Manicure brown with gold

Brown manicure is just perfect with gold decor, thanks to which you can not only get a truly luxurious design, but also make it more textured. And so that you yourself can see this for yourself, in the article we have given some original ideas for decorating a brown manicure with a golden “twist”.


What shades of brown are best combined with gold decor

Despite the fact that brown is just perfect with gold, we still identified several shades that, in a duet with a metallic finish, create an unsurpassed manicure design.

  • Chocolate. A luxurious shade, which in itself already looks quite rich, so gold should be present here in a minimal amount. Highlighting one finger with a plain coating imitating a metal surface, foil or patterns will help not only make the manicure more unusual, but also dilute the dark base with golden highlights.

  • Beige. This is a beautiful and at the same time wearable color, which is ideal for both everyday and evening manicure. In addition, on its basis, you can experiment and use several types of golden decorative elements at once, for example, foil and rhinestones.

  • Coffee. Another rich shade that looks self-sufficient on the nails even in a monochromatic design. Therefore, in this case, it is better to highlight only one or two plates with gold, which were previously painted with a light, for example, beige coating.

  • Copper. A rather bright shade of brown that matches perfectly with gold rhinestones or sparkles, thus creating a beautiful manicure design even on short nails.

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Choosing gold plating

Although today the assortment of gold decor for nails is quite extensive, nevertheless, masters for decorating manicure in brown tones most often use the following tools.

  • Lucky. Depending on the consistency and the desired effect, varnishes can be shimmery (with small gold inclusions), glittery (with large sparkles), and also imitating a glossy metallic surface. You can highlight one nail completely with them, or just make small accents on top of a plain brown substrate.

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Important! A significant disadvantage of shimmer and glitter varnishes is that they do not completely fill the nail plate.withmud with golden particles, thereby leaving transparent areas on it.


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  • sequins and kamifubuki. This decor can be filled as part of the nail plate in the form of holes, various ornaments, placers or simple patterns, or completely create a monochromatic coating.

  • Rubbing. In addition to the classic mother-of-pearl options, there are also coatings that give the nails both a light mirror shine with golden tints and create the effect of a full-fledged metallized surface.

  • Foil. Another decor that, despite its simplicity, allows you to create many unusual designs on top of a colored base. It can be re-shot, cut into pieces of different sizes, and then glued in the desired sequence on the nail, as in the examples of the photos presented in the article.

Original ideas for brown manicure with gold decor

In nail design, the combination of brown and gold is considered the most spectacular, which can also be used in various nail art techniques. We just gave examples of such design of nails below.

  • French. A classic option that today can be taken as the basis for creating many designs. The most popular of these is a painted gold “smile” over a glossy or matte brown base. At the same time, the French border can be located both above and in an inverted form, outlining the lunula zone. Another idea is to experiment with the shape of the “smile” itself. It can be straight, beveled or V-shaped.

  • Striped. One of the most relevant manicure design options today is a brown design with gold stripes of different widths and lengths. They can be located both in the center of the nail plate, and along the edges or even diagonally.

  • “Cat’s eye”. The highlight of this design is the creation of golden highlights on top of a brown solid base using a special magnet, which can be located in different directions on the surface of the nail. And in order to make the manicure as a whole even more original, it can be supplemented with small accents in the form of rhinestones or even a matte finish.

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Important! Manicure “cat’s eye” looks beautiful only on long nails, but on short ones it is better not to do it, since such a design visually shortens the plate even more.


  • Gradient. A beautiful ombre stretch can also be done in a brown-gold combination. It can be either a combination of two colored polishes with a shaded border, or sparkles and kamifubuki laid on top of a brown base, which, due to the different application density, create a kind of gradient stretch.

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  • Marble. Fashionable in the coming 2019, the design that imitates the surface of marble can also be decorated in brown and gold. One has only to draw golden stone “veins” over a plain substrate with a glossy or matte finish. You can decorate in this way several nails at once, while the rest should be painted with a plain varnish.

  • With drawings. Unfortunately, a complex painting cannot be done over a brown base, however, gold patterns and monograms in this case will look no less catchy. You can create such a decor either with the help of varnishes or casting foil, or simply using ready-made stickers.

  • With rhinestones. In a brown and gold manicure, the presence of these colored pebbles should be minimal so as not to overload the overall design. It can be either small contrasting accents or a simple scattering of gold rhinestones over a brown base.

The combination of brown and gold in manicure design has always looked expensive and spectacular, as can be seen in the photos presented in our selection of ideas. The main thing here is not to overdo it with the decor, since such a “duet” is already self-sufficient in itself and does not require any additional accents.


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