Manicure design in the style of minimalism

A minimalist manicure is ideal for those who are tired of overly complicated nail art techniques, as well as an abundance of all kinds of jewelry and want to try something new and refreshing. Indeed, despite its simplicity and restraint, such a design looks very impressive and concise, and therefore it can be called one of the most relevant today. That is why, later in the article we will consider the features of this trend in nail art, as well as the original ideas for such a design of marigolds.

Fashionable manicure in the style of minimalism

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Design Features

A manicure made in a minimalist style is considered one of the most versatile, because it harmoniously fits into absolutely any look and suits all women, regardless of age. However, this direction of nail art is characterized by a number of features that must be taken into account before doing such a manicure.

Neat manicure in the style of minimalism

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  • Single color lining. An essential element of a minimalist style. A simple tone with a glossy or matte finish in this case will perfectly reveal a simple design.

Fashionable manicure in the style of minimalism with a plain backing

  • Pastel and nude colors. These are the main palettes that are most often used by nail artists when creating such a design. However, today there are many photo examples proving that the minimalist design is concisely combined with bright shades of burgundy, fuchsia, green and blue.

Trendy manicure with a minimalist style

  • Color combinations. There should be no more than two or three. Otherwise, a small drawing characteristic of a minimalist style in such a kaleidoscope of colors will simply be lost against the general background.

The combination of no more than two colors is one of the requirements for a manicure in the style of minimalism.

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  • Natural nail shape. They should be as natural as possible, therefore, deciding on such a manicure design, the nail plate should be shaped into an oval, square with soft corners, or almond-shaped. As for the length of the nails, in this case it does not matter, since the minimalist design looks equally good on both long and short nails.

Natural nail shape is a requirement for a minimalist manicure

  • The minimum number of parts. The whole point of minimalism is to focus on one point, stripe or curl. Therefore, artistic painting is inappropriate here.


But what about accessories?

Despite the fact that a manicure made in the style of minimalism is considered restrained, the use of decor is still not prohibited in it, which is proved by photos with examples of the work of leading nail art masters. Today, the most popular accessories for creating such a design are the following.

  • Rhinestones. Not a single manicure design can do without them, including in a minimalist style. In this case, one or more small pebbles randomly placed on the surface of the marigold certainly will not interfere.

Minimalist manicure with rhinestones

  • Sequins. Colored glitter is the best way to cheer up and at the same time does not spoil the overall idea in the design of a minimalist manicure. Basically, the entire pattern, or its individual elements, is covered with sparkles here.

Minimalist glitter

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Important! A fashionable novelty of this season has become a manicure, in which a wide strip is drawn in the middle of the nail and covered with sparkles of two colors in a gradient stretch on top.


  • Kamifubuki. Shiny confetti, which fashionistas loved so much, successfully fit into the minimalist design. A small monochromatic scattering or one or two kamifubuki elements will become an original manicure accent.

Minimalist manicure with kamifubuki

  • Foil. Here, mica will look the most harmonious, or small metallized pieces, which are the main design element.

foil design

  • Wire. This is a novelty that has conquered the fashion peaks of nail art trends and has become one of the most popular accessories used in minimalist design. In this case, the most simple bends and curls are created from the wire, which are ideally combined with a light base.

Wire manicure

Trendy Minimalist Design Ideas

Although a manicure made in a minimalist style at first seems boring and monotonous, nevertheless, nail art masters have proposed many original ideas for such a design of nails, among which the following are the most fashionable.

  • points. Even such a simple decorative element as dots made with dots requires a creative approach. After all, just one small accent can significantly change the design as a whole, not to mention all kinds of drawings that can be achieved using this nail art technique.

Manicure minimalism with dots

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  • french. This is an “eternal” classic that does not lose its relevance every year and looks perfect on any nails, including short ones. This season, a somewhat modified French manicure design is in fashion, in which the smile line has a perfectly even shape.

French – a classic of minimalism

  • micropatterns. Small strokes and curls with the right arrangement will help create an original and at the same time simple drawing, for example, some kind of animal or flower.

Micro-patterns – a distinctive feature of the minimalist style

  • Floristics. A variety of flowers, twigs, leaves and grass are the most popular patterns in minimalist design. The main thing is that they should be small and concisely fit into the overall design.

floral patterns

  • Geometry. A manicure with various stripes is also present in a minimalist style. It can be either one in the middle or on the side, or several intersecting strips of different lengths and widths.

neat stripes

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Important! New in 2019 is a manicure design with geometric patterns in the form of triangles, rhombuses and squares., made using the negative space technique.



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  • Single pattern. At the same time, a simple and at the same time catchy design, which provides for the selection of only one nail with patterns, including complex ones, while the rest are covered with a plain varnish.

Drawing on one nail – stylish minimalism

  • texture game. Combinations of glossy and matte velvety finishes have long been popular. It can be not only full coverage, but…

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