Manicure for short nails 2023

Manicure for short nails in accordance with the trends of 2023 is embodied in different styles and design options. See photos of top new products to decide which nail art to show to your master at the next meeting!

New french

French manicure 2023 departs from the classic version, reincarnating with new trends and decor options. For example, a French design with a micro-smile in the form of a thin line is considered a stylish idea – a great solution for a short length.

A French jacket with a non-standard edging color will also be a fashionable solution – a combination of a translucent nude base with a bright edge is suitable for natural nails. If the mood is especially perky, try to embody a multi-colored jacket 2023 – it will turn out stylish and creative.

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Quail egg

Fashionable design novelties 2023 for short nails include a trendy quail egg print with contrasting concise dots. Characteristic splashes of paint look unobtrusive and make the manicure trendy.


A stylish accent of manicure 2023 will be strokes of paint that will give the design expressiveness and relevance. Pastel lines in a gentle style look harmonious on a short length – it is important to adhere to a sense of proportion and not make the design difficult to perceive.


Girls with impeccable taste in the 2023 season will like elegant minimalist manicure ideas. The laconic design is represented by thin lines, simple geometric compositions, uncomplicated watercolor drawings, dots and splashes of the quail egg print.

different hands

The novelties of manicure 2023-2024 for short nails are presented in the “different hands” design. A harmonious solution would be a combination of a monophonic coating with laconic patterns. The trends of manicure 2023 also correspond to the duet of gloss along with a matte finish on different hands.

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Among the novelties of manicure 2023 for short nails, the audience award goes to an elegant design with gold leaf. Metallic inserts will make nail art elegant and stylish.


The design of short nails 2023 uses metallic foil in the form of stylish accents. It is fashionable to combine such decor with nude or pastel varnish, creating an elegant manicure for every day.


A harmonious design for short nails looks great with nude polish in a glossy or matte finish. Beige coating will not interfere with thin minimalist lines – the unconditional trend of manicure in 2023.

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Fascinating manicure design with textures fits perfectly on a short length. In fashionable versions of nail art, the texture of marble, quartz, various minerals and sea waves is noticed. The natural texture is stylishly combined with nude polish and laconic sparkling decor – for example, small glitter or foil.


Among the manicure design ideas for short nails 2023, the top position belongs to an exquisite coating with a shimmer. Natural length does not welcome heaps of sparkles and large rhinestones, but delicate shining particles are considered an excellent solution. A win-win move is a nude polish with a shimmer that practically fits into any look.


A real hit in the design of manicure for short nails will be transparent inserts that facilitate the final nail art and make it trendy.


If you want to embody a gentle and elegant manicure in 2023, take a closer look at the exquisite watercolor drawings that look beautiful on short nails. Translucent tones and a pastel palette will make the composition especially fashionable. At a natural length, craftsmen love to embody floral motifs and abstract prints – the fashion trends of 2023.

Short nail art ideas 2023 showcase the latest trends and design styles. Get inspired by photos of current nail art options to come up with your own nail design in accordance with the trends of the season.

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