Manicure – cat’s eye

Every self-respecting fashionista is familiar with a cat’s eye manicure, at least from a photo. But, not everyone knows that despite the apparent complexity, you can make this nail-art at home. That is why modern girls resort to it so willingly. And also because this fashion trend left no one indifferent. The incredible cosmic play of color that is inherent in the cat’s eye is simply mesmerizing, and the accessibility of execution has made it the most beloved trend of 2019.


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Trendy shades for the cat’s eye

The final result that will be displayed on your nails will depend on what color of varnish you choose when creating a cat’s eye manicure. So, if the main palette is light, then the manicure will turn out to be light, everyday, unobtrusive and very beautiful. If you prefer dark shades, then get ready to get a luxurious, rich and unique nail-art, which is perfect for both everyday wear and going out.

Beautiful rich shade and delicate decor

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Important! If you are a creative person, then special magnets created for manicure with cat-eye gel polish will help you get beautiful and unique patterns. If you have absolutely no time to draw something like that, use varnishes that are completely ready for use. As a rule, it is enough just to apply them on the nail plate and the magical overflows will immediately shine in all their glory.


Now let’s talk about the most relevant shades of this season.

  • The whole palette of blue. This is a universal color solution that will help you create beautiful nail art on nails of any length. And here it does not matter what you choose – light blue or dark – it will look equally impressive and luxurious. And shimmering overflows will add depth to an already saturated color. A cat eye manicure in blue is perfect for any season and event, it is also beautifully decorated and makes the look rich.

  • Purple. Another trendy color of this season. Naturally, in the nail art industry, purple and lilac manicures are simply wildly popular. Fashionistas willingly resort to these color schemes to refresh their image, give it zest and a special charm. And if purple is with the effect of a cat’s eye, then you can definitely consider yourself irresistible.

  • “Berry” shades and burgundy. If you decide to please yourself with shades of stunning beauty, such as burgundy, plum, currant or ripe cherry, then do it bolder, because, firstly, they are now at the peak of popularity, and secondly, the effect of a cat’s eye looks on them perfect. And a huge role here is played by the depth of color, which the shimmering shine emphasizes favorably.

[stextbox id=’info’]Important! This type of manicure involves only working with dry hands. And this means that before applying the cat’s eye, nails cannot be moisturized with creams or oils..[/stextbox]

  • Green. Perhaps, green is the most popular shade when creating a cat’s eye. And all because it is as close as possible to the main idea of ​​this manicure. After all, you must admit that when we imagine a cat’s look, the emerald green color emerges first of all in our imagination. That is why fashionistas are so willing to embody it on their nails. Green cat eye manicure looks very attractive and bewitching.

  • All shades of brown. If you think that brown is boring, then you are deeply mistaken. Try to complement the chocolate, coffee or nut shade with shimmering tints, and the result will pleasantly surprise you.

  • Black. Do not be afraid to experiment with black. Complemented with a mysterious brilliance, it will look very stylish and fashionable.

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Decor for manicure cat’s eye

Like any other nail-art, the cat’s eye is decorated. Although, of course, not every fashionista decides to complement an already magnificent manicure with jewelry. However, this trend is still in place.

Painting on wet gel polish

A fairly simple decor technique that is easy to master at home. To do this, you will need two cat eye polishes. One color will be the base, and you will apply it to the nail plate in the first place, and the second is a contrast. You will draw patterns with them. They can be anything you like. But, after the work is finished, cover the drawing with a transparent top. It will help the manicure last as long as possible.

“Cat’s eye” in combination with drawings on wet gel polish

[stextbox id=’info’]Important! To create such a design, try to apply fewer layers of varnish on the nail, otherwise it will be very difficult to depict neat patterns.[/stextbox]

Drop design

This is a fashion trend that all nail art masters actively resort to. The drip decor looks quite unusual, but it is performed elementarily. It is only necessary to drip a transparent top on the nails covered with gel polish. After everything dries, the drops will look like raindrops on your hands. Their size and location may vary. This decor should not be covered with an outdoor top.

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This is an amazing cat eye manicure design that looks perfect on short nails. In order to create a mosaic decor, you will need several types of varnish at once. It is desirable that all colors are contrasting.

Stylish design using “cat’s eye” in the technique of “broken glass”

Next, we perform the following technique:

  • apply the main shade;
  • on top of it is a second contrasting varnish;
  • dry and leave a sticky layer;
  • further, we draw angular geometric shapes using the “cat” gel polish;
  • dry everything again and now remove the sticky layer.

So, with the help of these simple manipulations, you can get stunningly beautiful nail art, which will undoubtedly delight you for a long time.

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Important! To keep the varnish on the nails for as long as possible, grind them correctly. Namely: in the direction of nail growth. And don’t press too hard on the plate or it will become thin.


Matte design

Contrary to popular belief that the cat’s eye is only glossy, advanced masters of the nail industry have created it in a matte version. By itself, matte manicure is now very popular. Girls willingly resort to it both in monochrome and decorated. But, even more interesting is the combined manicure. Namely, when the fingers on one hand are in a certain …

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