Manicure for long nails 2020: trends

Manicure for long nails will be in demand and popular among fashionistas in 2020 year. After all, designers have included such a length in the current trends of the new season. From the article you will learn how to choose the right shape of nails and what design to choose in order to create a stylish and attractive look.


Actual design options

We offer several original and fashionable manicure options for long nails, which will allow you to create a trendy look.


Rhinestones, sparkles, pebbles have long gained popularity among fashionistas who want to create a beautiful and unusual manicure. In the new season, designers also offer not to refuse to create feminine and attractive looks. However, so that nail art does not turn out shocking, it is better not to use too many sparkles in one manicure. It will be enough to have several large stones on two or three nails or a scattering of rhinestones on only one finger.

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[tds_warning]One of the main fashion trends in design on 2020 year – rhinestones decorating the cuticle area. Such manicure for long nails looks soft and unusual. [/tds_warning]

“Cat’s eye”

The interaction of a magnet and small metal particles allows you to create original nail art, build patterns that look like the surface of a natural chrysoberyl stone. This design on long nails looks very pretty.

As a basis, bright, deep and saturated shades are most often used. However, the “cat’s eye” on a light base also looks very attractive.


A smooth transition from one shade to another looks great on a long nail plate. After all, a sufficiently large surface allows you to clearly see the change of colors. At the peak of popularity, there will be ombre in muted and natural shades.

[tds_note]A bright gradient looks unusual and interesting, as well as a transition made from finger to finger.[/tds_note]


Long nails of any shape – the perfect canvas for creating beautiful drawings. Moreover, you can create an attractive nail art yourself, using simple patterns in the form of hearts, flowers and abstract patterns, or seek help from a specialist to decorate your nails with real masterpieces.

Nail art masters offer fashionistas to depict on their fingers:

  • flowers and buds;
  • butterflies and other insects;
  • geometric motifs;
  • patterns;
  • images of animals in origami style;
  • stars;
  • portraits and more.

[tds_info]At the same time, both glossy and matte coatings can be used as a base.[/tds_info]

Drawings complement both one and several fingers at the same time, creating real works of art.

Also, thematic patterns are in demand among fashionistas, for example, as spring manicure fit pictures related to March 8, on winter you can pick up something with a snowflake.


Despite the fact that the inscriptions on the nails have been popular for the past few seasons, such a manicure for many in noveltybecause it looks unusual and original.

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As a basis for such manicure nail art masters most often use long nails and blonde varnish. Sufficient width and length of the nail will allow you to experiment with different inscriptions, and a delicate base makes the drawing clear and easy to read.

Multicolored manicure

Nails of different colors are a real find for brave and creative girls who are not afraid to be in the spotlight and love to experiment with looks. Experts suggest trying a color version in a rainbow style, or just paint your nails in different shades, choosing a palette depending on the intended image.


Do not forget about the sand version of the design. Such a coating will make any, even nude and pastel manicure, remarkable and interesting. The sand version looks especially stylish on long and well-groomed nails.


Today, nail art using foil is at the peak of popularity among the female representatives. Such a design can favorably emphasize the style and originality of a fashionista, especially if neutral shades of pink, beige and other nude colors are used as a base.


Receive gentle manicure very easy with a rub. In this case, it is also better to use neutral colors and a nude palette as a base.


The French version of nail art seems to be timeless. For many years, it has taken pride of place among fashion trends. The classic version, made on long nails, looks neat and elegant. However, if the usual white smile is a little fed up, you can create modern designhaving experimented a little, not only with color, but also with shape.

  • Color jacket. Experts recommend using red, green, blue and other colors. Moreover, they are applied both to the edge and at the base of the nail.
  • Bright patterns. The edge of the nail does not have to be solid. A smile can be painted with a pattern, for example, in the tie-dye technique that is popular today.
  • sequins. French can be done using glitter, applying it to the edge of the nail instead of a white classic smile.

  • The width of the line. On sufficiently long nails, you can experiment with the width of the smile, it can be much wider than the usual option for us.
  • sloping smile. In this case, the edge of the nail is stained asymmetrically on both sides. It turns out that from one of the sides the smile falls a little lower. It turns out a beveled edge, which allows you to achieve an unusual effect.

trend shape

When choosing long nails, do not forget that naturalness and naturalness are in fashion. Therefore, you should opt for a moderate length and choose the right shape for the nail plate.

  • Square. Experts distinguish between two options for the square shape of nails – with sharp and rounded edges. It is better for fashionistas to look at the second option, because the “soft square” is more practical and convenient: nails break less often, and the shape fits any type of fingers.

From “acute square “it is better to refuse girls with a wide nail plate. Whereas small nails go well with a classic square.

  • almond-shapedI. This shape will be the best option for owners of narrow nails. AT 2020 year trendy manicure for “almond” on long nails it can be glossy or matte, you can complement the design with rhinestones and original drawings.

Pointed almond-shaped nails are very brittle, so gel polish is the best option.

  • oval. Oval nails are suitable for fingers of any length and shape – they visually lengthen and narrow the wide nail plate. Also, this option is an ideal choice for lovers of nail art – patterns, drawings, inscriptions.

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  • pointed. This form is usually not used to create everyday …

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