Manicure gel polish 2019: new items

Today we will talk about the trendy novelties of gel polish manicure in 2019 – our selection with photos will certainly please you with an abundance of the most daring and stylish nail art solutions. Ready to try out newfangled designs on your nails?


Why gel polish?

Let’s briefly go over the benefits of this coating – why has gel polish gained such popularity among fashionistas?

  • Durability – gel polish lasts from two and a half to four weeks.
  • Durable coating. It does not wear off at the tips of the nails, retains its smoothness throughout the entire wear, and does not peel off.

  • Prevents mechanical damage to the nail plate, makes nails stronger and allows them to grow longer.
  • Allows you to perform more interesting and spectacular designs than conventional varnish, and also securely fixes decorative elements – rhinestones, stones, bouillons.

  • Does not have a pungent odor, does not contain formaldehyde (a harmful component often found in ordinary varnishes).
  • Acceptable price.

Nail shape and color trends

The most fashionable option was elongated nails of an oval or slightly pointed shape (almond-shaped). This length allows you to combine several techniques and create voluminous intricate drawings.

Incredibly beautiful manicure

It is not necessary to specifically grow or build up nails to be in trend. Well-groomed short nails with a sophisticated design never lose their relevance. For such a length, this season, the “soft square” shape is distinguished.

The relevance of the color palette changes depending on the season. In winter, saturated deep shades (wine, blue, dark green, dark purple), cat’s eye, themed New Year’s drawings are popular. In spring and summer, brighter colors are welcome – berry, yellow, mint, blue, as well as various floral ornaments. All types of metallics are also in trend – gold, silver.

Fashion news

In this review with a photo, we will touch on all the latest gel polish manicure for 2019. In the photo of the designs, you will see what fashion trends have managed to take the lead this season.

  • Turtle design. This season, animal prints have triumphantly taken their place in the nail art trends. And if the leopard and zebra have long been familiar to everyone, then the imitation of a tortoise shell on the nails began to be performed quite recently.

In the classic version, such a novelty manicure is performed in a combination of dark brown and beige colors. For a brighter manicure, you should pay attention to red, blue, orange tones.

  • Marble manicure gel polish wins the hearts of girls all over the world. By mixing varnishes of one or two shades, unusual patterns are created that resemble a marble coating. This design is most effective in colors close to natural stones. Classic – a tandem of white and gray colors.

Delicate design

The easiest way to create a marble effect is with a regular plastic film. We apply the main color to the nail and dry it in a lamp. Then you need to apply the color of marble in one layer and lightly blot the surface of the nail with cling film.

  • space nails beckon with their futurism and mystery. You can create a design in the image of the Milky Way, planets, starry sky or dust – that’s enough artistic skills and imagination! Each space-themed drawing will be unique and eye-catching.

  • Manicure with acrylic powder allows you to perform spectacular three-dimensional designs. This powder is available in colored and even brilliant shades. First, the pattern is drawn with a transparent gel polish, then sprinkled with acrylic powder on top. Dry this layer in a lamp. The theme of the drawings can be monograms, any geometry, an imitation of a knitted sweater or a shell pattern.

  • Flock manicure confidently entered the ranks of new gel polish designs. In 2019, in this design, you can find nails of varying degrees of “fluffiness” – in the photo you will see options from soft velvet to real imitation of fur. It all depends on the size of the fabric particles in the finished flock – cotton, suede, velvet and even cashmere.

Due to the different texture of the fabrics in the composition, you can achieve a completely different effect. At first glance, this design may seem too fragile and short-lived, especially when in contact with water. But in the right execution, it holds no less steadfastly than the classic types of nail coating.

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  • Geometric French manicure. You won’t surprise anyone with a classic jacket. Therefore, fresh ideas and original solutions are actively introduced. For example, you can unusually highlight the tip of the nail in the shape of a triangle. It is even more interesting to divide this triangle into 2 contrasting shades. Or even perform a “toothy” French manicure – in this design, the nail line is drawn with sharp teeth in a row.

  • Wet manicure creates very beautiful patterns, and making them easier than ever. The drawing is formed by itself, you just need to apply a different color to the gel polish that has not yet dried – with a brush. It spreads into an arbitrary pattern and only then is dried in a UV lamp. The drawing can be further stretched with a very thin brush or shaped (oval, horizontal or vertical lines).

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Combinations of several colors on one nail look even more interesting. This design is similar to marble manicure, but in the end gives a slightly different pattern.


  • With drawings. Flowers and geometric lines have already become a familiar design option. In 2019, manicure gel polish with a pattern pleased us with extraordinary novelties. The trend is voluminous drawings that stretch over several fingers – in the selection of photos we will attach the most original designs.

When the fingers are connected, they form a full-fledged large-scale drawing. A variety of topics are welcome – animals, inscriptions, butterflies. For example, the head of an elephant on three fingers looks very interesting – on the middle, the main part with a trunk, and on the fingers on the sides of the ears. The trunk can be decorated with rhinestones.

In this technique, there is where to roam fantasies, you can draw real pictures! Indeed, this season, manicure with drawings was finally equated with real art.

  • Design Sweet Bloom (or Gentle bloom) is rightfully considered a newfangled type of floral manicure in 2019. You will no doubt be fascinated by photos of nails using this technique – such a manicure definitely adds femininity and sophistication to your hands!

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Volumetric delicate flowers are usually created with gel paint or gel polish of a very dense consistency, their outline is painted over in a dark color (the outline of all elements – that is, each petal). The substrate can be any – both in pastel colors and in darkened ones. Each part of the flower is made in different colors, usually 3-4 shades are chosen for “Delicate bloom”.

  • Smoky manicure. Mysterious…

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