Manicure for medium nails – spring 2020

Women of any age who take care of themselves and try to look perfect are looking for options for a beautiful manicure for spring 2020 on medium nails, short or long. They follow fashion trends and try to match the culprit of a good mood – spring. We will tell you in detail about trendy shades, novelties and current techniques of manicure masters.


Spring colors

Going to the manicure master, first of all you need to decide on the shade of the nails. With the onset of spring, lively, bright, joyful colors are in trend. The most fashionable are:

  • Blue and its derivatives. The color of the sky adds lightness and airiness to the image. Looks great with business, casual or evening style.
  • Pink. And both bright, catchy, and calm, pastel. It also includes coral.
  • Yellow. As well as lemon, orange, terracotta. These are colors for a good, cheerful mood.

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  • Green. The unchanging color of spring, which is organically combined with any of the shades listed above. Yes, and with others makes a beautiful couple.
  • White and beige. They are extremely light and soft. And spring, as you know, is always associated with awakening. Therefore, these colors in manicure will be appropriate.
  • Lavender. A beautiful, noble shade that looks interesting on its own or paired with contrasting tones.

In general, no matter what shade you choose for a fashionable spring manicure 2020, the main thing is that it gives you a good mood and admiration for yourself.

Length and shape of nails

As for the shape of the nails, with the onset of the spring season, it is desirable to switch to naturalness, naturalness. Therefore, standard natural forms of nails are in fashion:

  • rectangular with soft corners;
  • square with soft corners;
  • almond-shaped;
  • oval.

If you prefer sharp claws, do not look at trends. Do what you like.

Regarding the length of the nails, it is important to consider that medium length or short nails are in fashion. They look as natural and non-aggressive as possible.

Fashionable nail design

As soon as the manicure masters do not indulge in order to please their clients. They master new techniques, acquire new shades of varnish, develop new designs. But French manicure is still out of competition. Fashionable French manicure in the spring of 2020 for medium nails or long, short ones is an unchanging discreet masterpiece. It is performed in the following versions:

  • Classic. A calm combination of white and transparent or milky shades of varnish.
  • contrast. Instead of a white line, bright shades are used – red, lilac, burgundy, orange.
  • Bright. It implies a combination of two catchy shades on the nail. For example, the main color is green, and the edges of the nail are purple or orange. Looks dynamic, spring-like joyfully.

Lunar manicure

This nail design option also belongs to the classic ones. And still remains in trend for spring 2020.

Lunar manicure can be beautifully complemented with rhinestones, flowers, nude shades or graphic lines. The main thing is that it is interesting to combine two shades in one nail. Either from a warm scale, or from a cold one.

solid nails

There is no special luxury or chic here. But beautifully covered nails are a sign of a well-groomed woman. Therefore, it is worth choosing a beautiful shade of varnish for your nails. Remember that a win-win option is a nude manicure. It is comfortable in the office, and for every day, and for an evening dress.

If you still want to give your manicure some zest, ask the master to use a matte top at the end. Nails will become more interesting.

gradient and ombre

If you are interested in an unusual fashionable manicure for spring 2020 on medium straight nails, use the ombre or gradient technique. The combination of two bright shades on the nails will create a spring mood for you. A special chic is the combination of three contrasting colors on one nail. Carefully study with the master the shades of varnish available to him. Put the bubbles side by side and see how much you like the combination. Play with color combinations.

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The transitions of two shades opposite in color palette look very interesting. For example, green and orange, blue and beige, yellow and pink. In general, experiment and don’t be afraid to be bright.

Floral ornament

Of course, when creating a fashionable spring manicure, there is nowhere without a floral ornament. Sakura twigs and flowers, beautiful berries, bouquets with a bow look beautiful on the nails. A beautiful floral pattern can be placed on one nail, usually on the ring finger, or on each nail of the hand. It all depends on your taste. The floral ornament, made in black or white on bright nails, looks interesting.


Of course, without shiny pebbles when creating a spring manicure, nowhere. With the help of rhinestones, you can highlight the hole at the base of the nail, the edge of the nails with a French manicure, or even complement the graphic pattern with them. As a rule, rhinestones lay out a straight or oblique line. Or they are additionally interspersed in a floral ornament.

Lace manicure

It keeps in trend for more than one season. Lace manicure is the height of lightness and grace. It brings out the feminine potential in you. This technique is ideal not only for wedding nail design, but also for everyday. The main thing is to choose the right combination of shades.

The master can perform the technique of lace manicure in different ways – in the form of artistic painting, using pieces of real guipure or just stickers.

Graphic drawing

Girls and women who love order in everything and are perfectionists tend to use graphic lines in nail design. We note right away that they in no way make spring manicure boring. On the contrary, they complement the image beautifully. Graphic lines can be present on any one nail of the hand or on all at once. Their chaotic interweaving, lines parallel to each other, or just one stripe crossing the nail is allowed. Here – a matter of taste.


This technique involves printing on nails using a special stamp. The master first covers the nail plate with the main shade of varnish, and a graphic drawing is applied on top, as if printed. Stamping is best applied on one or two fingernails. If you use it on all nails, the design will look very dynamic, catchy. Although, who likes.

There are several rules for stamping:

  • It is important to correctly combine the shades of the base and the pattern. If they are less contrasting, they will simply merge with each other. Others will not see an interesting picture.
  • Choose images that match your overall style and mood. Otherwise, printing on the nails will cause you dissonance.

Broken glass

Broken glass manicure is another feature that makes medium length nail designs…

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