current trends and nail art techniques to create stunning designs for everyday life and holidays. We are sure that you will immediately want to repeat one of our ideas!


6 arguments in favor of such a design

  • The elegant combination of black and silver will definitely not escape admiring glances. If you are tired of banal and boring designs and want to try something new, then this is definitely your option.

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Metal motifs in nail art are the unconditional hit of the 2019 season. Being in fashion with such a manicure is very easy!


  • This palette can easily complement any look: casual, business or evening. It goes well with any color in the outfit.
  • The effectiveness of such a manicure is at its best, but at the same time it looks restrained and noble.

  • Sparkling decor is appropriate on the nails of any length and shape.
  • Using silver accents in your manicure is a great way to enhance the sparkle of the jewelry on your hands.

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Secrets of the perfect manicure

The combination of black and silver in nail art has several nuances that you should definitely consider.

  • The pigmentation of dark varnish is such that it easily eats into the nail plate and stains it. To avoid this trouble, take care of degreasing and base coat.
  • For such an extravagant design, the square shape of nails with sharp edges is not very suitable. But as well as possible, the rounded outlines of the nail plate are combined with it. At the peak of popularity, natural length and smooth shape.
  • Black nail polish puts forward a number of requirements for its application. He does not forgive irregularities and inaccuracies. Follow the uniformity of the coating, the ideal condition of the nails and then your manicure will be perfect.

Black manicure with silver on square nails

Variety of options

Black and silver manicure is spectacular in any manifestation. A variety of decor suits the role of precious metal in design:

  • rhinestones;
  • glitter;
  • sequins;
  • rubbing;
  • foil;
  • broths;
  • mica;
  • sparkling varnish;
  • powder;
  • sequins;
  • beads;
  • dust.

Black manicure with silver rhinestones

Black color is also not as monotonous as it might seem at first glance. This season, the following shades are recognized as its most trendy options:

  • graphite with a silvery sheen;
  • ebonite with hints of greenery;
  • rich black with a red tint;
  • dark gray, which is as close to black as possible;
  • blue-black;
  • dark chocolate;
  • deep color with purple undertones.

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Idea #1

The classic formula for a spectacular manicure is a combination of a solid black coating and luxurious silver on individual nails. The dark base can be either glossy or matte. In the role of a brilliant coating, feel free to choose any kind of decor. The most chic result is guaranteed if you connect a trendy ombre effect to the design of sparkling nails.

Idea #2

It would seem that there are no variations on the theme of classic French manicure. And still, such a design from season to season stands along with the most popular. A win-win option is a shiny edging. But you can come up with other designs.

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Idea #3

The relevance of the moon manicure always goes on a par with the jacket. This design is no less beautiful in the chosen palette.

Idea #4

If you are ready to experiment in the world of nail art, go to the store for nail tapes. These are thin shiny stripes that are ideal for creating geometric shapes. More recently, they were used for smooth contour drawing and removed. Today it is a full-fledged element of nail design.

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Idea #5

You can add sparkle to your manicure with rhinestones of various sizes. In such a design, it is important to maintain a sense of proportion so that the result does not turn out to be tasteless. However, if we are talking about festive nail art, then you can afford more sparkle of rhinestones.

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Note! The mission of rhinestones in such a manicure is to emphasize the depth of a dark color, and not to shift attention to yourself.


Idea #6

The trend leader of the 2019 season is an abstract cobweb on the nails. It can be several lines or complex geometric patterns. Arrange them as you like, and you will be in trend anyway.

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Interesting! If the combination of black and silver seems gloomy to you, complement this alliance with other colors. Fortunately, it has excellent compatibility.


Idea #7

The role of silver texture in manicure can easily be played by foil. To make such a design flawless, follow our tips.

  • Thorough degreasing of the nail plate and the wrong side of the foil is the key to the success of such a manicure.
  • If you are creating a masterpiece with gel polish, choose the bottle with the stickiest option. In this case, it is better to make prints on the varnish, and not on the top.
  • Different foil always lays down differently on different material. Therefore, to make the expectation coincide with reality, make a trial version of the design on tips.

Idea #8

A common association with silver sequins is stars. But despite this, she has not yet managed to become banal. Enjoy!

It is rather difficult to realize such a manicure without stencils, but with these assistants, an excellent result will be obtained in less than half an hour.

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Idea #9

Minimalism is an unconditional hit of the last few seasons. In manicure, he showed himself in the form of a concise design with a minimum of elements. Such nail art will be appreciated by fashionistas with excellent taste and love for details.

Idea #10

A nail design based on a combination of black and silver looks great with white. Such a palette favorably emphasizes the depth of the dark color, making it more expressive. Feel free to do such a manicure, regardless of the length of your nails – it is equally beautiful on both short and long plates.

Idea #11

Sometimes even in such a self-sufficient manicure as a combination of black and silver, you want to add a little color. Why not? This tandem will friendly accept various shades into its design.

Idea #12

A matte nail design always looks flawless, and with a black and silver base, it is generally beyond praise. See for yourself!

Idea #13

Manicure lettering is a great way to tell the world about anything. It can be a neutral phrase, a personal motto, motivation, a funny inscription or even a declaration of love! If you were looking for a way to express yourself through nail art, you have found it!

Idea #14

The undoubted favorite of fashion trends is …

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