Manicure blue jacket with design

In this photo-a selection we have collected ideas of the most fashionable blue french nails. You will definitely have plenty to choose from!


Matte top

Matte texture in nail design has not lost popularity for many years. The secret of success lies on the surface – the velvet top muffles the brightness of any varnish and gives the manicure a noble sound. A jacket with such decoration will successfully complement any, even a strict business look.

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[tds_warning]The contrast of a velvet surface and a brilliant decor is still in demand among fashionistas, because such a tandem is not lacking in showiness and luxurious performance. Therefore, if you want to make a matte design more expressive and stylish, complement the manicure with rhinestones, glitter or other kind of sparkling decor.[/tds_warning]


Blue french on nails with sparkles – this is a great solution for fashionistas who love spectacular and fashionable design. The fashion trends of the 2020 season offer several relevant ideas for the implementation of such a manicure.

  • The tip of the nail can be decorated with glitter powder or transfer foil. So you are guaranteed to get a trendy metallic effect. Such a technique will be especially expressive if a fashionista decides to take a deep blue varnish as the basis for the design.
  • French with a sequin streamer instead of a smile is not a new idea, but it is still incredibly relevant.
  • Blue glitter in combination with a classic beige base always looks impeccable.
  • Sequins can decorate not only the edges, but also the base of the nails.
  • A dazzling decor can be present on just one nail and play the role of a leading accent.
  • A real hit of fashionable manicure is foil as a decor. It is easy to use it in the design of a smile or a jacket base.

Experimenting with a smile

Nail design, fashionable in 2020 season, may imply decoration blue jacket with a modified smile. This trend is an excellent field for the manifestation of the most daring fantasies. Many masters and fashionistas are in a real competition in creativity and come up with new variations of the design of a classic smile.

The two-tone design of the tip of the nails looks great on long nails pointed shape. In 2020, blue lacquer is the most frequently collaborating with representatives of the metal palette.

Various geometric elements can also be present in the edging design, and this is a key trend in the world of nail art in recent seasons. In this manicure, you can observe another interesting trend – the replacement of classic rhinestones with concise dots of shiny varnish. This technique allows you to put a final elegant touch in the manicure.

Sometimes the smile becomes so wide or unusual that it is not immediately possible to recognize the good old jacket in a manicure.

The fuzzy piping trend started a few seasons ago and has only been going strong ever since.

cat eye

Cat-eye magnetic lacquer best reveals all its magic and beauty in rich colors, and the blue color scheme is perfect for this purpose. Combine this monochromatic finish with classic smiles and create a manicure worthy of admiration.


Manicure blue jacket with a pattern in a floristic theme, it turns out to be especially elegant and feminine. It is curious that today many masters refuse complex and painstaking artistic painting and opt for ready-made stickers that look very natural. Another option is minimalist flowers and twigs with just a few symbolic touches. This trend is original, but it looks very restrained.

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Lace and openwork motifs are a classic move when it comes to feminine and aesthetic manicure. In this design, a contrasting combination of colors looks stylish. For example, a dark pattern on a beige coating looks very impressive.

Broken glass

You can pay attention to accent nails and decorate them using the “broken glass” technique. This technique looks great paired with a traditional French design with rich blue smiles.


Another trendy manicure decoration in 2020 is all kinds of inscriptions. True, for a harmonious look of such a design, it should be borne in mind that a balanced manicure usually does not exceed a palette of 3 colors. In addition, the blue color scheme is quite active, so the inscription itself is recommended to be done in classic black or white.


Emphatically luxurious and bewitching design is obtained using rhinestones. Today, no one uses total nail inlay, but moderate decoration with sparkling stones is held in high esteem.

Rhinestones in the root zone look bright and interesting, especially if they are part of an interesting composition. It is permissible to enrich a blue jacket not only with gold or silver, but also with color accents. For example, blue rhinestones can become an elegant design accent. We invite you to look at successful decor options that may be the motivation for your own stylish manicure.


The jacket, made in the gradient technique, is definitely not losing momentum in popularity. The main feature of this design is the smooth stretching of the smile, which looks elegant and aesthetically pleasing. If you stick to a restrained palette, then it is permissible to connect drawings or fashionable decor to the creation of such a manicure.

Ideas for short nails

short nails also look great in the company of French. For a long time there was a manicure rule that only a thin smile looks appropriate at natural length. But the 2020 season is the time when girls break stereotypes with special enthusiasm. For example, bold women of fashion make a smile emphatically wide and without a characteristic bend – it turns out fresh and stylish.

If you are for the classics, you can stop at an elegant thin smile. The natural length of the nails imposes a certain prohibition on the amount of decor. It is advisable to adhere to a sense of proportion so that the final result does not look overloaded. For example, an accent of rhinestones on just a couple of marigolds may be enough.

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unconditional trending 2020 of the season are graceful flowers in manicure design. They can be safely used at natural length, but it is better to limit yourself to just one concise pattern.

Secrets of the perfect result

  • The less details in the design, the more neat and tidy it looks. In addition, such discreet manicure corresponds to the fashionable principle of minimalism in 2020.
  • When thinking about the actual design, you should definitely take into account the shape of the nails. For example, on oval graceful arcs look great, and on a “soft square” it is appropriate to draw straight lines. Sharp edges can be distinguished by a triangular smile.
  • Maybe you…

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